Monday 30 May 2011


Aaaaaaa! So much left to pack and organize and I'm leaving real soon (breathe, breathe, breathe)

Packing sucks if you want to taks lots and lots of stuff with ou as you will be doing lots and lots of things in different environments but you are still smart enough to realize you have to be practical and not bring too much.

That god damn Eddi has packed his tiny pile of clothes long time ago.

It is always said one should not go all shouting about leaving home and going on vacation on social sites as that basically is an invitation to unwanted guest. Well I have been babbling on about my trip on the whole world wide web and some might say that's a bit stupid, but the thing is my flat won't be that unattended as I just might have two seamen from across the bay staying here taking care of my plants. Nice guys, but if any of you tries to break in they will first chop of your fingers and have them fried with ketcup and then they will kill you. Or I might not, but not worth the risk now is it? So not worth it if you like your little pinkies there where they are on your hand instead of in someones mouth, OK?

Well, but now back to the packing. I actually plan to get by on pretty little, well, of course, depending on how you see it.
I will be gone for three weeks but we will bring a computer with us so I will try to do some posts every now and then.
Because, hehe, I will have lots of things to tell you I'm sure.

We'll perform in Vegas in Thursday at the Burlesque Hall of Fame's Mover's, Shakers & Innovators night, some days later we'll be in Austin, TX, drive to New Orleans and then continue to Miami. And I'm only bringing four (ok, well, five) pairs of shoes!

Sunday 29 May 2011


Alright, so it's Sunday the 29th and the cotton candy pink frilly Playful Promises Showgirls panties give-away is over!

And, the winner is...
(you can press play for more suspense here if you like, so don't look down yet in that case...)



Mademoiselle Amandine!
Congrats, you wil get an email form me soon :)


You have no idea how many posts of mine remain unpublished.
I have megabytes after megabytes of photos that were meant for posts that I never have had the time to post about. Something else came up instead, I wasn't able to produce text or could choose pictures, others just lingered on my to-blog list until they felt out-of date (like, say, photos from my trip to Oslo january 2010...).

This was for a post about lashes at a time I was still blonde.

And this one about nails.

The point here was the blue hair flower and the fact that I wore blue shoes.

And lots of other things and happenings and themes...

But Goddamit! I have at least two hundred (some relatively crappy and some less crappy) pictures of baby lambs - lambs that already are sort of big by now and out on the fields for the rest of the summer - but there is so going to be a lamb post still, at some point!

(I also have about twice as many pictures of ice and snow and stuff in the habour so there will be such a post too, weather anyone really wants to see it or not.)

Thursday 26 May 2011


I have a new petticoat. It's sky blue. I wanted one that would not be as wonderfully and ridiculously large as the pink one I have, but more just for a little more everyday fluff. This one is just right; feels soft, poofs up the skirt and does not appear too big. I bought it via BooBoo Kitty Couture.


It was actually Eddi that picked these forget-me-nots and lillies of the valley.

One of my new tattoos is inspired by, well, eh, me. And the sea.

I am so going to eat that one real soon.

My other new tattoo again is inspired by the fact that I like monkeys (monkeys are the coolest ever), seamen and the sea. And Plyti-Apan is also my oldest toy.

Monday 23 May 2011


Ta-taa! Playful Promises will soon have a new range of retrolicious knickers; the Showgirl panties - and, you guessed it, one of you will have the chance to win yourself a pair of candy cotton soft pink wonderfully frilly Lola-panties!

The panties come in an satin embroidered bag.

To enter the give away, leave me a comment on this post (and one comment only!). Make sure you are reachable! As usual, if you re post and link to the competition you can leave me another comment (per link) telling me you've done so and linking to your post(s) in question.

The competition is open to anyone, and you have time until next Sunday; the 29th to enter! Good luck :)

For more of Playful Promises lingerie and swimwear visit

Sunday 22 May 2011


Outfit post coming up!

Greetings from the harbour!

I came home in my work wear last night and Eddi's five year old boy said: Oh! What fine trousers!

Trousers - Blåkläder, Jacket - Fristads, Shoes - Sievi. The vest and hoodie are old.
As accessories I have Famo gloves and motorola radio.

Saturday 21 May 2011

Friday 20 May 2011



Bleeding hearts

Roses and begonia




But really you know...'s no garden, just our four square meter balcony.

Here's the other corner with Pekka and heathers beneath him (and a dying hortencia).

I have a set of solar-ligt lanterns.

They lit themselves when dark falls.
Only soon it won't be that dark until about August (click this link to see what I mean...). Might get a few bigger lanterns more then or hang the lamps I had there in winter on the other side - I want it to look like there's a party all the time :)

And, speaking about parties and celebrations - the 2,000&1,000 vintage unicorn pendant form Hoochie Mama Jane giveaway is ending now in 1..2..3.! And the winner is:

Congrats, you will get an email form me soon! And for all you others, the Hoochie Mama Jane vintage webshop is open now and there will be more 2,000&1,000 happenings still!

Thursday 19 May 2011


I talk a little about femininity and body image in the latest number of Fit-magazine.
(Thes were the pictures that were shot in the harbor on a very cold day :)

Tuesday 17 May 2011

Monday 16 May 2011


So a lot of you requested a tutorial on the sixties look I did a while ago. The thing is I don't feel that comfortable doing tutorials on looks that I don't do on a regular basis. And I never really got make up tutorials,I mostly think about how I'd draw a face or so and apply make up according to that, or if I want a certain look I watch images and try to make myself look similar...

I tried to sneakily show you how it's done by posting a close up on Julianne Moore's make up as Charly in my post about the film A Single Man but maybe that hint was too subtle :) But anyway I think the picture shows it pretty well - the thing is just to use a light eye shadow and then accent the socket with a dark colour and line the eyes throughout. Dark, edgy and stylized.

In the picture above (by Aino, taken last year at a venue), I have done a similar, but slightly simpler version of the make up. For this retro-galactic look I didn't do it that precise or refined; I only used a dark grey soft pen to draw the line above the socket. For the sixties party look I used both dark eyeshadow and a pen. The finished look should be quite hard! You should use big eyelashes and a smaller pair on the lower lashes (remember to turn them "upside down" ) or put lots of mascara on depending on what kind of relust you want. You can also add small snippets of lashes under the eye instead. I accentuate the lips by drawing a white line above the upper lips and slightly fade it out, but otherwise no lipstick.

If you still feel you don't want to try this on your own without some more help from a video there's one really good HERE.

A what comes to the hair; I rolled half my hair around a rat into a bun on the top of my head and then rolled a burlesque wig of mine(which is almost the same colour as my hair) as a bigger bun around it and fastened it by sticking pins trough into the rat underneath. The rest of my hair I rolled into a French twist in the back. And it actually was rather tricky, hence no tutorial. But I promise to try and come up with something similar you could make without a wig! Although I am tempted to buy some sort of extra ponytail to be able to use for buns and chignons - the wig was good for this party as I wanted a huge and rather exaggerated look, but it is not easy to do and feels somewhat heave on the head.

Sunday 15 May 2011


But sunshine and the dreams of past time playing on the inside. A Soft Sunday song again!

Saturday 14 May 2011


I have a lemon pie* cooling on the balcony that will soon join me and Eddi as we're heading over to K and her hubby for a Eurovision-night. Now you all go on and vote for Paradise Oscar :)

*) should even be slim depending on which school you believie in. Recipe found here (in Swedish) although I've modified it a little as I sort of always have to do; used less sugar but added some honey for the filling.

Friday 13 May 2011


2,000 & 1,000 continues! This time up one of you has the chance to win a vintage glass heart necklace with a silver chain from Hoochie Mama Jane! The glass heart has a unicorn carved into it - kitschy and fun!

Hoochie Mama Jane is no longer for the fortunate ones in Helsinki only as Irja has now opened a web shop too! She will ship world wide but the text is only in Finnish. (So if there is something you wonder about send her an email or contact her trough the Hoochie Mama Jane Facebook group.)

The web shop will stock accessories and jewelry but for shoes and clothing you will still have to visit the brick and mortar in Kallio. Tomorrow for example as the shop celebrates it's third Birthday with bubbly and bands. (If you've been there you know how tiny it is and how many people it can still fit :)

It's unicorn-y!

To enter the giveaway, you know what to do.
...but let's go trough it one more time still shall we:

Leave me a comment on this post and make sure you are reachable to me trough that comment It is one comment and one comment only per person, but if you do a shout-out and link to this post somewhere on the interwebs you may leave me another comment here, letting me know the link to said mention.

The give away is open to anyone, anywhere!

The winner will be drawn randomly in a week; on Friday May 20.

Good luck & Have a nice weekend!


This is a re-post of yesterday's vanished post; as most of you know blogger's been having some problems. If I do get the old post and your comments back as Blogger claims I will most likely delete this version...

We're out in the countryside. Eddi and his brother are sowing and I am not doing any of the things I should be doing at my week off work. The cats get to spend some time outside and enjoy the sunshine which makes them a bit overwhelmed.

And it is warm I tell you, finally! First time barefoot this year.

As I've said before, although not that far away, the farm is very much out in the countryside. The neighbor's cows (Pekka's and Lulu's enemies, as they tend to see it) are just right outside the house.

Here's a little extra picture to demonstrate how close they actually are...

And THIS is actually happening!
It would almost have deserved a pots of it's own but since I actually haven't got that far yet (in my mind I'm already done) and started with other chores ("chores") I'll save the Yeys! and Heys! until I'm over the creek as the saying goes (in Swedish).