Friday 29 July 2016


Although I've mainly always been a dress-and skirt kind of girl and I very much going trough a jumpsuit-phase right now. (Even though it means I basically need to get naked every time I have to pee.)

I bought this blue jumpsuit in London and it's comfy like a pyjama. Plus it has pockets!
WIN; oh yes.

Tuesday 26 July 2016


This summer we have ponies!

And goats!

BABY GOATS. (+ one mom)

And two mini-lambs that kind of look like goats as well.

Lulu, who always follows me around when we leave the yard, was also keen - albeit a little careful - to check out the ponies.

They are not really ours though, but from some farms away, spending summer on our meadows.
It is good for the natural fields to be munched up by animals every once in a while.  Our farm's last lambs left last autumn, so it's also fun for the kids to eye this out instead.

The goats are also rather skilled at eating up this invasive bush that was planted along the road some decades earlier. Munch on, little fella, munch on!

Saturday 23 July 2016


We are still vacationing in Denmark and Sweden. Meanwhile, here's a little tip for a nice summery day trip - head over to Fiskars in Western Uusima/Nyland!

These photos are from our visit there one warm day last year:

Fiskars is an old steel mill town from the 1600's that nowadays is home to many artesans, artists and Finnish design - as you can see from the name, it is also the home of the famous Fiskars scissors. 

The surroundings and buildings are such that they will, at least for a little while, make you envious of the fact that you don't get to live and work there yourself.

What's under the bridge?

(The answer: statues!)

You can mainly just stroll around the lush green areas and pitoresque old buildings and enjoy the atmosphere but of course also shop the local arts, see exhibitions, take guided tours and catch a glimpse of some work in action as well.

There are also workshops for children, and there is a big playground in the area.

(For the slightly bigger kids as well.)

Lunch above the rapid stream!

(This year Dag has been wearing his glasses over his mouth instead; it is his ninja-facemask-sheild-thing...)

We ended the day with ice cream.

Fiskars is about one hour 15min from Helsinki by car. The re are summer busses to Fiskars from the city centre in the weekends.

Tuesday 19 July 2016


Hip hey, vacation mode! We packed our bags and we are now on our way to Legoland) turns out we were there on the exact same days five years ago as well); in Copenhagen for the moment.
Wish us sunshine!

Saturday 16 July 2016


This is a recipe that I got via my friend Minnie in New York, that she had modified from another recipe that had been modified from yet another recipe out there. The way it usually goes.
My version differs quite a lot in the end I think,  and I am keen to try on of the more original versions as well, but the first time I did these I went with what I had at hand, and my version has remained like that since.

Because of the quinoa the consistence is a bit different than from the raw or no-bake bars/cookies/fudges I usually make - they are a bit lighter, although still a lot to munch on. These somewhat reminds me of a "potato pastry" (perunaleivos/potatis bakelse)! This association will of course only open up to anyone here in Finland, where that is a very dense, chocolate pastry.

The actual recipe used maple syrup instead of dates but I only had the later (plus I am very fond of dates and it kind of makes the recipe a little bit healthier) and it did not have sunflower seeds, but I did not have as much almond butter as the recipe suggested plus I like the buttery texture that sunflowers get when mixed, which makes whatever it is that you are making yummier.

For the cookie-balls you will need:
1,5dl sunflower seeds
1,5 dl oats
1,5 dl quinoa
1,5 dl shredded coconut
1 dl cocoa powder
1 dl coconut oil
2 tbs nut-butter of your choice
12-14 dates

Cook the quinoa. Mix the sunflower seeds with the oats rather smooth in a mixer. Add the dates one by one and mix to a paste. Melt the coconut oil in a pan on low heat (coconut oil melts at around +25 already) and stir in the cocoa, vanilla, coconut and cooked quinoa. Let cool for a minute or two and add this to the mixer and blend for a few seconds so that everything has mixed well. Form into desired shape with a spoon (balls,loose scoops, rolls or press out in a pan if you want to cut them into squares) in cupcake molds or in a pan covered with baking paper and place in the refrigerator for at least half and hour. I rolled my cookie-balls in coconut.

The second time I made these I forgot about the how-to and just mixed everything one by one in the mixer (the same order though, seeds first quinoa last) and it turned out really good as well.

I have done this with both peanut butter and almond butter (and the last time with no butter as I was out), so it is a matter of taste what you prefer. Also the amount of cocoa powder can be adjusted a but to your liking, I've done lighter and darker versions,  and leave out the coconut if you are not a fan, perhaps add some more oats instead.

I am a fan of bitter almond and added a few drops of bitter almond essence which gave me even more potato-pastry vibes!

You could manage to do these without a mixer as well - just leave out the sunflower seeds and add more nut butter instead, and mix with a fork. The cookies will turn out a bit more sticky and loose then, but we know they will taste good nonetheless!

Thursday 14 July 2016


We planted Dag's cherry tree. He's very eager to take care of it and to go and check if it has grown.
(And, as you can see, still wearing his "ninja uniform"...)

He'll have to wait a few years for cherries though.

Wednesday 13 July 2016


Last night I finally, after months of waiting, got to prepare us some pulled oats!
"Months of waiting" might seem a little weird and exaggerated for those not acquainted with pulled oats and the anticipation (well, in certain circles at least) around it -pulled oats is a vegan protein source, in texture comparable to pulled pork. It is a Finnish innovation made from, oats - obviously- and the protein from faba beans and peas. There has been a buzz around it ever since last autumn, food journalists and bloggers having tried it already, but it did not reach the stores for us common mortal ones until this May. And it is always sold out everywhere all the time. It's a god damn BINGO! if you manage to actually score a pack in the store, proving that pulled oats are not just a legend after all.

Even I didn't manage to get this one myself -my local supermarket said the chances are biggest on Saturday morning when their order arrives, and they usually sell out by then - but got this pack from my colleague who had some extras after the midsummer celebrations. Our farm produces organic oats and organic faba beans but it's not like I'll be making any pulled oats myself here - I listened to a radio show where the developer of pulled oats talked about the process to reach the texture (which is, of course, secret) and how long it took them to develop it.  So unless I get a bit faster in the morning I'll just have to wait for the production to grow.

I cooked my first pulled oats with a tomato-oat creme-pickled paprika sauce.

And the taste? The texture is very meaty,  but so in a good way. The taste is mild and comes mostly from the seasoning (this pack was with parsley and smoked paprika.) Can't wait to get my hands on the other flavor as well as the un-seasoned one for more cooking.

Note that this post is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Gold Green (but I'd definitely be up for it if they'd would ask, ehrm!)

Saturday 9 July 2016


I made myself a new dress!

A sixties styled A-line dress from a mint green pepita-patterned fabric I bought last (or might even be the year before that) and had moved so far down on the want to-section of one of my to-do lists I had basically forgotten about it.

I have never sewn with, or properly learned to take advantage of patterns but make them up myself as I go along. Sewing for myself for almost twenty years I have learnt a lot along the way, and now plan more before cutting, thus mainly have to make the seams once (as in opposite to before, when I'd often make the piece a little bigger to be on the safe side, and then sew the seams smaller a couple of times over and over..). It's been a lot of trial and error during the years, and nowadays there's also the internet to consult when in doubt. So the clothing I make these days even look neat on the inside! Win.

I had a mint green decorative metal zipper that I had intended to put in the front of the dress, and was thinking to perhaps add a collar to it.

But then I changed my plans halfway trough, switched some darts and ended up making the back the front instead!

Also, I have to add, the mannequin was very much worth the investment, especially also when it come to (stage-)costume making. I still do the final try-ons and adjustments on myself, as the doll still lacks breast and behind even though the measurements are the same,  the clothes still looks a bit different on the body. So if you like to sew even a little bit I really recommend getting a mannequin to work with/on!

The zipper got to look pretty on the back of the dress instead.

And after some thinking back-and-forth I decided to go for the version with the collar.

Spot the black cat.

My shoes are the Daisy shoes by Frollein von Sofa. She really has so pretty shoes, and they are vegan and comfy as well, so do check them out!

As a bonus; every time I take outfit photos a few of them look like this; Dag absolutely has to pose in them himself. He is very proud of his outfit as well - it is a constant outfit nowadays; he does not only dress up as a red ninja, he IS one. I had to go and get a few pairs of red sweatpants to him as herefuses to wear anything else, and he has a few of these red Ninjago t-shirts... He also asks to get the scars painted on every day.

I have a bunch of other fabrics waiting to turn into dresses and tops and skirts. Sewing is fun! I just rarely have the tie to do so anhymore (nor wear the clothes) but I guess it's kind of just like a hobby...

Thursday 7 July 2016


Today I set up a little outdoor "gym" in the garden. Working out outdoors is such a summer bonus, plus when you set up a few different equipments together it becomes more of a thing and you are more likely to do it properly instead of one exercise here and there with some iphone scrolling in between (=how it usually goes when I try do work out at home). That, or making a lists of exercises and reps you are going to do helps me keep focused and not start cheating (too much). I don't have the time to work out as much as I would want to; I almost never make it to the gym anymore, and even though you can do a full body workout at home I don't seem to take the time to do so too often either.

Basically you can get your complete work out by doing pilates only, and combining that with dance, for example, you're pretty well off. But I like it with some variation and am rather fond of basic functional gym training as well. And you actually don't need that much equipment for a proper workout as you are able to use your own body as resistance; you can do so much with just your own weight and nothing else. But do I have a set of trx-like straps, some elastics, a couple of dumbells and a hoop. So the routine can be varied a lot. I also took use of Dag's swing for some plank- and push up challenge.

After my workout I had some chocolate and red wine to even it out a little.

Tuesday 5 July 2016


 Dag got a tree for his 4th birthday by Eddi's aunt, who left it next to the door to surprise him. It's his very own cherry tree, as he loved to pick cherries from her trees.  He already has his own litte appletree that he got as a baby, but the lambs kindof munched on it a couple of years ago so it is still tinier than this one.

We haven't decided a spot to plant it in yet, and now I am already growing fond of the little tree looking pretty on our front porch...

Maybe I have to get an olive tree or so in a pot as replacement!