Friday 29 January 2010


You all seemed to like the cream whip rings in my previous post a lot, so here's some more sweetness for all you sweet theeth out there:

I've stumbled upon the great works of Kristen Lepore on some forums and blogs lately. I love stop motion animations you know!

(And as usual I go a little bit crazy thinking of all the work behind the small masterpieces.. You can check out a quick making of for this film here :)

Wednesday 27 January 2010


A couple of days ago I took the train trough a beautifully white and shimmering winter landscape to Tampere to visit my friend and fellow burlesque gal Olivia Rouge. She is also aprofessional seamstress and I picked up two items tailored for me. Olivia's working space is for the moment situated on the small loft in Vaudevillle Boutique. She has recently developed her webshop so why not sheck it out. International orders have to be emailed separately though.

Skirt lining being cut out (and I'm not that impressed with my new mobile phone's camera).

Polka dot skirt developing!

Vaudeville Boutique has delicious muffin pin cushions and cream whip rings! (And I'm almost impressed by new mobile phone's camera now!)

Monday 25 January 2010


On Saturday we got up early and took the train to a studio out of town for a photoshoot.

Some of the "Sailor Cherry" props. My stuff, that is :)

Blushing the cheeks.

Lunch, shoes and such.

Hey ohoy! and on with the hat.

Set up.


Some more waiting...

Waiting for the ride home.

Sunday 24 January 2010


Most of you who read my blog should have become familiar with Atelieri Onyxei Haapala and their steampunk-y cabinet portraits by now. (Seen here, here and here.) Now you can see all the portraits taken during the project, over 800 pieces, exhibited at The Finnish Museum of Photography. The opening is on Tuesday night, the 26th!

If you're somewhere else and won't make you can view all of Onyxei's and Helmut's photos on the Atelieri O.Haapala Flickr page.

Saturday 23 January 2010


There will be a pyjamas party over at Dotti's blog.

As I tend to sleep like Marilyn I'll just join in my morning kimono instead. And as much as I would've wanted to take it easy this morning and stay in bed all day long I had to get up early, pack a whole lot of stuff and head to a studio far out of town. But more on that tomorrow.

Friday 22 January 2010


It is of course a not that eco-conscious but a very welfare country habit to replace old, still well functioning items with new, prettier ones. Today I gladly took part of that habit when I finally found a electric kettle in my taste; a ceramic - porcelain! not plastic!- one that actually looks like a kettle should! (Or to be honest, I didn't find it myself, my boyfriend did. Now you have to keep on to a guy that know what kettles - and shoes- his girls wants, right? :)

The kettle is from Verkkokauppa and also comes in white. Me and my kitchen have some nice tea moments ahead of us now.

Thursday 21 January 2010


As you know my "All that was before 2010"-competition/giveaway ended last week. Thanks to all who participated, and thank you for all your ovely comments. I always appreciate every comment and all feedback I get on any post (except for those copy-paste-read-my-blog comments, spam and sneaky marketing of course :) and I do always pay a visit to everyone that leaves me a comment, even if I do not always have the time to comment back. The same goes for email I receive, sometimes it may take a very long time for me to answer, but one day I eventually will.

The winner will receive this lovely vintage mirror necklace. If you fancy it but weren't the lucky one this time, and if you're around Helsinki, there are a few more similar ones at Hoochie Mama Jane, from where I also got this one!

And our winner is....


Her favorite post was this one; a post I was rather happy with when made, even though I didn't know how to code the images larger back then:

Monday 18 January 2010


I guess I shuould basically wait until Dia de los Muertos to post these but that would be a pretty long time to wait - I just love these pictures from 666 photography studio! But then again I, as mentioned before, love all of their work:

Spring Muertos

Summer Muertos

Fall Muertos

Winter Muertos

Which of the above do you like the best?
I'd love to get promo pictures done at 666 so if I ever visit that part of the world (Texas) I'll bring enough time and money to have them done for sure!

Anyway, I bet some of you are thinking that I've forgotten to announce the winner of my favourites give-away as time to enter ended on Friday?

That is of course not the case, I have drawn a winner already but just hadn't had the time to take proper photos; upon coming home on Friday evening I literally went straight from the airport to a photo shoot, Saturday went by in a hurry due to a performance the same night, yesterday was spent in bed the whole day having chocolate and reading a book with E. That was nice.
I'll announce the winner soon!

Wednesday 13 January 2010


Nice morning light, a 'faking-short-hair'-do that turned out well, slightly hungover, thinking about the fact that it's sort of considered normal to sit in a tiny hotel room taking pictures of yourself and your boyfriend taking pictures of your hair if it is for the sake of blogging.

Well yeah anyway have a nice day :)

Monday 11 January 2010


So, I'm off to Oslo for the week!
Eddi is having a conference there and I'll do a two in one and visit my friend Mia too, who moved there a couple of years ago. I went to see her last year too, it was cold and windy, we drank wine in the evenings and didn't make it up until after dark in the days. Let's see if I'll be able to catch Vigelandsparken in daylight this time shall we?

(Mia & I stuffed with winter clothes posing in ice cold wind for my camera's self timer, set at a minute and a half, one year ago. We were the only ones around in the park at that time of night :)

Sunday 10 January 2010


I am not one of those to make New Year’s resolutions. No promises, ever.

I have however tried it with improvements - the first time being last year. I was going to improve my manners of taking care of my paper work – organize my accounting, billing, bank and business papers weekly instead of once per the quarter– but that went horribly wrong. I actually became less organized than before. So this year I should probably give up on even trying in order not to fail again and feel all bad afterwards. (I didn't after last year's fail, which is probably a bit alarming. Or annoying. But I’m just born with this 'No Worries No Hurries' attitude towards these things and so far so good.)

Giving up in advance is however not the preppy spirit one is thought of to have around this time of year, ey? So if I would try it with a small restriction instead of an improvement this time? To stop buying things online all the time and instead save up for that mintgreen Smeg I have been babbling about for a very long time already, which I actually am going to get us this summer and put into a bigger kitchen! (Yey!)

That of course means that I will not for example buy this to-die-for jacket from Trashy Diva. No way.

A jacket that could only be used a few months per year due to the climate around here and with me already having enough of practically everything it is of course out of the question. Not even though it also comes in leopard print (oh! oh! I’m having a real hard time here now)!

So I have no intention of getting myself either one whatsoever, ahum, I am merely presenting it to you in case anyone is up for some spring jacket inspiration?

(Oh ♥)

Saturday 9 January 2010


I'm looking at pictures from warmer days and soft evenings last year. Oh summer!

At a time when you nostrils freeze together after standing some two hours outside loading a ship it always feels as strange to think that six months earlier we were, and six months later we will be walking around in sandals and short sleeves. The temperature difference will be some 45-50 degrees C. Sometimes even as much as 60.
That's pretty extreme.

Although it's very very beautiful outside it is still painfully cold and I can't wait for warmer days again (when I don't have to stuff myself that much anymore- or at all). Oh summer!

Friday 8 January 2010


I found this one via Pekka. It's rather amazing.

Well worth the twelve minutes of watching. Can you believe all that was done by computer?

Wednesday 6 January 2010


How many cats can you spot in the picture?

Eight altogether. Well the point here being that I got a kitty blouse from VintagEija's at the Ofelia market last month. It has cat patches on the pockets, which are both hideous and adorably kitch at the same time!

Now this is something you could pimp up any old blouse with rather easily yourself I guess. You just have to find the patches first of course, but they do have a selection of the weirdest such in haberdashery shops...


The winner of the Aalto give-away is...

(Miss Fortuna got some help via

Congratulations :)

Tuesday 5 January 2010


Tonight it's time for the Blues Trash Cabaret at Lepakkomies! The special guest for the night is Dead Elvis, a perhaps somewhat creepy but rather brilliant act I sadly missed last year - but now it's time to repair the damage! And that will be done with a whole lot of shaking some crazy psychobilly a go-go in between the bands.

Thanks for the nice comments to my small competition in the previous post! But don't forget to leave me your email if your name does not link to a website or blog, otherwise I don't know how to reach you if you win!

Monday 4 January 2010


It's a little bit like living in the future, don't you think?

Well anyway, I know a lot of blogs go through the past year in pictures or writing, what the blogger did, favorite pictures, the best outfit posts of the year gone by. As most of you should know by now I keep on nagging about how hard it is for me to ever choose between anything, to pick something out other than on random, so such a post has always been impossible for me to make.

But what do you think? What was the best outfit post of 2009?
Or let's not leave it to just outfits, which post did you like best of last year? And once we're really at it, let's not just leave it to just 2009 - what has been you favorite post ever on the Freelancer's Fashionblog?

One of you who take your time to answer will have the chance to win a surprise gift!
It's something small, it's something vintage.

You can participate by commenting and linking to your favorite post here so far. How you answer is of course only of interest for me, it does not affect your chances of winning as I as usual will draw the winner randomly. This contest is open for all you readers out there, regardless of your location. Submit you answers before Friday Jan.15th and don't forget to leave me your email if you don't have a blog or such!

(PS. US & Canada residents, you still have a couple of days to participate in the Aalto giveaway!)