My name is Ulrika Bachér.
I was born in 1981 and have been running The Freelancer's Fashion Blog since 2007. 
Obviously, I did lots of other things in between that, but that's for another page somewhere else.

I have graduated and work on my own as a graphic designer -hence the freelancer - but for the moment my main job, apart from being a mother, is performing and teaching burlesque. That has brought me to lots of places and let me to know and meet many fabulous persons. It's a full time job, albeit not always with a full time wage. You can read more about this under my burlesque-tag, and under the Burlesque headline at the top of this page (which, to be fair, is disabled for the moment until I manage to update it). I am also a certified Peak Pilates instructor for classical advanced matwork.  Pilates is the best thing you can do to your body and I urge everyone to try it. If you live in Helsinki, preferably at my studio *wink wink*; I co-own and run a  studio called Studio Shangri-La, that also hosts the first official burelsque school in Finland; our very own The Shangri-La School of Showgirls.

I made a fair deal of my living as a harbour worker back in the days. I was  out on the docks from 2001 to 2012, working the last four years a supervisor, until I "retired" to go on maternity leave. Few people get what it's like to stand among ice, water and the harbour concrete, ships and waves and rain from early morning until midnight, but I guess it grows on you. I have learned a lot by working in very different environments with very different people.

I live with my husband and my son plus my husband's two older sons on an organic farm about three quarters of an hour west of Helsinki. 

This blog is about all that; the things that make me. The things I do and the moments, items and pieces of lots of everything that I find inspiring, aesthetic or funny. About vintage inspired clothing, about interiors, about food and music as well as the smaller details in life.

The Freelancer's Fashion Blog has, for the moment, over 5,500 followers (trough Google, Bloglovin' and Blogilista) and the number keeps on growing. 

I am part of the Indieplace Lifie–network, which belongs to the biggest blog portal in Finland. The ads you see in the background of my blog are being fed via Indiedays; they are not manged by me.

If you'd like to contact me for commissions, sponsorship or something else nice you can reach me at freelancersfashion@gmail.com - but do note that I do not take guest post of any kind nor am I interested in pre-written sponsored posts. That is not how I blog.

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