Tuesday 30 June 2009


I spotted my friend modelling for Viivi Vein and strated browsing around the VV designs realizing I really need that mint green ruffled bag! All the products are unique however so let's see if it's possible for me to get my hands on it - or a similar one!

The Viivi Vein prodcts are made out of all-recycled materials, or consist of revamped vintage products. You can see more of the bags in the slide on her myspace and browse her collection here.


And remember, there are still five more days to sign up for my Chickdowntown giveaway! (It breaks my heart that there's only one dress to give away ond not one hundred :) But try your luck anyway!)

Sunday 28 June 2009


Since no-one can ever have too many dresses I'm happy to announce that one of you have the opportunity to get yet another one - for free! You have the chance to win a BB Dakota Moonstone Blue Flawless Dress from Chickdowntown!

Chickdowntown is an online designer store that carry over 150 designer pieces from such as Diane von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, Mystique, Mink Pink, L.A.M.B and more - as well as a selection of vintage items.

You you can stay tuned with news, giveaways and gift cards by following Chickdowntown on twitter or joining them on facebook. You also get a 50$ gift card when you sign up for their mailing list!

Well, back to the contest - all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post I and will let Miss Fortuna decide by drawing one winner next Monday morning (July 6th, to be more precise). In other words, the contest is up for one week, and if you don't have a blog account remember to leave me your email address! Good luck :)


Friday 26 June 2009


(Some of my minor words of wisdom again...)

It's possible to drink too much sangria in the park on a sunny day,
and it's also (unfortunately) possible to eat too many cherries at once.
But it's impossible to ever wear too many or too big flowers in your hair.

(But this is of course only half-way there. I want them bigger! More!)

Thursday 25 June 2009


Tinkerbell made me the cutest daisy-like tassels ever, which I use for my Elovena number.

They twirled last Friday already at Loose and will twirl some more at the Helsinki Pride Women's party tomorrow! (*wink wink*, in case you're in the mood for some burlesque :)

Tuesday 23 June 2009


Oh summer vacation! Makes me wish I'd never have to work again!
(Even though I at this very moment have some work files open too. That's the thing with freelancing, you always work a little...)

But anyway; it's almost all-vacation for me. I started my day with strawberry-, yoghurt- and honey filled pancakes after which I biked around in the sunshine, listening to two Johnnies on my ipod (Kidd and Preston). Later I met up with Ina for lunch and some swimsuit fabric shopping , I'm going to sew us a couple of very cup cake-y bikinis next week!


I did some of my kind of internet porn, which is watching pretty dresses on sites I have labeled as forbidden (like Trashy Diva, where I lurked today). This time couldn't resist the Click and ended up finally ordering a dress I've been drooling over ever since it appeared on the site. Oh!

Sunday 21 June 2009


There's lots of green on both sides of my window.

Friday 19 June 2009


That's me and my new (very snug) dress on last weeks burlesque cruise which was a total blast and success!
(The cruise. And the dress :)

Photo by Frej Linna.

The venue was a mix of hula girls, mermaids and sailors. Paula was dressed as a lobster girl in all- red from top to toe, lashes as well. (Even though she actually turned out a crab-girl since she never found a lobster for her hat as planned but had to use a glittered crab instead. Not that it really matters though, we just thought lobster girl had a nicer sound to it.) I wasn't really dressed as anything particular, just inspired by the pacific theme of the night. And it doesn't show in any pictures but I had matched my hair flowers with my dark yellow heels. (I just had to point that out since it looked very good and so I'd be able to sleep better at night. Phew, good, now you all know.)

Oh well, now I'll start preparing for a solo act show I'll do tonight. If you like me, and unlike most others, spend Midsummer in town why don't spend it at Bar Loose with some psychobilly and burlesque?
Either way and anyhow, for those of you that celebrate Midsummer's Day, have a great one!

Thursday 18 June 2009


Oh the joy of consuming!

A nice package arrived from PandorasChoice
with lots and lots of What Katie Did stuff.

Plus some exclusive Aubade products too , oh.
(Thanks to my mom and dad for the gift card.)

(And yeah I work my umm, behind off and do shows weekly so it's ok to go splurge a little every now and then :)

Wednesday 17 June 2009


Ran home fast from the post office. (Thank god it's only about 100m from my building!)

At this point I'm always excited as a baby.




(Well that did't take long.)

Ta taa!

(Once you get one cat out of the box, the other one enters it.)

The shoes are from Sniff.

Saturday 13 June 2009


Yesterday we shipped two lions across the Finnish bay and today I went to my local supermarket to get some catfood and breakfast in my pyjamas because sometimes it's nice not to give a damn. But anyway, what I'm really after is link that I couldn't google up - a lot of Argentineans have commented they've seen me on Fashion TV over there and it's true that I was interviewed last summer. I'm really curious to see the clip myself so if anybody knows where it can be viewed please send me the link ok!

Friday 12 June 2009


...even though some machine guns wouldn't look bad in the first pic I guess.

Tyra Therman makes these bathing suits inspired by the early 60's to the late 70's. They are hand made out of vintage fabrics. If you didn't get yourself a pair at the Ofelia Secondhand Market last weekend you can buy these at Hoochie Mama Jane!

Swimwear - Miranda Burlesque / Tyra Therman
Vintage shoes & accessories - Hoochie Mama Jane

Thursday 11 June 2009


This fabric is going to turn into a tiki style wiggle dress somewhat inspired by the lovely sarong dresses at Vivien of Holloway!

The fabric dates back from (oh, here we go again...) the hippie days when I hanged out on Bali for a while, a long time ago. Just lying in my closet useless for years it has finally found a meaning - I'm getting a dress for free :)

The plan is to premiere the dress next Sunday at the From Helsini to Honolulu via Hysteria Burlesque party onboard Wäiski! As previously mentioned we and a lot of other gals will be performing there and I'm sure it will be a hell of a night! (I've heard there are still some tickets left so hurry up and get yourself one if you're around town!)

(it didn't start out so well though - I always cut all dresses freehand and this time I cut it slightly too small for myself; it's not always easy with a totally non-stretch fabric... Then one of my cats threw up on what was left of the fabric. But in spite of these minor misfortunes I think it will turn out pretty fine anyway!)

Tuesday 9 June 2009


Yesterday I had myself a blue monday.

(Ok, I was going to come up with some more stupid blue song references but I'll leave it to this for this time. But yes sometimes I secretly listen to Bobby Vinton. And no of course it's no secret anymore since I wrote it out here. But at my darkest hour I may even listen to U2. I did not just write that.)

Shirt - H&M, Skirt - selfmade - Shoes - ModCloth

Saturday 6 June 2009


The car has broken down in the middle of nowhere.

It's hot and dry and things don't look too bright for the moment. (But thank god the girls are at least properly dressed for a surprising situation like this!)

"No wait, I think I can fix this!"

"...hmmm...or then not..."

Well, if the car dosn't work there is only one thing left to do: keep on looking good and start posing!

Swimwear : Tyra Therman / Miranda Lingerie
Vintage accessories : Hoochie Mama Jane

Photos by Tyra.

Thursday 4 June 2009


Last time when I made my ’photo an hour’ I got some comments on the fact that I didn’t seem to work that much :)

Well, that’s true for some days, since I work periodically – when I work in the harbour I work a lot and thus have almost as much free time after that, when I normally work with my design business. But sometimes I work with both things during one day. On top of that I do burlesque related things almost daily during a more hectic period, weekly if there aren't any new numbers or shows coming up. (And no I don’t sleep that much). But then again I have the advatage of sometimes making my weekend five days longer if I wish to!

So, this time it's time for a different photo an hour (from a few weeks back actually since I postponed this one a bit); Thursday.

9:00I have breakfast by the window and read about all those festivals and jamborees I won’t have the time to visit this summer (but about the gigs I will!). Then I finish a design job I've been working on and send the final files to print.

I go for some jogging in the allotment gardens nearby - I love to watch the tiny over decorated houses and their plants! (When I am outside and look up to my window my cats are always sitting there. I wonder if they recognize the tiny little me on the ground through the window?)

I drive to another part of town, where all the houses are in pastel colours and have small towers and pinnacles. I go to see to a seamstress (I guess in this case I'm entitled to write my seamtress :). She's making me a corset for an upcoming number of mine.

And then it’s vroom vroom off to work

Time to change
Then I go on with the loading hundreds of meters and hundreds of tons of cargo on to ships. Or, I do not load myself. I organize and supervise.

I receive a strange but pretty sweet gift from one of the harbour guys. A framed portrait of Marilyn and some smoothies.

Time for the obligatory milkshake of the day!

There's a nice sunset in the harbour. Sunsets are always nice by the sea.

I come home to two waiting kitties, some trash mail and a sea of shoes.

Pretty much how this Thursday's been so far too, except for I went to the doctor's and not the seamtress before work. And no gifts received today...yet.

EDIT : Amazing - a while after posting I did receive a present! (yes I blog during work hours). I got a book this time. From the same guy.

Tuesday 2 June 2009


I'm enjoying some nice new things for the moment:

Orchinds for my hair I got from darling Rascal...

...which goes perfectly well toghether with my lovely new bikinin, made from a vintage fabric, that I got as thanks for posing in it. It was such a fun shoot (and it's coming up later here)!

Dryshampoo. It really does magic. And is easier and more fresh than the old school way of brushing talc in the hair, so it's worth a try if you have long hair like me that takes forever to dry for example.

The Hawaian themed pattern on my newly thrifted 50's full cirlce skirt (from Ansa).

Oh yeah, and last but not least: my new tattoo! Made by Sailor andy, as usual.