Friday 31 July 2009


I'm home again after our trip. It was great.
Here are some of the things we did:

Drove trhough Sweden to Denmark.

Stopped for polkagrisar on the way (I have my mouth full already).

Had a nice flat to stay in in Copenhagen. (Last time there was ten years ago when Julien and I did a two-month exchange. I noticed upon arrival I didn't remember much of the city anymore.)

Met Mari for some coffe and shopping.

Found a vintage sailor inspired dress, among other things.

Strolled around Tivoli.

Stopped at different places and small towns on the way back up.

Went swimming. (It's not me there jumping making the splash though. I'm a bit lame and seldom put my head below the surface. It's beacuse of the hair you know.)

Shouted Cows!/Horses!/Sheep!/Bambis! every time I spotted animals by the road. During some 1600 kilometers that makes quite many, but I just can't help myself.

Now I'll do a quick stop at our summerplace before it's time for Club Wanted, new comissions and back to work, all at once and really soon. Uh.

Wednesday 22 July 2009


I took a little road trip just by myself and driving around the areas where I grew up and later on I picked up Ina, went for ice cream and drove around the part of town we'd like to live in where there's lots and lots of green and wooden houses.

I like my cars old. Older than I am. If I am about to pollute the planet I may as well do it with style. I have driven (driven as in moved from point A to point B) brand new fine cars in the harbour that are worth twice as much as my apartment. They are silent and smooth as cream to ride in but still -I think you should feel it when you drive! I actually want to make that effort to speed up. It always makes me go 'Vrooom!' when I hit the highway. (But then again I make that sound effect when I bike hard too so it's not really the car that brings that out in me...).

Well anyway, I love my car but since this blog normally tends to be more about clothes than cars may I just add that this outfit actually had a point; to make my skirt and top look like a dress together. I like combining two items into just one.

The belt and the car are vintage, the rest is semi-new stuff

Now I'm off for a slightly longer road trip with my secret boyfriend and I'll be back in August. Have fun until then!

(Btw If you spotted the bump in the front of my car; it wasn't me- contrary to common stereotypical misbelief I am blond and female but still know how to drive a car. That bump was caused by a man ;)

Saturday 18 July 2009


Photo : Marko Hämäläinen

Here's a one of many pics from last week's show and now me and the rest of our troup avec Lola Vanilla are off on a rodatrip destinated Rauma where we'll do a show! I've made cherry pie cupcakes in leopards molds and burned lots of roadtrip cd's. The sun is hsining, it's hot outside, the dresses, the heels, the lashes and lip glitter are packed so off I go. Oh yeah.

Have a nice weekend everybody!

Thursday 16 July 2009


(Look ma! No hands - and almost no arms either! Great posing I have there, ey? :)

Ta-taa: it has arrived, the temptation I fell for: my Avian dress from Trashy Diva!

And it was delivered straight to my door - now that's what I call service! The doorbell rang and there was the postman and he just handed me my dress over. Why can't all things in life go as smooth?

Turned out it was a tiny bit too loose in the wast though so I was thinking of putting some ribbon in the back to chinch it in. However, after some bubbly and crispy at
Punavuoren Putiikki's opening, a whole lot of tapas and sangria there after, an ice cream in the park - strawberry sorbet and peppermint cream. Great combination - and later on a big iced latte on a sunny terrace it fit like a dream! No loose fabric anymore anywhere ;)

But for the record, attaching two ribbons just behind the waist to tie into a bow in the back is an easy way to tuck in a dress a centimeter or two without any needles and pins and cutting. Less risky, easy to detach. Ribbons in the same color as the dress go rather unnoticed but can still make a small nice detail (or if you feel like it, why don't go for contrast colored ribbons as well?)

Oh, and also, since I get the question quite a lot - I can push my pedals perfectly well in my Parikka's. It's not that hard biking in high heeled shoes at all!

(Psst. You can here me quiz at Raio X3m tomorrow on Friday at 14:00 again. Let's see if I can make one more round...)


I bet none of you have managed to miss Tyra's creations here on my blog ? Well, good news for everyone - she has opened her own store now!

Punavuoren Putiikki is locatd on Punavuorenkatu 1 and ran by Tyra Therman and Hanna Haavikko. You can shop Tyra's Miss Maxwell retro swimsuits, Miranda Burlesque acessories and handbags, Miranda Lingerie as well as Hanna's label Dimon there.

The opening party is now, today, on Thursday, from 14:00 onwards! That's were I'll be...

(You can spot both Tyra and me in this picture btw...)

Tuesday 14 July 2009


I've previously stated that shoes, in my opinion, are what crowns an outfit and I'll stick to that. But I still think that one's hairdo is what pretty much determines your look as a whole, since you for example can make a simple classic dress look retro with the right 'do, and go from the girl next door to a femme fatale depending on which way let your locks lay. Every now and then I like to walk around looking like a cartoon character by going all Minnie Mouse with a big bow oh hair on my head!

Shoes - Stefanel, Bag - Vintage
(the rest is mixed old random stuff

Friday 10 July 2009


Alright, it's time for me to pack my bag and head over to Tavastia for the Psychorama 09 -event. Hell-sinki will s-s-s-hake and shiver! It will be a blast I'm sure but as always before some bigger show I keep stressing with getting all things done and stuff needed packed... So that's it for now, have a nice weekend!

(I was on the radio earlier today talking about burlesque (in Swedish), you can listen to it here / and here. I also participated in this quiz they have and I won goddamit so it's next week there for me again then :)

Thursday 9 July 2009


I've been spending most of the past week inside due to crappy weather, sewing on my outfit for tomorrow's show as well as freelancing by designing home wear for children. Every now and then it feels like the walls are falling down on me but I also enjoy some small things in my home:

The fact that I've turned into one of those persons who actually can keep a bowl of candy on my shelf and just have one every now and then instead of finishing it all off at once.

My small Klaus Haapaniemi cups, who's work I love. Not really good for anything else than a mini schnaps perhaps, but just cute as they are, hanging in my kitchen.

The lace on a couple of thin vintage slips hanging by my closet.

The world as it looked when my dad was a kid. (Well, it's not like I'm enjoying the iron curtain's borders. But I find it fascinating to look at old maps.)

A spelt-flour pie with apricot curd, rhubarb and strawberries just making it's way into the oven.

And the I actually do enjoy the rain outside too. As long as I am here inside.

Tuesday 7 July 2009


I got myself a pair of comfy, basic sandals (as comfy as one can get when wearing flats is out of the question - as a matter of fact I don't even find all-flat shoes that comfy, they are somehow too flat for my foot) for everyday use but first I had to pimp them a little bit (of course); I glued on a couple of bows that I made from two ribbons. Done it before and it always works.

They turned out really colorful so now it feels like  I'm walking around with a tiny carnival on my feet!

Psst. I'm putting up some shoes for sale on my auction site!

Monday 6 July 2009


Hehe, time for some FFB-News again...

* First of all: I drew the lucky winner of the BB Dakota dress in the Chickdowntown giveaway and miss Fortuna's choice landed on Sanna from Finnflair! Congratulations!
(I will be eagerly waiting to receive some pics of the lucky winner in her new dress then :)

Anyway, thanks to all who participated and don't worry, there will be more chances to win later on...

* Then there are more big burlseque happenings coming up later this summer after Psychorama too as we (we as in the Itty bitty Tease Cabaret) stand for the burlesque in the Burlesque Goes Kapakka happening on Saturday August 20th at Wanha! The evening is part of the Art Goes kapakka city festival and the bands of the nigh will be Gun Molls and Gansters and Sweet Jeena and her Sweethears. But more on that later!

* Also a thanks to Cheryl Lynn for giving me an award in her blog :)

* Last but not least; I've set up another blog where I will be auctioning away some of the items in my wardrobe. First up are the two dresses below. If you want to stay tuned then start following! Anyway, I'm not sure yet as which is the best/most reader friendly/ most practical way to do this so if you have any comments or ideas let me know.

Friday 3 July 2009


Jackie O'Lantern is a pinup mummy!
Photography by Marko S.

Jackie as also a part of The IttyBittyTease Cabaret and we will both perform at the Psychorama Burlesque & Psychobilly Festival July 10th @ Tavastia. You'll love her number!

Wednesday 1 July 2009


You know what's really nice?

When hot day cools down but still is nicely warm and you slip in to a pretty dress and put some darker lipstick and higher heels on and go out to enjoy the evening. So - now we're off for some sushi and white wine in the evening sun with K. Ta-ta!

(Dress - Tara Starlet, Bag - Vintage, Shoes - a total bargain from Andiamo last summer, Hair flower- Ansa)