Wednesday 31 August 2011


I was a guest at Radio X3M earlier today, nationwide station in Swedish for youngsters and youth minded, beign interviewed about burlesque.

You can't listen to it online but you can however see a little clip we did afterwards, a goofy mini lesson in burlesque. Watch it here, not the greatest clip I've been in, but surprisingly enough this one is viewable abroad also.

Photo from

Tuesday 30 August 2011


Wonderful Helsinki Burlesque-photographer Kerttu Malinen took some pictures of last week's Demon Night show:

(Boob alert! Might not be safe for work if you scroll down. Obviously, where I work it does not matter as that's probalbly where many NSFW links start, but you get the point)

Me as the very angry and upset 50ft woman.

Tinker Bell as an undead girl.

And The Itty-Bitty Tease Cabaret (with it's partly new crew) does Ghost Town! Can you guess to which song we do this one?

You can see some more shots from the show over at out IBTC burlesque blog!

Monday 29 August 2011


Omelette. It sounds kind of funny if you say it over and over again (I tend to do so with certain words until they sound all strange and dumb. Great hobby.). In Swedish you supposed to say "omelette!" the way you say 'cheese' with a grin when you're having your photo taken. Or at least what you said when I was a kid - maybe you say "usb" or so nowadays, I have no idea. Well, either way; I do an omelette quite often as it is fast to make, tastes good and is pretty much something you can make out of anything! Well as long as you have eggs at home.

I didn't eat eggs for many years though. I stopped eating eggs before I became a vegan, and when I started consuming dairy products again I still didn't touch eggs for quite some times. Nowadays I always have eggs at home. I happen to like pancakes. And cakes. And, omelettes. But I am very strict that we only buy ecological eggs from those chickens that actually have free space, and not just wander around "free" along with ten thousand others inside a big hall. I've been thinking that we maybe should get chickens to the farm since there already are lambs to take care of...

But anyway, back to that special great omelette of mine!.

You'll need:
-ecological eggs - I normally use three
-fresh green peas (I use peas in everything! Mostly frozen. Today I quickly defrosted mine in the microwave so they got all wrinkly. You can also just defrost them by pouring hot water over them, they stay nicer looking that way.)
-cherry tomatoes, or regular ones if that's all you have in the fridge
-cream cheese (feta cheese or crème fraiche can be an option if you so prefer)
-Some spices and fresh herbs, if available.
Other ingredients like mushrooms and spinach go really well here too, but I had none today.

Mix the eggs with some spices; I use white and black pepper and a bit of Cajun spice blend. You can also put some garlic in the batter and add a drop of milk or water if you prefer.

Pour the batter in a pre-heated pan and start frying. (Duh...) Meanwhile slice the cherry tomatoes in half (or chop the regular ones). If you want to use other vegetables you can mix them in the egg batter qnd fry or warm them up separately. I often mix spinach in the batter for a green omelette, or warm some up in the micro wave with the peas and mix together with the cream cheese to a green thick sauce.

Sometimes I flip the omelette over and fry it on both sides, other times I just leave the top soft and let the vegetables sink in.You can also shake the omelette like the pro's do here for example. How you do it is really up yours, as Matti Nykänen, Finnish national hero, would say .

Either way, just before the omelette starts feeling ready you pour the vegetables on the omelette in the pan. I want them to remain rather fresh; you don't have to cook them for long.

Scoop a lot of cream cheese on to the omelette, add some fresh herbs if you had any and then flip it over like a calzone and carefully put it on a plate.

You're pretty much done by now but for the real cherry on top, or in this case: Chipotle on top, you do just that; sprinkle some Chipotle sauce all over it. It really crowns the whole thing!


Today we went out for a croquet picnic in the park organized by the "Enchanting Hat Walk"-community; in other words, hats were mandatory.

I was hoping to be able to play croquet and go all "off with their heads!" as I felt my outfit entitled me to do so. (I also felt this is pretty much what most five year old girls in the world would want to look like at their birthday parties...)

But- the weather turned so bad we turned around pretty soon and went back home; the rainy day option of sitting in a cafe sipping champagne instead did not really suit the 5-and 10 olds in our party. (And as you can see the rain and humid air did not only ruin the plans, but also instantly ruined my fluffy curls, always as annoying.)

So the only sun we got were the sunflowers on our balcony.

(And just for the record, I love love love sunflowers!)

So it was just off with the princess clothes and on with the casual Sunday wear. I am getting older and what I earlier in my years would have referred to as more boring as I nowadays almost -or pretty much always actually- prefer less fluff and more plain. Well you know, that's the way it goes in the end I guess.

(By the way, that little olive tree of mine in the background looks pretty ridiculous. But it is still alive, so so far so good.)

The dress is an old one from Trashy Diva, the hat by Frollein von Sofa and the shoes my waterproof Melissas that sometimes are super comfy (like today) and other times not. Strange. My blouse is from Vivien of Holloway. Eddi pointed out today that it is actually a very nice one.

Saturday 27 August 2011


Oh my! Looks like I'm about to do some traveling?

But noup; no! This is just the basic pile of bags I have to drag along when going performing...this time only to do two numbers - you can imagine what I have to carry when doing a full night's show! However, I have to add; the IBTC-suitcase does contain a small city, hence the other bag. (If that last sentence confused you and made you go all WTF? then you might want to refresh your mind with this post :)

The dress is the Trixie sarong dress from Trashy Diva (summer decided to linger a little longer, yey; I got a chance to wear it this year still!). The shoes are from Andiamo last spring and the jewelry vintage. And yes, I have rollers in my hair; this is usually how I leave home for a show; huge-headed.

Thursday 25 August 2011


You may remember the jungle shoot from about a month back?

Photos by Emma Jo
(post production by me)

Do check out the whole series over at our BITTY-BLOG!

And you can see the new IBTC-crew perform together for the first time tonight at Kokonut Kult's Demon Night in Kokomo! And a bunch of other great performers so some might say this'd be an event one would not want to miss...

Tuesday 23 August 2011


Last Saturday I spent in the habour and later at a great rocking gig in town, but this is what a few Saturdays ago as looked trough my phone:

09:00 - I wake up and start pin-curling my hair for a gig at a wedding I will have in the evening. I thought it'd be a lot faster now that my hair is short, but I need to make the curls smaller in order for the to actually be curly and not just a little bent. Alas, my arms still get tired during the procedure...

10:00 - do about an hour of yoga out in the garden. The cats are as awlays very eager to join.

11:00 - pick some left over wineberries to put on my breakfast sour milk.I wish I'd have had the time to pick some earlier are out in the freezer. (But the freezer did break down recently so good thing in the end I did not pick those berries on time; it would've pissed me off big time to have seen them ruined!)

12:00 - We're about to head back to town and I say goodbye to the lambs. They get to stay out all summer and are re-located a bit according to how fast they eat the vegetation up. Right now the female lambs are just outside our house.

13:00 - Driving home trough summery fields.

14:00 - Change of plans! Since somebody's ex wife has a little different way of comprehending schedule and agreements than the rest of the world we have the kids arriving a few days earlier to us rather sudden and need to re-organize everything and change the dinner plans I had with my sister; we'll do take away in stead and have it at our place after our show - which means a quick tidying up and cleaning! (PS: the bottle does say NON-toxic cleaning, although the picture tells it a little different :)

15:00 - Still panic-cleaning...

16:00 - Packing for our gig! I'll be doing my old Finnish movie summer themed number and Eddi will be part of the show too.Last time we did said number was in July a year ago.

17:00 - my sister and her hubby has agreed to do some extempore babysitting during our show. Here's their little Lily dog with it's huge bone! Lily is quite the hit with the kids, serving as a never ending source of fascination...

18:00 - Arriving at the veune before all the guests and hiding away backstage as we are suprise perfomers. Sir Willy Waterlily, Mis Sandy Jungle and Lola Vanilla are also performing tonight which means quality time make-upping and hanging out.

19:00 - Stil waiting... Here's lovely miss Jungle.

And Lola Vanilla, drag queen extraordinaire.

20:00 - The staff at the place is great; we've performed there often at different events. They send us up some bubbly.

21:00 - Showtime! Here's me and my co-star just about to go on stage. And oh yes I do this number to some good ol' rautalanka; my favorite.

22:00 - Back home; pick up children sister and boyfriend and have lots and lots of sushi. And edamame and kimchi and wine and I'm telling you; I could have this every second day, at least!

Later - A while after this I fall asleep on the couch.

Monday 22 August 2011


Started raining today after a sunny afternoon that was secretly building up clouds. And then it started pouring down. The last of the summer rains. Although I'm hoping it wouldn't quite yet, summer will be turning into autumn anytime soon.

Saturday 20 August 2011


The sky is always so big in the harbour.

Thursday 18 August 2011


(If you were live and kickin' in the 90's you'll remember this)

Sometimes I visit blogs where the person is presented in a so unbearably hip way I wonder how they manage to actually fucking breathe. (And I think "Oh Come On" but perhaps that's just because I can be a real asshole sometimes.) And I see others - mostly young and waiting for things to happen I guess - heedlessly swoon over certain blogs or persons on the internet. It is true some persons lives are more interesting and some lives more fabulous, but one thing about blogging is that you very much get to -and should- choose which side or which things you do show. Some choose to blog about certain things, some about other, some a little about everything. Some do it more some do it less personal. Of course one reason why I read and browse blogs is exactly for those pretty and inspirational pictures and details! And often also for laughs and eye rolling and quite much for that little peak in to someone's elses life, that's different from mine. Or perhaps even similar.

But what everyone should remember is that everybody out there does go to the toilet and gather up unwashed dishes at some point, nobody wakes up every day with a sexy bed hair fluff nor lives a life full of just rosy stuff, everyone has their issues although blogged images may tell a different story. (For example our home does of course not always look as sleek as in the pictures I post, it is most often messy. Sometimes it's a charming mess, mostly just terrible. And we all know what I look like at work :)

I'm not making a bigger than life point here, only saying that everyone should take it with a little hint of salt, and no one, no matter how pretentious one may be, should ever take oneself too seriously.

Well, you all go on and have a nice night now!
(I will enjoy my evening with a glass of red and some Puccini, yes. But by a messy table and with oh so un-attended hair.)

Tuesday 16 August 2011


You've seen this dress in a drawing already.

I like it with big skirts; lots of fabric.

And pockets make any dress a little bit more perfect.

My bangle is vintage from Ansa from way back.

And my hair pins are my mother's old.

She had them as a kid in the US in the early 60's.

Ok bye!