Sunday 26 May 2019


Hong Kong Ballet 40th Anniversary Season Brand Video from Design Army on Vimeo.

I am away performing in Turku but meanwhile here is some brain candy and eye orgasm for your Sunday!

Friday 24 May 2019


Well hello there. I have spent my time working and sleeping, or, rather; lying in my bed making lists in the ceiling of all the things I should be doing but have not, and then watching You vs. Wild with Dag. It is his favourite.

But today I finally made it out into the garden! Planting those herbs I have had waiting for some time already, as well as my lazy version of growing tomatoes,  and cleaning up some dead plants after winter. I never manage - nor even try, really- to get the garden growing as much as I dream of, but doing these small is my relaxation mode. To sit outside alone and pot the plants and get some dirt on my hands. And cheeks.

We have this constant game of Eddi putting empty pots away in the old shed and me taking them out leaving them around everywhere, some filled with plants and some waiting for plants, and those then get put back in the shed again.

The shed is so messy pictures are forbidden but we can look up to the ceiling of the shed, which consists of some decades of skies.

Pot in pot in pot.

My lazy-man's tomatoes are grown by just sticking old wrinkly ones in soil and letting everything take care of itself. Done this a couple of years and usually gives a few plants.

And yes, this should have been done a month or two ago, but hey, it's more exciting to see if the tomatoes will make it before the first autumn frost or not.

Taking this photo myself required some skill. And one of those moments when it is on the plus side to live in the countryside with no direct visibility from the neighbours. 

(This could also have been captioned with something more poetical like the feeling of soil and earth on your hands but sometimes you have to say it for what it is. Or ruin it, whichever way you prefer.) 

My roses had become a little sad as they had to wait so long for proper potting but now they can grow happy again.

Before I went in I picked some greens for dinner. Ground elder, if you wondered.
How happy I am the the green time of year is here again!

Monday 6 May 2019


Not totally sure whats going on, if I am standing still in space or what, as time seems to go faster day by day and year by year. So just like swish! April went by and here is what it looked like, compressed to one tiny second per day: