Monday 29 February 2016


Last Friday it was the third unofficially official 'Wear a Floral Dress'- day. A day for wearing your flower dresses to brighten up the grey February weather, which is a pretty understandable idea if you look out the window. Like many things nowaday, something that started on Facebook, but this year even hit the news. So I thought I'd join in and feel all colourful and springlike. Until I realised most of my flowery dresses were hanging in the countryside, while I for once was in town. And I then I did look out the window and felt a bit cold and in need of wrapping myself into something -

So I ended up with my longest dress and a warm sweater for a dark wintery version instead. But still floral!

The dress is vintage and the cardigan is one that I've had since I was 16. That's almost twenty years already, phew, makes me feel old!

(Cardi-trivia: Back in the days it cost 120 Fim which then was a lot - now it would equal just a bit over 20euros, for which you most likely will not get a cardigan to last you two decades or more. The cardi was lost at one point though; I started thinking that I just somehow had lost it on town, but it was found about a year later in a storage box under my (then teenaged) sister's bed, where she had hid it in a plastic bag after not daring to confess that she had indeed borrowed it without asking, when I inquired about it bakc when it first was lost. I wonder if she still remembers the incident. Well, here it is anyway, still going strong.)

Thursday 25 February 2016


- is always the one of panic sequin sewing and rhinestone glueing, no matter how early on the process has started. The magnificent 9th Helsinki Burlesque is just a week away and as usual we are producing new stuff for it. And as usual it's late nights and everything at the studio and home(s) covered in blingy things.

-is also the time of bookeeping, which also, year after year, is as stressy and messy, no matter how much I promise myself to get everything in order once per month (or even every secondm goddamit!) and how good any helpful keep-them-in-order- apps may be. Damn you, paperwork!
(But like my bokkeeper said the other day when I was stressing over the mess -that may not after all be that messy in the end: "one just has to do what one is good at". Phew for that!)

This is also the time for onranges! At least two, often three, per day, yum!

Wednesday 17 February 2016


Alright, that's it! I am done with winter. I am countdowning for spring! I want new small green leaves, budding flowers and warm spots in the sunshine, dry streets bare legs and flaring hems. The sooner the better!

Somedays everything here is so desaturated it is like living in a black and white photo. And, like every year, you think will this never end..)


But then the next day the sun is shining and you know there's hope after all!
And it may even look so nice you may even start thinking about taking the skies back out and go all winter for a little while again.

(Alright, I did not take them out even once this year even when we had more snow and cold so saying 'again' is perhaps a little exaggeration. I'd love to if I had the time though.)

And yes this back-and-forth weather and back-and-forth-thinking goes on until about April.
Each and every year.

Friday 12 February 2016


I got this cherry dress for my birthday from my parents. It's by Ted Baker.
The bolero is dancewear. 

Now I'm off to Estonia to perform and host a workshop. Have a good weekend & a happy Valentine's day everyone!

Wednesday 10 February 2016


I went out shopping for cat food and rubber boots but came home with a pair of sparkly heels instead.

In my business, it's just hard to let anything glittery on sale go. (The glitter herpes -pretty much every burlesque performer gets it- does not only spread around on everything you own but it slowly eats up your brains too.) These were -70% at Prisma.

My son did eventually get rubber boots too. And the cats got food. All is well.

Thursday 4 February 2016


Last weekend, just before I came down with a heavy fever that forced me to stay in bed for a couple of days, we threw a small pin-up worksop day over at our studio together with Foxy Vixens Beauty Parlour.

Later Asko Rantanen come over for a photoshoot, and we created a few simple but functioning sets together using props from our studio.


The team of the day.

Sophisticated, well of course.