Monday 28 April 2008


Dress - my grandmother's sister's old
Shoes - h&m, Scarf - old
(...and a new tattoo :)

Oh my oh my oh my, I've had the most tireing week ever. The only thing I am able to do now is just lie myself down, put my legs up and rest. (I know that it's a bad thing to wear heels when knowing one has to walk around for hours but I just can't help myself).

I moved, the new flat will be great but right now it consists mostly of just boxes. Boxes, boxes boxes.

I went shopping for stuff for the new house and ended up with three lovely dresses instead. (As I said, I just can't help myself...) So far so good. But then one of my cats disappeared; I had brought them to my grandparents in the suburbs for the time of the moving and one of them ran away. So afer I moved I went there to search for the cat but he was nowhere to be found. I was so worried, it was a new and strange environment for my cat and I started to fear he had been hit by a car or so; the highway is really close to where we were. It was horrible to sleep the first night in the new place with one cat less! But the next day my cat found his way back to my granparents and I was ever so happy to get him back!

My week didn't get any better after that though - my wallet was stolen on Friday. I stopped by the clothing store I still am employed at but never work in and had my bag on the floor while talking to my friends there. I was about to buy my sister a dress for her birthday when I noticed my wallet was gone. The only other customers who had been there were some teenager girls and now that I think about it they were hanging quite close to my bag all the time... Really shitty, I lost some cash (and I usually never even carry any cash but of course the day I have some someone steals it right away, just great!), all of my credit- and bank cars, along with my drivers licence and all of my other loyal customer cards, some photos and important receits, my shopping discount cards, restaurant copuons...

Well, I guess it can only go upwards from here?

Monday 21 April 2008



Top - RL
Skirt - Dr.Denim
Shoes - Sthlm DG
Ruffle bra - Marie Jo
Cardigan - Lucky 13
Dotted Scarf - old h&m
Hairpin - old decorative chopstick

and the H&M bag and my vintage leather jacket, once again...

(Hah! I managed to do a little post after all. And now I'm going.)

Sunday 20 April 2008


Photo by Tania et Vincent

Delicious picture. Love the work of photographers Tania et Vincent.
But anyway. As I said I'm busy moving and arranging lots of other things and so on andhaven't really had the time for any "real" posts. So in the meantime I might aswell pass things on to you by placing some queations instead.

First of all; are there anythings you would like to see more or less about in my blog? (Hah, I never really got why bloggers ask queations like this - I mean, if I'm reading the blog it propably means I like it because it is the way it is- but here I am doin'it myself...)

Then I want you to give me some "new" blogs. Yours.

I check my statcounter every now and then and see that there are a lot of readers who come here almost daily, but only a mere percentage ever leaves any comments. That of course makes me a bit curious of some readers, who you are, what do you like about my blog and why do you read it,do do you have blogs of your own and so on. I'd love to make new acquaintances!

And should I link you for some reason? For example, are you linking me and I'm not aware of that? Or maybe you site is just great?

You know, I'd really like to know.

Saturday 19 April 2008


I've been quite lousy at updating lately, I know. But there have been so many things going on lately that I simply haven't had the time to do anything else than the absolute necessary. I have a lot of freelance comissiohs going on and then I was promoted at one of the places I work for, so there ahs been a lot of new stuff to learn (and bossing around too:)

I'm going to move next week, and that is what had taken the most time. I feel a bit sad about leaving the flat we've lived in so far - we bought it three years ago and renovated it; I really loved it - it was light, spaceous and in a great location.

Some pics from home that our real estate agent took:

Well, I bought a new flat that is also really gorgeus so in a way I'm kind of excited too. I'll be moving next week so I guess more frequent updates after that! And with a new background in my outfit posts...

The sun is shining and its beautiful outside, so have a great weekend you all!

Sunday 13 April 2008


The premier for my new dress was at a birthdayparty. More champagne than cake, good music and of course my new favourite shoes.

Dress - vintage
Bag - h&m
Gloves - Glitter
Shoes - Sthlm DG
Necklace - selfmade
Silkscarf in hair - old

Friday 11 April 2008


I'm very content - I just bought this lovely vintage dress and it was a total bargain since the hem needs to be fixed a bit. I just walked in to my favourtie vintage store and the seller said "here, try this on". And it as perfect.
It will be great for a rather extravagant birthday party I'm going to soon!


I guess I was somehow inspired by candy again...

Skirt - Reflex
Blouse & Shoes - h&m

While I figure out what camera to get I'm using Paula's, so tanks to her. (And no the lens isn't dirty, neither did I do some super arsty paint on my wall or have any flying demons at home - it's just one of my cat's tail showing in the picture as it jumped in front of the camera just as the pic was taken. I didn't photoshop it away since I kind of like the effect).

Funny thing about candy, all candy, any candy - I actually don't like it. Except for chocolate and english licorice (not that chocolate is candy anyway. It's just chocolate, right?). But I like the look and smell of candy. I have a huge jar filled with striped mints at home. Just to look at, not to eat (and that's such a tease for some, I know).

Monday 7 April 2008


Jacket - vintage
Dress - selfmade
Shoes - Sthlm DG
Polkadot scarf - old
Bag, cardigan and gloves - H&M

I love my new shoes.
I love my new hair curler.
I love my chocolatebox-like bag.
I love my leather jacket (in case I someone still didn't know...)
I love wearing a very tight dresss those days I actually can pull it off.
I love having spare time and just strolling around town without anything special to do.

Btw I am no longer in the posession of a digital camera.
Any suggestions of what brand/model to buy? It has to be a good one but doesn't have to be super-pro.


Spring is finally here! And one does not only notice it because of the wamer weather - people also start putting noticeably more effort in their dressing. My friend Ina was wearing all green (well ,exept for her grey boots) the other day. Very spring inspired indeed.

Saturday 5 April 2008


If it didn' take so darn long time to roll up my hair I'd propably do it every day. So now I just got myself a cheramic hair straightener/curler to speed things up. (Or, to eventually speed things up. It took me ages to figure out how to roll the hair properly to get it curled, not straigtened). But the curls actaually stayed all night without any hairspray. So long rolls!

Thursday 3 April 2008


I've mentioned before that I am totally and endlessly in love with my leather jacket, and have stayed faithul to it for years. I find it hard to wear other coats during the warm time of year. But sometimes I just force myself to do it.

Trench - h&m
Shoes - Bianco
Stockings - old

Should I sell/give this one away or keep it? Bought it in Munich a couple of summersback when J took me there on a surprise trip. We left with no luggage and it was 25C at home but only about 13 and raining over there, so getting a coat was the first thing we had to do...

I guess every wardrobe should include a trench of some kind but this is a bit narrow for me over the shoulders (due to years of boxing I guess). So I'm not sure what to do with this one.

(I had a dark grey green scarf with this outfit that made it look more balanced but for some reason it's not on me in the picture. In case anyone felt it important to know what I actually wore, heh.)

Wednesday 2 April 2008


Leather jacket – thrifted years ago
Blue dress – h&m, customized by me
Grey leopard print dress – saints and mortals
Bag – from a bazar in Tunisia some years ago
Shoes - Attitude, Scarf – very old
Cardigan and gloves - h&m

It's been such great weather the past few days; warm, dry and sunny (hello, the weather-blog is back....) It has made me feel happy and relaxed. And, the best part – back on with my beloved leather jacket. And I wasn't cold at all (but ok, I did wear two dresses on top of each other just to be sure).

I went shopping today, for the first time in ages. Normally I don't like tha idea of just "going shopping", unless I really need to get something. Of course I like it, in a way, but every now and then I remind myself that it's just useless consuming - my wardrobe is full of things I seldom use and most often there is nothing that I actually must get. Well, having that said, I still enjoyed myself today, had a mediocre lunch at a trendy place, bought a lot of nice things that I propably also could live without, just wandered around. Since there has been so much going on in my life lately it was nice to spend the day by myself and keep my mind on other things.

I spent almost 200€ on vintage inspired lingerie, not quite as much but still enough on things to pamper my face with and quite little actually on a pair of shoes that I, contrary to what I just wrote, propably could not live without. Later on it accured to me that it was totally fine that I got them since I didn't have a pair of t-strap heels before. And they had great form on the heels! (When will I stop to think it is necessary to have shoes in all colours and all models possible?).

Tuesday 1 April 2008


You may think I'm wearing a skirt.

But I'm not!

Skirtpants – old, from h&m
Shirt – Wrangler
Shoes – Bullboxer
Bow – thrifted

I have a lot of nice pants and great jeans in my wardrobe that I just never wear. Except for these every now and then. But then again, they're almost as much of a skirt as trousers.

I haven't been updating that much lately or replying to comments or posting any comments enywhere myself, I know. But I've been very busy with a lot of things and arrengements lately. We'll see how it goes, things are looking brighter now.