Thursday 30 August 2012


We got a vintage lamp from Eddi's cousing that they didn't need, but goes perfectly well with our wallpaper. I love the floor lamp we used to have by our bed before, but it was getting a bit crowded with the crib in the bedroom too, so letting go of the old lamp to get more floor space cleared up the room nicely. I'm taking the floor lamp to the countryhouse instead - the house is so big there will always be a corner for it somewhere to stand in...

Someone had done something strange at some point to this lamp though; it did not have a switch but had to be plugged in and out, and the chords had been modified and attached in a weird way. I took it to an electrician who fixed it with proper old school switches too for a very decent price. It's really worth getting your old electrical equipment checked and updated by someone who knows what he or she is doing; this applies to other than just lamps too of course!

Wednesday 29 August 2012


I have finally stopped waiting for the summer heatwave that never came and have started feeling quite good about the idea of warmer cardigans, socks and cups of tea .

I always get a new interest and urge for plants at the change of seasons. And so I've updated the plants and flowers at the country house to "autumn mode". We've been out there for most of the week and I've been fixing about, running around the yard with the pram, buckets and soil, wearing my old harbour boots. They are great for anything countryside, especially since I never manage to remember to get myself a pair of rubber boots.

I could also have called this post hellofalotta onions.
These are from the vegetable garden at the farm. I can't take any pride in digging these up though (or growing them either), Eddi's aunt brought me these.

Tuesday 28 August 2012


Maybe it's autumn and all it's colours approaching, or maybe it's just me being inspired by some of the fabrics and wall paper I've been checking out for upcoming home-pimping, but I've been having these urges lately to mix colours and patterns, lots of patterns!

Sunday 26 August 2012


Yesterday we went to a wedding; a fellow burlesque lady was getting married!
And you know I like to dress up for weddings because that's when you get to be at your nicests.

 I wore a dress from Love Your Look.

 And a summer hat by my Berlin friend Frollerin von Sofa.

And our just-turned-two-months little Dag Evert Edison was very nice and calm the whole evening, regardless of all the dancing and singing and all the half naked ladies (as it tend to be at burlesque weddings at some point**) around him.

*) Not that we went to any other weddings this summer. But would we have gone, this would have been the last of them. You know, it's September next week already! Sniff.

**) Not that people just start throwing their clothes off after dinner or so. But most often there tend to be a dance number or two after dessert.

Thursday 23 August 2012



This is actually one of my best dresses, although I don't appreciate it enough I think; I forget how simple but nice it is. It's vintage;  found it some years ago at my grandparent's summer house (as you may remember from my Elovena post, a post I relly like myself - I really was that kind of city person I'd go "Look, live cows!!" when seen form the car window; and now I have those right outside my living room in the ocuntryside! How things change...But OK, I still kind of tend to shout "Look!" when I see animals while driving...).  I've modified the dress a bit; added some seams for a better fit. Good I didn't add too many, as this is one of few I am able to wear now post partum.

But here's what it really looks like; the outfit in action.

The shoes are Clark's originals and the belt old. My baby-stuff bag is from Cath Kidston and the pram (originally a bicycle bag, but works well on the pram!) bag is from Rascal's Etsy.

Wednesday 22 August 2012


This summer there were days when it literally would not stop pouring down. I am not the one to start climbing up the walls if I have to spend a lot of time inside, but sometimes it's nice with something else to do than spending the whole day by the world wide web (it's crazy but true) or reading a book. Those rainy days might just be what you need to get those things on your want-to-do-list done; so I made some pictures for the wall with cheap IKEA-frames and a piece of wallpaper I always wanted to use, but had no actual use for.

As wallpapers usually have a nice texture it's nicer not to hide them behind the (plexi-)glass, so I glued the paper on the plexi instead of the cardboard. I intended to put a layer of varnish on the "paintings" too to be able to stand the moist but then decided to skip that phaze and hang these in the hallway instead. Which was good as I found the old tin ad for the bahtroom instead.

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Monday 20 August 2012


True house wife posing has to be done in the kitchen.
Or perhaps the garden but that's not the point here.

(Is there a point here? If there's one it'd be Outfit outfit outfit!)

The skirt is selfmade, shirt from Tara Starlet and scarf by BooBoo Kitty.

Sunday 19 August 2012


Today I made some fruit sherbet of watermelon, pear, lemon, rhubarb juice and agave syrup with my ice cream maker - the cutest little ice cream maker in the world! We got it from my parents last Christmas. Too bad only it actually is quite small, as in produces small amounts - but then again my dresses in waiting will thank me for that. (Although of course, sherbet like this is very dress friendly, small and big amounts alike.)


Late nineties nostalgia!
From my Soft Sunday-list.

Then on another note, as it sometimes seem only bigger happenings in life brings out reactions here on the interwebs (like, getting married, buying a mintgreen smeg or having a baby) I put up a little poll there in the sidebar so you can click on themes you'd like to see more of here. Although I kind of know the answer as almost everyone will click OUTFITS anyway.

...and not that I will change anything though, I'll still keep on posting what I feel like posting and what I have time for but you know, it's always nice to get to do some clicking online isn't it?
(And haha, there will only be so many giveaways as I find interesting products or get good suggestions of. I just put it there as an option because, well, because :)

Thursday 16 August 2012


Today Eddi and I posed and acted in some nostalgia mood shots filmed at our farm for a upcoming TV-production. Old Finnish cinema all the way!
The series will air next winter.

And, speaking of nostalgia, the Years Since Yesterday giveaway is over now.
Miss Fortuna decided on Julia for the winner of the giftcard to the Years Since Yesteday Etsy shop.
Congratulations & yey back to good ol' Sörkkä Julia!

If you want to stay up to date with the latest vintage additions in Ina's store as well as some other Americana and old Finnish retro inspiration you can like her Facebook page.

Wednesday 15 August 2012


I was sent this dress, in a soft fabric and perfect blue colour,  from one of my affiliates, Shabby Apple.
Apart form shirtwaist dresses, wrap around dresses are also pretty handy when your body is going trough changes, one direction or the other - this one is not an adjustable wrap dress, but anything with just a few buttons can be easily adjusted if needed -in this case I actually made the highest button the lowest one as it sat strangely right in the middle of my bust. I got a lot more room by chancing it and it still did not affect the hemline.- hopefully I one day soonish get to move all three inwards to make it tighter, heh.

Anyway, the dress is from a so called Emerging Designers collection, which means it was designed by an independent designer for Shabby Apple on a win-win basis - Emerging Designers is a program created to help start-up fashion designers manufacture and feature their clothing. The designer submits the designs and manufactures the items (with the possibility of being mentored in the process of productions) while Shabby Apple takes care of the rest; logistics, taxes, marketin campaings, customer service and so on. The designer receives 40% of the sales revenue from their collection.  

The program is open for designers world wide, but please note that it means you can't just have a bunch or nice drawings for pretty dresses, but have to be serious about it and prepared to actually produce (as in fund) the clothing yourself. So nothing for me...yet at least - I do like the idea :) If it sounds like something for you can read more and apply for the program via the Shabby Apple site or by clicking the banner below (also in my sidebar):

But back to me and my dress -  did I mention it has pockets? And you know what I think about dresses and skirts with pockets don't you? WIN.

If interested, the dress is the Carousel dress, runs a bit big but rather small around the shoulders, although it stretches a bit. The scarf is by Boo Boo Kitty, bag from Tunisia and the sandals are old.

Tuesday 14 August 2012


At the end of the month The Itty-Bitty Tease Cabaret will head over to Tampere for an ordinary night of decadencethe fifth edition of Burlesque Cocktail! Or well, part of us will - it is still too early in baby life for me to travel to another town to perform...

The event will take pace at YO-talo as usual, August 31, featuring the crème de la crème of Finnish burlesque and hosted by "the moistess hostess in the world", Lamey Crackhouse. There's of course not en endless amount of tickets available , so get yours in time if you want in.

Or -  you can try your luck by commenting on this post, as one of you has the chance to win a set of tickets (you+avec) for the evening!

I will draw the winner randomly a week before; Friday 24. So you still have time to plan your outfit and so on.

The competition is open to everyone everywhere - as long as you have the chance to be in said town at said night.

You can find out more about the event on it's FaceBook page.

The IBTC on stage earlier this summer (about the same time Dag was born :).
Pic by Tuula Ylikorpi.

PS.: you still have some time to enter the Years Since Yesterday giveaway!
The winner will be announced tomorrow night.

Sunday 12 August 2012

Friday 10 August 2012


 I made myself another "post-pregnancy" skirt!

And a nursing sun top, with the same system as the sailorette dress,  to go along.

Although, I actually fucked up quite a bit - I was in a hurry (you know, had to get it done before some little person next to me decided to wake up and call on titty time) and just cut the pieces without any real measuring. So of course the top got real tight and ended up showin snippets of the bra.
So I guess I just have to redo it.

Also, did some strange mis-calculations with the skirt which did not really become that much of a post-pregnancy skirt, no elastic waist, as it got too small to fit over my arse hip. And instead of putting a zipper in I did a lot of weird stuff and additions to be able to wear it.

But oh well, that's the way it is sometimes. You can't always win now can you.
But at least my skirt has pockets, you know, making things a little better.

Furthermore, it suddenly got real cold today so I might not need a sun top anymore.

Not sure weather that should be counted as positive or negative thinking?

(If interested, my belt is Vivien of Holloway, bangle vintage, the shoes very very old and my hair is, well yes thank you, fabulous - but only half of it my own.)

Thursday 9 August 2012


My burlesque mommy-leave is over; today was my first time in our dance studio since Dag was born!

Tinker Bell and I have a side project apart from the I.B.T.C.: The Ravishing Shangri-La Rubies.
Very much dance, a little slapstick, lots of kitsch and sixties glamour.

Making-of picture by Marko Saari.
Today we started working for real on our upcoming Christmas-show project together with actress and jazz singer Lady Laverna - you actually saw a sneak peek of this last winter, when we shot some "pre-promo" pics - time goes SO fast, does''t it? I remember covering my belly in the shots although it really wasn't even that big then...

(But when we shot a promo video later in spring I really did have the need to cover my bump.)

I'm quite excited about this as it will be really really good! (Just need to loose some 10 pregnancy kilos first in order fit my costumes. Heh.)

You can read more about it - and book us- at!

Wednesday 8 August 2012

x 4

Keeping up with the interwebs with a little baby by ones side is not the same as before. Naturally. I actually have a lot of things I'd want to take pictures of and blog about but some days it is strictly impossible to get anything done around the house, not to mention the computer.  But that's where soial media like Facebook and Instragram come in handy, so that you can spend the little extra time you have caressing and nibbling on that smartphone of yours!

I actually never really got the fuzz about Instagram before - "it has these nice retro filters" (uuuummm, so does lots of other apps?) until I decided it was time to stop being so 2010 and join. And then of course I got the whole thing of it (addiction); the easiness of it's sharing. As, that is pretty much the whole essence of social media; that everyone else not only can and want to but need to know what you are up to all of the time, right?

So, here's some of the things I've been up to the past weeks:

4 x Dag:

4 x floral:

4 x food:
(I think my feed is quite a lot about food. And smoothies.)

4 x me:
(a.k.a. Päivän lärvi. Does not translate well)

4 x mom:

4 x views:

4 x random:

You can find me on Instagram as turrrbocherry.