Wednesday 26 March 2008


I'm not anyhow trying to judge my dear friend K's skills as a photographer, but even though we asked and the girl posed, K did not manage to get a picture of her, but a whole lot of blur and the surrounding wall instead.
(Damn those cameraphones! You can't blame it on the fact that it was around 3 a.m now can you?)

Either way, she was the brightest and bravest sight in a long time - wearing bright yellow, bright red and electric blue and pulling it off! I could never cope with that amount of coulour but it does not mean I didn't like the way she looked.

Ok, we didn't get a photo so I made a super quick sketch instead jsut to get the picture. A yellow a -line jacket, tight electric blue jeans with a matching huge leather bag and patent leather boots, a small bright red handbag and maching lipstick. And she was all happy and smiling and thought we were crazy ("you crazy fashion girls!") when we wanted to take her picture.
Like a shot of vitamins. Or a sparkling Apple collins.


We went out last weekend and K and her mobilephone was photographer of the night. In hard times it's great with good friends!

Paula and I were both wearing bows in our hair quite by accident.
My diamond on the jacket is really trying to outshine us.

My good old friend I once nicknamed JulienFrost is pro-Kosovo

Paula. One of my absloute best friends.

K was wearing a really nice pink blouse.

And I was wearing a black dress that I've made.

Last post was sad but now I'm back in action!

Tuesday 25 March 2008


I've listened to Interpol during the best time of my life. I've also listened to the same songs during the most exciting times of my life - and now I've listened to Interpol through the absloute worst.

But at least it feels good to think that those times I've considered the best ones may still be beaten by even better times later on. And I wish that the worst time will remain the absolute bottom always, that you will be able to name something that only once in your life.

This blog is about puffy skirts with matching shoes and ribbons in the hair and so it was last week too just to keep my mind on everyday things, but today I had to take a break in between.

Well this is my favourite Interpol song.

And this is how I feel right now

I'm so sorry.

Monday 24 March 2008


Inspired by candy and Easter eggs:

Top and tights- h&m
Skirt - Dixie Grey
Shoes - Bianco
Pendant from Bali

When spring is arriving it's nice to dress a bit more in colour. But I did feel a bit over-coloured (as I still prefer black) so later on I slightly changed my outfit from being an Easter-egg to being, eh, just a boiled egg. Or something.

Friday 21 March 2008


I've always admired the ones who are good with taking advantage of the empty space of the paper. Somethimes less is more. Drawing just and only the right strokes is not something everyone is capable of doing.

Japanses artist Ohgushi is a master in this field. He paints in rolls and sweeps of sumi ink on traditional Japanese paper. His works are mostly considered contemporary bijinga (which means "pictures of beautiful women"). And he does some of them amazingly quickly, you can view some live-painting clips of him on youtube.

Takeshi Ohgushi was born in 1977 and is self taught. He has made lots of magazine editorials and covers, advertising and collaborated with fashion houses.

For more eye-candy, visit his portfolio:

(...but otherwise. The whole thing with drawings of beautiful women. Sometimes it annoys me. Don't get me wrong, I think works like Ohgushis are wonderful. I think women in art are beautiful, as the female is generally considered the more beautiful sex. But the whole theme is so used somehow. Etsy for example is full of adorable prints of pretty girls with flowers and feathers and all. I'm not saying there's anyting wrong with it, it just bores me out a bit. Why do we find it so appealing? And why is it that drawings/paintings of beautiful men are mostly of a more erotic kind and almost only gay. -Ok, linking to art by Tom of Finland may be an example more on the heavier side, but really, try googling "pictures of beautiful women" - and "pictures of beautiful men" and see what happens.

Oh well, I get the point though -I totally love Mucha, but I guess his work just wouldn't be the same if they featured men with, eh, flowing beards and long locks or so...)

Thursday 20 March 2008


Sometimes I'm more of a rock chick than a lady. Or something in between.

T-shirt – Sailor Jerry
Skirt - handmade (by me)
Bag - from a bazaar in Tunisia
Pumps - Attitude

I've been listening a bit to the The Detroit Cobras lately. That's a quite cool band name. And they're hot.

Still not really in the mood for drawings, nor having the time.
There are too many changes in the air.

Tuesday 18 March 2008


More bows in my hair

This is something between the hair I used to have as a little girl and a pinup hairdo, pulling the hair around the face back and rolling it up, with one bow on each side. (for the right pinup girl hair-do the hair should be rolled up a bit higher and bigger and be more swirled though.)

A sort of 40's style knot in the left picture . Then I tried something new - both bows on the same side of the head.

The bow-clips are from HulaHulaBoutique.


Outfit of yesterday (it's all h&m, except fot the pepita patterned Dumond shoes with a black cap).

The difficultness of finding a perfect black skirt. I like the one I was wearing today, even though it's on the edge of being a bit too short for my figure (unless I wear really thick tights it's close to looking a bit vulgar or too lolita-like).

Sometime it's difficult to find basic wardrobe elements that'll go with everything - even though one would think that's the easiset part. It's mostly the blacks that are hard to find for me -the perfect black trousers (ok, I almost never wear pants but I used to back in the days), the perfect black handbag that's good for every occasion, and last but not least : the perfect black skirt.

Ok, to be honest I don't even know why I would need to find the absolute perfect one - I do have a big wardrobe and I like to vary my outfits so why can't I just be satisfied with the fact that I have several good pieces of black skirts - this really short one, one longer and more flowing, a couple of tight pencil skirts and a suspender skirt. But I somehow miss the skirt in-between; a medium lenght, quite wide but not too puffy high waisted black skirt that would be perfect with all of my outfits, no matter what occasion. I've been thinking of sewing one - I used to make almost all my clothes myself a few years back - but I just don't seem to find the time.

Saturday 15 March 2008


I was on my way out and noticed I was matching my tights and socks with my scarf almost by accident - I had almost forgotten about this scarf and wans't thinking about it when I got dressed.
(But one shouldn't really admit things like that I guess :)

Coat - s&m, Scarf - Indiska, Shoes - my grandmother's old
Overknee socks - h&m and random tights from the supermarket

(But why all these photos all of a sudden? My level of being slightly incognito is definately decreasing since I've been posting photos of me. But I just haven't had the time to make drawings like I want to... and now we're participating in a design competition with K so no updates for some days I guess.)


Wednesday 12 March 2008


Or in other words, the way I actually wore it.

Dress - ebay
Scarf - christmas gift
Cardigan and top - h&m
Shoes - Fabbri, Tights - Norlyn


My sailor dress I bought on ebay has arrived.

Sailor girl, the burlesque-ish version:

Now, what every sailorgil needs to have (apart from a sailor dress and a that little hat, of course):

-Nautically inspired shoes; these are Bullboxers.
(The Encyclopeida of ships may come in handy too)

-An anchor necklace (this one is form Glitter)
-Red lips, of course

A tattoo of a good old freigtship doesn't hurt either.


I have two cats, but Lulu is the more attention seeking one of them and therefore I mostly have pictures of her, not of her brother.

She loves to sneek in to my bags whenever she gets a chance. Now she found my gym bag (with an Andy Warhol pattern. Bought it from some brandoutlet shop some years ago.)

Sometimes she is just so heartbrakeingly cute.

Tuesday 11 March 2008


I made colour drawings based on the outfit drawings in the previous post and I think I like them more than the original pencil ones.





I had a really nice weekend, we did lots of nice stuff (and in other words: spent a lot of money). So this week will be all about working and eating noodles and veggie soup at home.

J is about to start on a new ship and that includes a new haircut as well. On friday I took him to this one retro barber shop with a great reputation and his locks went from 1969 to 61 - he came out with a nice mod cut. Then we went for dinner at a hip place. It was quite early with just a few people dining, and suddenly we heard someone shouting "fucking fuck!!!" from the kitchen. Everyone in the room heard it but it was more funny than embarrassing and whatever the chef had fucked up back there it wasn't at least my food since it tasted great.

Saturday we went bowling, to the tattoo convention (which was crap but I got shot for my favorite tattoo magazine in their studio backstage and that was nice), then eating (again)and then out. Fun fun fun. On Sunday we went for Nepalese and then (finally) to see Sweeney Todd (surprisingly all the singing didn't bother me as much as I had expected).

J left for Newcastle to go to one course that's required before he joins the new ship. And I'm going to work and work out and try not to go see if there are any new goodies in the secondhand store close to me and not to go check out this one new fifties shop that has just opened (and that has wonderful retro underwear....)

Well, this is what we were wearing in the weekend (when J sees this he's going to thin that I'm the silliest person in the world drawing both of us but hey, this blog is mostly about clothes and he looked great so here we go:)

Sunday 9 March 2008


I've been wearing nice things in my hair all weekend.


Skirt - Nümph
Tights - Norlyn
Shoes - Fabbri

Well, white tights and small shoes don't go well together with wet and dirty sidewalks but once again I chose looks over comfort. And with steps small enough I managed not to get my white tights dirty (and I always use cabs most of the time in the weekends anyway).


J came home on friday, for a few days atleast. (He's a seaman so he's gone about half of the time.) So just the day before women's day I went all fiftes housewife; cleaned the whole flat and baked him a strawberry-cherry pie, like the apple pie a few posts below but with frozen strawberries and dried cherries instead (and with some soy flour whipped with soy milk in it to get the crust less compact).

My moms red and white striped old skirt with a thick elastc white belt attached in the waist is perfect for the retro housewife look. Originally quite long, I've made it shorter and more puffier- voilà, it's the perfect fifteis skirt, just the way I like it!

Friday 7 March 2008


...I wear my anchor dress instead.

Dress - SailorJerry men's shirt modified by me
Earrings- from
Jacket - Zara, borrowed from my sister
White suede boots, cardigan, cap and bag - old old old

I went to a gig the other night to listen to my friend's band. The band is average but their on-stage presence is great and my friend is without a doubt the best guitar player in this country, or, atleast in town.

Wearing white boots when the pavement, just like I predicted, looks like a mix of melted licorice icecream and ice frappuchino, might not be the smartest thing. But luckily for me I happen to live jsut opposite to where the gig was at. And for the rest of the time, I had my non-ecological day and drove around in our oh-so-awsome-car. So, my boots are still (quite) white and dry :)

Thursday 6 March 2008


Sometimes it makes me wonder how big companies, whose budgets for marketing are so huge it's hard to realize, still end up with so crappy commercials and printed ads. Sure, the aestethics of advertisements varies a bit between the continents and also between countries, but some ads are just very stupid, or very ygly. I've comt to noticed that a lot of these bad ads are the ones ment for women.

Here's what I see as a great example of a wtf!?-ad:

On the first glance there seems to be nothing badly wrong with it. Obivously, it's not great graphic design, but hey, it's only an ad for the most bought soda in the world, people are going to buy it anyway. But on a closer look, it's full of small annoying details. This ad is clearly made for the female soda drinkers - it's light. Guys only drink cocacola zero so they'll stay cool when they run in to their exes and get all the women around to turn in to hot strippers when they're breaking up with their soon-to-be exes.

But back to this ad for some close-ups:

"Message: Lunch". OK. So they want to tell you that cola light is great for when you're having lunch and want to drink something without sugar that's not water for example. Fine. But come on, why does it actually have to be in the ad that these ladies had to sms each other about having lunch. And what's up with all the small sms-icons flying around? Did they send many messages back and fort before they decied on where to go or what. See, these cool girls had so many options. Or maybe it just symbolizes the text message making its way through the, eh, mobile network or whatever.

But first of course, they went shopping. That's what all women want to do before lunch.

These awsome girls (drawn quite badly, like vectors from the nineties), are having a lot of fun while drinking their cokes and, once again, using their mobile phone for some more sms:ing or so. Notice yet another thing, apart from the shopping and the lispstick mark, that obviously is ment to be very typical for a woman: a masacara! Did they just buy one? Or are they talking about make up in general (always a hot topic in discussions between females)? Or does this ad just want to show that the cool urban coca cola light woman always wears mascara or what. Uh.

But now, to the grand finale:

What is this!? Really, what is this!

Well clearly, it's a man. With a tool belt, A construction worker of some sort. But what is he doing here, among all the giggling and make up and other things! WTF? Why.

OK, he might have been checking these hot babes out from across the street. Maybe even given them a wolf whistle. But no, not in this ad. You see, these are modern, inependent women. They are checking him out. See how the chick is sensually touching her cola can, while wathcing this smoking hot hunk? This is woman county, where the women are not being stared at by chauvinist men, no, this is the land where women can laugh and luch and shop and have what they want, all while zipping on an ice cold cola. Without calories.

I'm actually a bit thirsty now. I think I'll go get myself a Pepsi Max. Or on second thought, just a glass of cold water.

Tuesday 4 March 2008


Just as I thought spring was here to stay we got quite a lot of snow in the weekend. (Hi, it's the weather blog reporting again. No, but seriously, nature really is kind of uspide down these days!) So back on with the winterboots.

But I don't mind, it feels nice outside - the snowfall is soft, it's just below zero and the clouds are so thin there's a lot of light coming through. Days like this I feel like dressing a bit like I'd go ice skating or like a russian doll, with knits, thick tights, scarves and more. I'm going for a nice long walk today, while the snow is still white. Tomorrow I bet it's going to look like someone spilled ice frappuchino over the sidewalks, and it will be all wet and nasty and slippery and horrible.

Knit - InWear, Dress - Promod
Belt - thirfted, Beret -very very old
Boots - my grandmother's

Yup, If I had a clone both of my cats could get attention from me at the same time.

Sunday 2 March 2008


I've said it before; I try not to think in a matter of "what I normally would wear and what not" or "whats my style or not" and I try not to shut any options out. Still, I find it hard to wear flat shoes, I mostly have only heels or wedges. I feel I look too short and my legs appear chubby in flats. And if I happen to wear flat shoes or godforbid, sneakers, I always regret it at some point of the day.
But what the hell, I could use a pair for spring and summer.

I wonder if you can eat these. Do they taste as sweet as they look?