Thursday 27 February 2014


I know it's only february but this has been a strange winter so far, and my fingers are crossing that it might even be over soon. The air smells like spring - and not only that, it is starting to look like spring too!

Last year we were still knee-deep in snow in mid April! I like sunny winter days with lots of snow, but as most of my time is not in fact spent hanging out in the countryside in a beautiful winter landscape coming in to chill (or rather, warm up ;) with hot chocolate, I am always eagerly waiting for spring. It can be rather exhausting with a lot of snow when in the city.

Some very sad melting snowmen.
We did a couple of Moomin-characters of snow outside our building it the city, ad Dag keeps on pointing at the spot going "Mooooomin!". He just can't understand why they are no longer there. I also did quite the crappy cat for him and was surprised that he'd gotten it, as he was also searching the small traces of snow for the cat "Naaaau" (as in "meow").

Forgot to take this one in when the snow came, kind of like my bike in the city, but I saved self the trouble now as there'll be use for both soon again. Hehe.

We had a couple of days of sun now and the streets dried up. Which made the feel of spring eve stronger  - I'm really hoping we won't get hit by winter again, even though I know that it usually always comes back one last time. I already managed to get myself into dry streets and spring shoe mode!

And here's a little hello from a pool of what once was snow.

Tuesday 25 February 2014


Cabaret artists and chorus line girls getting ready in the 1920's.

Source: Vintage Everyday.

Monday 24 February 2014


I can't believe it will be March  next week already. Time flies when you're having fun really really busy. Seems  everything will always and forever just come at once, and every time I thing 'this is as stressful as it gets' the next time is even more hectic. It will never end. But I suppose I'm just the kind of person who gathers lots of things to do and handle and engage in.

Not everything that is intense or time consuming is all bad though. Lately I have bee working like crazy on the pieces of a new costume of mine. I've had the number planned for over two years already, but as always it's still during the last days before premiere that most of the sequins and rhinestones are sewed on, late at night.

And this is the time of year for that, late night sewing. Well, autumn is also the time for that, just before the Christmas season kicks in, as the season means lots of gigs which means the making of a new show, alas, sewing and all that. (Or actually, for some people  -like me- the whole year consists of late night sewing and glueing; if there is nothing new to be done the mind calculates that now wold be the time to update and refresh old costumes. An eternal loop.) But this period however, late in winter, is the absolute main That-Time-of-the-year still, as the well renowned Helsinki Burlesque Festival just around the corner.  And it's not only those selected to perform that will stay up late, but for everyone in the audience as well - spectators always dress up like crazy for the events and out so much effort into their costumes! The theme for this year is Tropical, which suits my number very well.

And here's little me late in the evening working with some bling.

Saturday 22 February 2014


I got to pose next to the painting Nadja did of me last year.
Her stencils are now featured at Mbar in downtown Helsinki.

The pic is from Nadja's art blog.

Friday 21 February 2014


 I have a friend who is not only a fabulous stylish woman but also a very skilled milliner; Fiona Timantti. Her atelier is also kind of a hat museum, as she resides in and takes care of the old fashion store of Maria Pelanne, which opened in 1942. The place still looks as it did then.

Fiona is now making me a head piece for my upcoming number and I am very eager to see the results!

She has made stunning pieces for showgirls and celebrities alike, as well as hats for everyday wear (which you have seen me model on some occasions, here for example). You can read a good post about why her pieces are "so expensive" - it applies to all other things made by hand as well.

Wednesday 19 February 2014


Lots of things and lots of ladies backstage.

Saturday 15 February 2014


I'm off hanging out and posing and later performing at the Kustome Kulture Show now! If you're not into cars and their customisation there are lots of other vendors and stalls for all things retro and repro, like a vintage beauty parlour and mobile pin up photo studio etc.

I have this childish enthusiasm over being at a warm indoor event all day being able to wear some of my summer wardrobe and sandals etc so on I think I'm packing double pairs with me for a possible change. Hehe.

My top and capris are from Vivien of Holloway.

About my bangs-issue; the moment I realised I most likely will cut them back, as some part inside of me is determined to do so,  my terrible itch for grabbing the scissors actually calmed down a bit. This hair-do here is, quite clearly, just  faux rolled bangs. So let's see. In any case I will wait until the cold hat-cap-cover-you-head season is over.

We'll, over and out, see you today, perhaps!

Friday 14 February 2014


I'm keeping my tradition to post something heart shaped here on Valentine's Day.
This year it'll be in the form of food:

Valentine's Day Salad
raw, vegan

You'll need
a small cauliflower
some handful of fresh spinach leaves
an apple
a handful of radishes
one pomegranate
a handful of fresh strawberries
fresh parsley and/or any other fresh herb of your preference
pre-cooked quinoa
feta cheese

For the vinaigrette:
oil and vinegar or balsamic of your choose
lemon juice
apple juice

I love strawberries in salads, and they go so well with a lot of things, especially with something salty and sour. It feels a little odd with fresh strawberries in february (over here at least), but then again it's only Valentine's once a year. And the ones I got were surprisingly tasty!

Chop  the cauliflower, spinach (and herbs), apple and radishes and blend together. Add pomegranate seeds and diced strawberries and pour the vinaigrette over. I used pomegranate vinegar and olive oil in mine.

Too raw for you? Add quinoa for more fullness.
This salad also tastes great with some pieces of strong feta mixed in!

And for dessert -

Apricot Hearts with Strawberry Marmalade
raw, vegan, gluten free
12 dried apricots (the dark, natural ones)
1 tbs agave syrup (or honey)
4 tbs almond flour / finely ground almonds
4 tbs hazelnut flour / finely ground hazelnuts
4 tbs fine coconut flakes

For the marmalade:
5 strawberries (fresh or frozen)
2 dried apricots
some real vanilla powder

I wanted to make a set of raw sweets that would not use dates. Instead I went for dried apricots. The ones dried without sulcate are sweet and very rich in taste. I  made these raw cookies without the use of a kitchen mixer, just a hand mixer and then fork, as I used ready almond and hazelnut flour. If you are patient enough you could probably make it with no electrical equipment, just the fork.

Soak the apricots (for the cookies as well as the ones for the marmalade) in water until they are soft and squishy.  Squeeze out the extra water and mash them into a somewhat smooth paste together with the agave (or honey) by using a hand mixer or fork. Add the flours spoon by spoon, blend in with a fork. Add the coconut flakes and keep on mixing with the fork or knead by hand. If you have a proper kitchen mixer you can just throw everything in there and press the button. (If you use nuts instead of ready flour,  start the other way around by adding nuts first and grinding them into flour before you add the apricots!)

Press the dough out as thin as you can on a non sticky surface and take out hearts with a gingerbread cutter. Place the cookies on a plate and set aside while you make the marmalade.
You can also dry these in an oven at low heat for some hours. Or, they can also go bye-bye raw food and be baked, give them a try in a 200C oven for a few minutes.

For the marmalade, mash the apricots, add sliced strawberries and mash them quickly together with some vanilla powder.

Serve the cookies with the marmalade and a cup of mint tea!

As usual there's room for variation. Allergic to nuts? Try it with coconut flakes and rolled oats instead. One of those persons that just can't do coconut? The coconut flakes do add quite a lot to these cookies, but if you must then skip them and use more of the flours instead.

Happy Valentine's Day!


A reader pointed out to me that it had been a while since I continued my series on the tattoos I have. And yes indeed, I had almost forgotten about that. (I tend to forget about the fact that the tattoos are there, as I am so used to them. Until I start thinking of what I would want next and where ether would fit properly.)

So this one is about my mermaid.  I had it done by hand in Thailand, when I was with my friend on the Phi Phi island. By hand means that it was not made using a tattoo needle machine, but instead bamboo needles and a hammer. They did traditional bamboo tattoos in a lot of places on Phi Phi and I came up with the idea to have the mermaid, one of many ideas I had been thinking of, done. The tattoo guys gave me some paper and I drew it in our bungalow and had it done the next day. My own mermaid was a bit bigger and more Mucha-esque than how the tattoo turned out in the end, but it din't bother me then (I was happy with it), and it don't think about it that much now either, although if I' was getting the picture again I'd do it differently.  The colours were very bright and strong at first but they have fade and the piece become rather blurry now. So it is not actually that pretty anymore. Which doesn't really matter. My ink is not some sort of prestige project that has to be perfect. It may sound odd to some, and it's a little hard to explain. And that's half the truth. On the other hand yes, of course, I want the pieces on skin to be great and perfect. But, also, as I have had my items one by one they are all part of something I've done, and they all tell story in one way or another (however, as you may remember I have said that the story does not always have to be that deep). Which in my opinion is better than inking yourself from top to toe within a year when your 21 with whatever is the current trend. Which of course is totally fine too as long as you are happy. 

The tattooing took about eight hours I think, with one guy stretching out the skin and the other tapping the drawing in with thousands of dots with the bamboo. It hurt much less than being tattooed with a machine, and healed faster. It was a good day and the guys were nice to hang out with and two months later the tsunami came and destroyed the island and I've wondered what happened to them (and all the other people I met too, of course).

Well, that was it about the mermaid.

 I’ve always written bit about tattoos in general in these posts as well. This time it’ll be about some people's attitudes. Not all people like tattoos, of course. Personal taste is called personal taste for a reason; it's personal. But what I find odd is the dislike for tattoos combined with a need to point it out in public. Shout it out.  Apparently the moment you have visible ink on your skin it gives strangers a pass to openly comment on your appearance as they please. Or so it seems. Don’t read me wrong, it doesn’t bother me that some persons will not like my tattoos. Not everyone has to like tattoos, not everyone will, I get that, no prob. But what I don't get is why not just look away or think about something else? Why would that other individual on the street or wherever be interested in what You think about their style? Why does it bother you so much?

Having that said, I have received mainly positive comments about what I have put on my skin, very few negative. Surpriringly often elderly ladies have told me they find my tattoos pretty, often when at places like the public swinning pool and so on where my skin is very visible. But I’ve also had a Burbrerry lady at Stockmann stop me and compliment me on my arms. Well what do you know :) Those few times when something negative has been said, it has always been by a man. My fingers are enough to count the times so it’s not often, but one time should be enough. I know this has happened to a lot of my friends and people I know as well (women. Also women who have shaved their heads). Interesting, to think of from a social point of view.
And annoying.

Is it just here or does it happen elsewhere too?

Last week at the gym I was working out with my personal trainer (best investment for years I tell you, but that’s another story) and these men were biking or what the fuck ever thread milling behind us and they decided to turn up the volume of their conversation all of a sudden. “I never got why women would tattoo themselves /can’t see the point of that /it does not look good on a woman to have tattoos” and so on. Oh jeez. That’s all right guys, you have your thing I have my, we have different lives and styles, so wtf was up with the WE JUST NEED TO SAY THIS IN A LOUD VOICE RIGHT NOW-thing? It made me want to laugh but also raise an eyebrow to wonder over their manners and psychological wellbeing. I've always laughed at this one memory I have from the time I found myself at a “trendy” club I’d normally like to avoid and these guys next to me were talking about me by the bar "what about that blonde one there" until I moved and they apparently saw my arm  - I could then hear one of them disappointed say “oh damn, she’s got tattoos and stuff”. Eyeroll - yes, too bad guys, but it was not going to happen anyway.

Last year I was walking with Dag in his pram and one of those typical Finnish shabby aggressive drunks raised a finger and waved to my son and said “look, your pretty mommy has destroyed herself by getting ugly pictures ” . Yes yes whatever, I just grinned and walked pass in a usual manner when I suddenly got so pissed I had to turn around to tell him he had no right to sit there and just shout out whatever disrespectful things about others he came up with. Well, he of corse told me I was a cunt was and that I should fuck off . “But your tattoos look very pretty” a woman bystander said. That was however not the point - I didn’t care what that loser on the bench though about my looks, it was the fact that he declared it out and loud and to my child, that bothered me.

And it’s just not about tattoos. This is spinning away from the original topic here, but - there are a lot go these men who think they can say whatever they want to women.  As teenagers, girls who were unknown to one another might say nasty things at parties or so to bitch each other up, but from the later teens and on, if something insulting was said it would come from a man (From a Not going to happen anyway-man, may I add, which probably is a big part of  the explanation). I’ve been told that I have a huge broad ass when I was 17, said by some random much older man, for example. My friend always remembered this guy walking up to her from nowhere at a bar saying “do you really think you are sexy with those calves?”. A few years ago some total loser in a tram interrupted a conversation  between me and my friend to tell her that he thought she had a really ugly mouth when she spoke. What the hell!? (Believe me, I really told that asshole off!). Once still in high school out on town we were eating some pastries or so and some old fart came and told us that we shouldn’t do so and think about our figures. Well, the story goes on and on and on with cases like these, but to sort-of sum it up - a lot of people, mainly men, seem to think it’s acceptable to just walk over to women and comment on their looks. And, if that woman happens to be tattooed there's even the more reason to let her know what they think. Seriously, just get over it, let it be.

Like said, this is no issue for me per se, I don't get offended, it’s not something that has happened that much. It turned into a long post all of a sudden. But whenever it has happened -every time is one time too much- or I hear someone else saying their WTF’s about similar situations it does make me wonder what’s wrong with people. It would never cross my mind to ever say anything about the appearance of another person to that person, unless I had something nice to say.

I haven't had my last tattoo done yet :)

Thursday 13 February 2014


Last week I, for different reasons, visited a few small businesses. Small businesses that are all doing great, all of them started by people -in this case they all happen to be women - with a strong will to do something they really like, starting from scratch and making it work. I started thinking about this and it made me happy -it's great to see people I, in one way or another, know succeeding!

First my colleague Ruska and I stopped by Vertical Club, which is a studio for, well, all things vertical - pole dancing and aerial classes like aerial yoga, -hoop etc. One of the owners used to share rehearsal studio space with us before. Now they are doing so well they are expanding into more studio space in their building! We'll be doing some collaboration with Vertical Club , with the possibility to book private dansative burlesque workshops with us there.

I also popped by Jolie for some cosmetics shopping. Jolie is a wellness concept founded by two friends a couple of years ago, with the dream to build up something totally new in Finland; a media portal and shop around healthy lifestyle and natural luxury cosmetics. As some may remember it became a rather special business for me as I was at their launch when my water broke and I had to head straight to the hospital and give birth :) Jolie is also growing has now opened up their own spa at a separate address from their shop; Jolie Spa. Well done!

Then we did some collaboration with PinUp Garage, which is a lifestyle and fashion store for all things related to the modern pin-up culture. (I added some photos I shot at the store to illustrate this post - because who doesn't like fancy dresses, high heels and fluffy petticoat lamps?)

PinUp Garage has moved from a location rather far away into a big space in the city, also fitting their own photography studio and a sewing atelier, so it's going really well for this store as well!

We were invited to do a humorous little live mannequin fashion show with their range of What Katie Did lingerie in the store window last weekend after closing time. It was part of the store's pre-Valentine's Day shopping event.

PinUp Garage is the only brick and mortar store selling WKD in Finland. On a side not, I have had What Katie Did as an affiliate of mine for a long time as I really like their vintage repro underwear. Apart for stockings I haven't bought any products myself for a few years though but now got to try out a whole lot because of the show! When ordering online I never managed to find out which size of the bullet bra would fit me best and tried a few different sizes but now came to the conclusion it just does not suit my shape that well, but found a great fit with the Dot bra instead! I can also recommend the Morticia corset which pretty much as good as one that I have had custom made for myself. (You can see both products on my instagram picture here.)

(Btw you can spot a poster in the window for the Kustom Kulture show which is next weekend at Kaapeli. We'll do a show there in the evening, and we'll be hanging around the event during the day too. So come and say hi if you stop by!)

PS. Nothing in this post was in any way paid for or sponsored.
Tuomas Lairila and Maria Kimalle took the pictures of the WKD show.

Monday 10 February 2014


Dag was reading the paper very seriously.

 Had a peanut-butter apple mash sandwich.

And made a smoothie milk shake of frozen black currants, some banana, tropical juice and almond milk.

It was so popular I had to make a second set.

The rest of the day has been spent in bed, trying to entertain Dag with picture books and cartoons,  as I have caught a cold of some sort.

Sunday 9 February 2014


Outfit snippet.

The dress is Trashy Diva. In silk, works just as well in winter, worn with a long coat, as it does in summer.

Thursday 6 February 2014


 I fixed up an old winter jacket of mine!

Or, old and old, it has indeed been waiting in my closet for quite some years, but I never really properly used it . It's is plain black duffel I got on sale with the intention to fix up with a faux fur trim as I couldn't find such a jacket anywhere at the time. I also got it a little too big in order to fit an extra lining; it was when we had a second very cold winter and I wanted it to be super warm. Well, I did do all of that, but I can tell you that extra fleece lining of mine didn't turn out that well as I in my usual matter just cut a little like this and that trying my luck... the arms got all twisted and weird. And getting the big shawl-like collar I wanted to stay in place around the original collar was harder than I thought. So I used it perhaps once or twice and then hid it out of sight and out of mind trying not to think of all the work and money my little idea had cost me.

The next winter all stores were of course full of jackets with furry collars and cuffs.

But, I decided to fix it up now instead of it collecting dust in the closet!  With a thinner, easier fabric instead than the thick fluffy fur I used the last time. And in leopard, which is better anyway. Aaand forget about any extra lingins, jeez, I have big knits to do the trick. (And I think the super-cold is over for this winter now -fingers crossed).

Adding cuffs to clothing is pretty easy. Just measure the sleeve hole and add a cm or two for the seam. I want a lot of warming soft cuff on the inside of my sleeve too, so I make it rather long and then fold it over the sleeve. I fold it twice, so that it is double in the front. I sew the cuff in place by hand.

The collar is a little trickier, but this time around I made it smaller than I had tried on the first round, and did it with a little more preparations. I traced the original collar and then sew my pieces together to fit like a pocket or bag around it. I sew it in place with tiny stitches by hand.


The material was a bout ten euros and it took me an hour or so to get the work done. So it sort of feels like I got a new winter jacket almost for free, as I can pretend that 2010-thing never happened.

Wednesday 5 February 2014


The sky in the city never really gets as black as it does out in countryside. And our view is lit up by a lot of things, but it doesn't really bother me. But when I'm out in the countryside I sometimes gaze up into the black and become amazed on how many stars there are out there that the eye can see.

Sunday 2 February 2014


I have this crazy itch in my fingers to reach for the scissors and cut myself a fringe again!

It's probably since my hair is now a nice even length and all the signs of y previous bangs are extinct. I realised it is at least four years already since I started growing out my bangs for the last time. I had them on-off for some six-seven years always a couple of years at a time and a little less in between, always cutting them back just when they could be considered gone...

I also just realised I haven't had my hair cut in bangs in my real colour, ever, just when I was blonde. Well, apart from my kiddo years in the early eighties, with a thick fringe in the front.

So, now I'm almost with the scissors in my hands, trying to decide weather to DO IT DO IT NOW or give it a go with a new pair of clip on bangs instead. Both have their advantages. Hmmmmm....

Sources for images other than my own: 1,2,3,4,5,6.
My pics are from 2008 and 2009, in case someone felt they absolutely had to know.