Thursday 30 June 2011


I am not much of a shopper abroad; you won't see me come home with half a new wardrobe from my travels. I always stock up on things I need before the trip and then get all modest when away and only feel I can by something if it is really extra spectacular. Or, then I just buy something that's alright because I feel I have to. You see, it is just the internet that brings out the shopping devil in me.

However, New Orleans being one of the main stops at our journey I was very much planning and looking forward to (I was actually ridiculously excited the closer that day came...) do some shopping at one of my absolute favourite stores, you know: Trashy Diva!

First I visited the French Quarter store and they were kind enough to let me take photos there.

So many dresses I didn't quite know where to start!

Although I have quite many dresses from before I now got a chance to try out more of the models and patterns. (Good for future shopping references, hehe. And for the questions I get about styles and fit...) I actually ended up buying some totally different pieces than planned! Although I in the end was rather calm and modest and bought only two (once again, it is only -well, almost- the evil world wide web that makes me splurge).

If you happen to be in town it is also worth visiting the uptown store, they have some pieces from older collections too and the area is nice to stroll around in, although I didn't take any photos in there.

Eddi bought me this one; it was so good on!

Trashy Diva also has a brand new developed website and store where you can shop by print or style. And you will want to visit that site now, as, on to the best part now - I've been looking forward to this Oh Yeah:

Trashy Diva is offering the readers of this blog 20% off a purchase until July 28!

To get the discount use the code: FFB20PER

...happy shopping!

Tuesday 28 June 2011


I like to dress up inspired by past decades although I seldom try to re create an exact look or strive for true authenticity as, well, that was then and this is now. Basically I always say that you can create any look you want pretty much regardless of what you wear as it is all in the details. You know you can really change the feel of a dress with just a change in the shade of lipstick or your look depending how you wear your hair.

Going a bit 30's in New Orleans. (It was so hot there I used the fan until it broke...)

And something more of the early 60's in Key West.

The dress is from Trasy Diva; bought it on the trip. (It was in the bag in this photo :)

Monday 27 June 2011


Here you go, tremendous Keren Ann instrad of a planned outift post!

I got caught talking with the old lady downstairs when I actually had intended to prepare a blogpost for you.
And now it is off to work, first time in a month. Hey Monday? Yes you, Monday - fuck you too!

Friday 24 June 2011


Las Vegas!





Some more pool.


Night time!

There will be more!

Thursday 23 June 2011


So; I'm back home, happily married and dead tired and damn jet lagged. So before I go ahead with anything else - let's start this with a good ol' give away for all of you:

One of you has the chance to win a beautiful origami head piece from Tyra Therman.

One of Tyra's signature pieces, she has been making these origami fascinators for years already. The fascinator is attached to a metal headband with soft, canvas covered edges for more comfortable wear. You can get them - and her other items - from her shop Punavuoren Putiikki or via MadeBy here and here. (<-clicketi click for more info).

As usual, in order to enter you need to leave me a comment on this post and make sure you are reachable to me trough that comment in one way or another. As the winner will be drawn randomly you may only leave me one comment - if you come back to add some info you missed out in the first one I will delete the previous comment. However, if you link to this giveaway somewhere out there you may leave me another comment telling me you've done so and linking to said shout out.
You know what to do!

The competition will be open for a week in other words, closing the last day of June.
And as always the give away is open to everyone.
Good luck!

Thursday 16 June 2011


Las Vegas breakfast in the room at The Orleans

Hotel San José in Austin

On the porch at Cajun Cottages, Breaux Bridge

Our room in New Orleans, at Inn the Quarter.

Road motel in Panama City

The Thunderbird Inn, Savannah

Right here right now at The Lighthouse Inn in Key West!

Monday 13 June 2011


We were in Mississippi, but are in Florida by now, heading south!

Thursday 9 June 2011


Outfit post! In Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.
I thought shorts would be casual and sort of practical but tomorrow I'm not wearing anything that fastens in the waist, too sweaty!

Tuesday 7 June 2011


Thank you all for the congratulations!

We had a couple of nice and calm days in Austin after Vegas and will soon start driving towards Lousiana. Felt good with some bird song and organic mint tee after five days of slot machine beeps and gin tonic, even though it wasn't that bad either, just different.

It's damn hot but I am not the one to complain about such things. What I do complain about it the bugs and spiders that suddelny have started to appear - I kind of have this feeing there will be a lot more of them as we're about to stay two night in a cottage a couple of hours before New Orleans... Well, what can you do.

More and proper photos to be posted eventually, ta-ta!

Sunday 5 June 2011


As some already knew and many guessed it just so happened that we, like planned, got married yesterday, on June 3.

I have lots of photos of lots of things but that will be for later!

Photo by Tuomas Lairila.