Monday 29 October 2007


Ok, I wouldn't really want a t-shirt like this, but I definietly should have one, and wear it atleast once a week and look myself in the mirror all the time to remind myself that one really needs to back up all files frequently. There should regularly be a day at every office when all employees would have to wear this shirt to remind each other. (No, my system didn't crash and even if it would, I have a backup on everything. I'm just not that good at doing it often enough. But one of the companies I freelance for is a one-man-company and this guy's computer crashed and he lost everything so now I'm digging through all my old files to find what we need. Phew!)

Sunday 28 October 2007


We went for sushi and afterwards to see Persepolis. I love the way that movie is drawn and how some things were chosen to be portrayed. It's a must see. It's also worth to check out the graphic novels and comics by Marjane Satrapi (the author/creator of Perspolis). The next film I'm really waiting for is Control (the one about Ian Curtis and Joy Division), but I'll still have to wait for three weeks before it comes here.

I'm still relying on my leather jacket to keep me warm and on my bike to get around, but it's really getting too cold for both of them. I just can't let go. (But I've been wearing knitted dresses -the one drawn here from Diesel- and a huge scarfs to stop me from getting too cold)

Saturday 27 October 2007


I'll continue with favourites... Wearing my favourite skirt I went to a party where they served my favourite kind of drink - the free one (and it was also the favourite of my favourites; martini. For free. Aaah). The venue was a release party for the latest issue of a magazine my friends make and it was a great night, with performances by these two cool girls (who by the way were picked up from the airport in our car because it is the coolest car around :).

As I said, I was wearing my favourite skirt, designed and made by me, top from Zara and shiny grey shoes and bag (to which I've added the bow) from H&M.

Had to skip the afterparty though; our flat was ready and we had to move ourselves and all of our stuff back in the next day. But now the place looks fab and I'm connectd to my computer and scanner and workstuff again.

Wednesday 24 October 2007


These are my favourite small things for the moment. Lately I've been wearing them all the time. The Babushka pin is from Ansa in Helsinki and the bow earrings are made by my friend Johanna.

The music for today is Blonde Redhead's album 23. It's wonderful.

Tuesday 23 October 2007


I think my most precious piece of clothing is my leather jacket. I wear it with almost everything from early spring to late autumn and my other jackets don't stand a chance during that time. I have had it for about five, six years now. It's propably older than me, and even though its getting pretty worn out it's still fit for fighting so to say (the idea of maybe one day getting a new one when this one brakes apart totally is almost unthinkable). Now that the cold is here again (and most likely here to stay this time) I think it's time to tuck it in for its wintersleep. Until next spring my love.

Thursday 18 October 2007


We're having a small renovation in our flat so we had to leave home for this week. That means I can't do any work at all, and it could be considered a small vacation but instead of enjoying it, I feel more stressed than usually. But today we took a trip out of town to a place where one can take a walk in the woods and swim in the lake (a lake that is very very cold by now but it's nice anyway). Now I'm listening to Autokat, eating blood oranges and trying not to think of the fact that I have lots of work for the weekend the and that I have to move all the furniture back soon.

Here's a poster I always think of when I have oranges. Or orange soda. It's done by graphic designer Eric Bruun in 1960. I love the whole series made for Jaffa.

Monday 15 October 2007


Autumn felt nice and somewhat soft today. The crispy cold is over and the air was fresh and moist with a few drops of rain on the cheek and even some sun from time to time. The rainstorm from last night had left lots of yellow leaves on the ground and water pools in the sidewalk to jump over. After working most of the day I felt like just walking around for hours without any special destination. I decided to go to yoga class, making a stop on the way to visit my friend in her shop.

I'm wearing my favourite erarings; black shiny bows made by my friend Johanna, a leather patch bag and a scarf I got for my birthday, an oversized cardigan from JC and overknee socks and colourful tights (have too many to choose from!) from HM.

(Later I decided to skip the yoga and hopped over some more waterpools too see my other friend in her shop downtown. Then I went home and now I've been drinking warm cherry juice, making drawings and listening to Junior Boys and Interpol all evening. Tralaa!!)


I'm mostly a heels - or boots person. But these shoes are so adorable I wish I could fit in to them! My sister was cleaning a storage room at work and found them there. Obviously they are kids shoes (they are size 33), but neither one of us has any idea of how they ended up there among dirty workwear-clothes and heavy steelcap worker boots sizes 43-46. Even though I want this to be an all-illustration blog I have to post these photos of the ultra cool shoes here:

(my sister's shoesize is one size smaller than mine so she fit in to these, at least for the photo. She's a 36, so she won't be walking around in them much either...)

Sunday 14 October 2007


It's been very cold lately. Freezing actually. Had to take the winter jacket out of the closet. It helps, but I'm still not prepared to start the winter yet.
A friend of mine gave me a "how-to-stay-warm-outside-tip" once, but I can't remember it properly: if you feel really cold, think of some place really warm. That way you'll start to feel warm yourself. OR then you were suppoused to think of some place even colder in order to fool yourself by thinking that atleast it's warmer where you are... I've never used this trick since I can't remember what kind of place I was supposed to think of. But really, I don't think it would help anyway :)

Jacket - from HM, slightly modified by me
Long wool turtleneck worn as dress - also HM
Grey and black striped scarf - Vailent
Beret, wool leggings and suedeboots (fake suede I'm afraid) - old

Thursday 11 October 2007


I work a lot. And I work a lot from home. There are some days that I might not even leave my apartment. For quite some time I tought of the idea of a "freelancer's fashionblog" as quite amusing. "Today's outfit: leggings, t-shirt" "Todays outfit: leggings, top". And the next day's outfit: leggings, top, socks... And so on. Same same, but different. But in the long run, that would be quite boring to read and follow. And I do a lot more too than just work (and I wear other clothes than just leggings and wifebeaters too).


Of course every night is worth celebrating, but this one night a while ago was extra special. And what better way to celebrate in than in redred lipstick (of course) and shiny black gloves. And at a place with great music and where on can still smoke inside! (But I've come to appreciate the non-smoking law. That night out I totally overdosed on cigarettes)

Gloves - Glitter
Diamond shaped earring - HM
(which I unfortunately lost later that night)
Red pencil skirt - old
Boots - vintage