Friday 31 May 2013


I am most definitely the kind of person to have my shoes match the baby pram perfectly.

These are by Clarks (and so comfy I can walk around in them all day and carry babies and bags and so on; beats any flats) and the dress is Marimekko, which I got when i was very very pregnant. It's easy and quite casual to wear loose and belted like this but I am thinking of putting some creases in for a better fit, making the stitches loose so they can easily be undone (will the need ever come for the dress to be huge again).

Wednesday 29 May 2013


I have a new pair of yummy summer wedges that are a bit over the top (they way some things should be sometimes), super high and makes my feet seem oh so tiny.

As they are rather light they are pretty easy to walk in regardless of their height which also makes them surprisingly comfy. At least for a while, if you intend to wear them a whole evening out after a very warm day filled with dancing and workshops your feet might get a little, well, painfully tired (of course...).

The wedges are by Iron Fist and I got the from FreestyleXtreme, with whom I am doing a little collaboration.

So, how would you like to win yourself a pair  for yourself?

Yup that's right, it's give away time!

Freestyle Xtreme is a family run business with a huge selection of clothing from action sports through to lifestyle (and as you can see even with something for me too :) - you can read more here- and they are now giving away one pair of Black Reina Muerte wedges to one of you!

(Fashion blogger posing photo totally being owned by sudden cats and babies.)

To enter the giveaway (hands up if you've read this before...) :
Leave me a comment on this post. Easy.
But, make sure I can reach you via that comment either by a (visible, available; as in non-private. Seriously.) profile of some sort or, link or an email. (Apparently not always so easy, but please try :)
I will draw the winner randomly so leave one comment per person only, as that equals one entry!
And per usual you get another comment for each share+link that you make out there.

The give away is open to anyone, anywhere and will run for ten days, until June 8!
Good luck :)

Tuesday 28 May 2013


 Few things are prettier than blossoming trees in late spring; the amazing seemingly never-ending amount of sheer white, pink, yellow, lilac fluff reaching up to the skies. And they only ever bloom for such a short time before continuing their year-long cycle of change.

I can't help it, but ever since I was a teenager I've been getting this short desperate feeling of dark haunting angst at this time of year, that it will all be over soon and autumn is just around the corner.

But in a couple of days it passes and I start enjoying summer again!

(Which is always over in no time and then it's back to dark nights, wet shoes cold wind and winter jackets and Aaaaaaa damn it!...)

Monday 27 May 2013


In certain societies there is no such thing as less is more;  it is 'more is more' all the way. And that is very much the case when it comes to burlesque. Well as you may know. So as it last weekend was time for the Helsinki Burlesque spring fest it was of course mandatory to go at least a little bit over the top as usual;  I continued the mish mash matched floral combo set I started last year  (that also made it to a painting). This year my set was supposedly inspired by bond ladies, geishas and the pacific.

 With sixties inspired make up, huge hair and of course even more huge flowers in it.

And super high but oh-so-tiny floral patterned wedges as well.

My dress is vintage, the hair flowers made from interior flowers and we'll get back to the shoes soon!

Saturday 25 May 2013


What I did during the last seven days. No day is like the previous one to me .Which does not mean that my life is one big adventure or party, having no routine can also be rather exhausting. And every week is busy-week over here.

But anyway, here we go; this was my past week (mostly via instagram, haven't readlly had the chance to carry the camera around - my hands are full of other stuff, like babies for example, you know.)

Friday. last week's.
Drove some 300 kilometers up to Jyväskylä where we had a show with Sweet Jeena & Her Sweethearts as well as The Shrieks. Here we are posing all naturally backstage with our local sailor pick up girl.

Drove back and stopped at this very Kaurismäki-esque old gas station and bar. Which sadly was closed for the day.

Did a quick stop home and put the face on again and went for a show we did at a library. It was thunder and the lights went dark, but the music kept on playing!

Hanged with these two out on the farm. Did some graphic work while dag napped.

Stayed at home and did lots of tidying up and cleaning! Woooh!


Filmed a thing that will air in autumn and forgot to take any social media evidence of that...
Later I had a meeting after which we rehearsed something that included a helluvalotta gogo boots.


Eddi had a day off and we were at the farm. Dag was all excited about the neigbor's cows walking pass the window and I picked some nettles.

Did a show at Radisson Plaza with these funny ladies.

Friday, this one.

Took a walk with Dag to Tapiola, our hoods while int the city, and bumped into this fella.

In the evening I had a burlesque workshop, as a student for a change; there's some outsiders in town giving us what they've got!  Here's a bunch of legs from that event

After which I drove out to the farm  with a  pastel May evening sky in front of me.

Thursday 23 May 2013


 I set out to pick some nettles in the countryside garden!

I've intended to pick nettles to use in cooking forever - as most of you probably know the nettle is a very healthy plant, although it is considered a weed and not a utility plant - but always missed out on doing so at the right time of year.

Nettles should be picked when they carry new and fresh leave buds. I used only the top leaves of the plant.

 The rest of the plants I lay to soak in water; nettle-water makes a great natural fertilizer for you garden.

I made pesto of my nettles. After parbloiling the nettles I mixed them with what you'd more or less use for your regular basil pesto too; I made mine with sunflower seeds, a few almonds, garlic and of course olive oil.

 Gave it all a go in the mixer and put in a jar.

And had it with pasta and zucchini later in the evening. The nettle pesto is a rather milde in taste so I threw in some capers and sundried tomato nibs too to top it of. Noms.

(Btw I'm not the only one who was totally mindfucked by this about a decade ago am I? I can't help but recall it whenever I hear the word "nettle". Excellent choice to watch a few episodes if you can't sleep at night, ehrm...

Wednesday 22 May 2013


Every time the first really warm days hits us it's like a huge weight falling from my heart; the recognition that this is what it can feel like outside! Soft and warm. (I decided it is not allowed to get under +20 before mid September, mmmkay?)

So we went on a sunny stroll with Dag, heading to one of the many big parks here in Tapiola.

We landed among lots and lots of green.
Hard to believe that it a little more than a month ago looked like this. (Spring is always the shortest season here...this year we barely had one .)

Dag is still a bit overwhelmed to be directly on the ground, carefully trying everything out. (And that 'everything' usually ends up in his mouth.) But he always sits the first minutes still just touching the grass.

We had a little picnic with cookies, baby crackers and cantaloupe.

Nom nom.
(Not as blissful and calm as I had imagined this though, I had cantaloupe goo all over my straw mat in an instance.)

Taking it easy.

Then we walked home beneath the cherry trees in bloom.

Tuesday 21 May 2013


I made the poster for the 1940's inspired vintage fair 'Suvi-Vintage', coming up at the end of June in Tampere.

Last year I had just had Dag and this year I'll be holding a workshop at that time so no vintage-filled Tampere weekend for me this year either...

Monday 20 May 2013


This is a pay-per-view video sponsored by Vileda for a campaign which aim is to ironically depict the consequences of the persistence of stains on the floor in the long run and to joke around the importance of immediately cleaning them up.
I decided to post it as it has funny cats in it!

Of course in my home  I am rather owned by those felines of mine; constantly cleaning from the mess they've made, not a mess produced by me. And nowadays I'm more worried about saving the I-throw-everything-on-the-ground-and-put-everything-and-I-mean-everything-in-my-mouth-baby than the cats -I really do have to clean everything up immediately! (yes my son has tasted cat food...) But at least I get clean floors that way, giving them a go a couple of times per day...


Because I have a little less time on my hands than I'd like to I just realized I have yet to post the winners of the Guitar Art Print -giveaway! The following three won the $50 in store credit for the Guitar Art Print-web store or etsy shop: Bettie Boo, Minka and Elli!

Saturday 18 May 2013


I have a pair of red shoes I bought from H&M without much though  some six-seven years ago for 19,90 which, after a rather painful blister-full debut during a weekend in Budapest surprisingly turned into the comfiest and most wearable shoes in the world. After which they have, apart from walked around in numerous cities here and there, been chewed upon by both cats and dogs and had their share of sudden rains and unexpected escapades trough muddy fields. And so on.

I bought them to the cobbler's once to try and have them saved and he went "Ah, red shoes", in a familiar voice. "They always seem to be the most precious ones". These were perhaps not my most precious ones per se, but definitely the most trustworthy. And now they are falling apart to the point I believe it's time to give them up. Luckily I happened to come over another pair of reds that could possibly turn into the new most comfiest and most wearable shoes in the world. Not as nice a model as the previous ones and in a less dirt-friendly material (canvas compared to pleather) but a pair I propably should buy an extra set of for future all-the-time use and where-ever walks...

The new ones are plain DinSko shoes (for 24,90).

Thursday 16 May 2013


I am the kind of some find silly, others adorable, and the rest  won't notice person who when going to a meeting that happens to take place in a marina I just have to wear a sailor inspired dress, because that's of course what you do going even close to a marina.  If not for else, it makes life a little more fun at least.

Although here I rather look like Alice who just drank out of one of the bottles and started growing...)

And once at it, since wearing said dress all day long before marina moment too, I of course went along and dressed my child up accordingly too. Team outfits! Because what is cuter than a little kid in a sailor outfit? (Well that would be a kitten in a sailor outfit then. Or just a plain kitten; I'm not much for animals dressed up in clothes.)

The dress and belt are vintage.