Saturday 27 July 2019


I have worked so much and done so many things this summer I once again have some 5000 pics and 500 blogposts I will not manage to ever actually write. But meanwhile here are three, or; make it four awesome things right now-  wine, a vintage maxi dress, our living room, and just having finished a job and not having to do anything for the moment.

Enjoy the summer sun or hang in there with the heat wave, whichever way you feel about it.

Thursday 4 July 2019


Ok so it is July already. No biggie. Just prepare mentally for Christmas already, and 2021 and Dag graduating. (I was going the say "the retirement years" but I think we all know I most likely will never really retire from anything...)

Well anyway it is summer and even if it is brief it means sunshine (hopefully), outdoor breakfasts and dresses for now. So today it was 1970's vibes all the way in a dress I bought at a vintage store when I was in Paris last month.

And yes I know, in a few months it will be 1990 that was 30 years ago BOOM.