Monday 29 December 2008


What I like about the holidays is the fact that you, after having visited all your relatives and such, mostly have no actual things you have to do, but a lot of time for yourself (hopefully). I actually worked throughout Christmas (but did get to spend the Eve with my family) and started my holidays as late as today. But one evening when I couldn't get any sleep I still did one of those things I've been planning forever, one of those thing you do at those days when you have nothing more important to dig in to first (love those moments); I revamped my ugly old kitchen stool.

Here's before: rusty, old and dirty (it's actually "inherited" from my parents, I guess they bought it in the early 80s...). Also note my pink brush :)

And after:

I painted it in a shining white colour and put some of the tapestry from the wall in the old flat on the steps, after which I put a layer of the white paint on the tapestry too. I finished by painting a mix of glue and water on it to make it washable and water resistant.

Turned out quite well -and it always feels good to be able to revamp something old instead of throwng it away and getting something new!

Tuesday 23 December 2008


I hope you all have a great Holiday, either way you may spend it!

Last year I cosed up the old flat with a lot of lights in time for the season, this year just the star will have to do since I'm living in a much smaller place now. But it's real cosy this year too - we even got some snow here in time for Christmas Eve! And I got anchor shaped gingerbreas from K.
Christmas ahoy!

If you read my blog last year already you may recall I'm a friend of rather tacky Christmas Cards, the kitchier the better. Last year I photoshopped my cats into packages filled with candy and glitter. This year I've made one for the blog (oh my), which means, you!

You can also cut out the heart and hang it me and my cats your christmas tree (no seriously, don't!! :)

Monday 22 December 2008


Oh my , seems I'm about to take it off! :P
Photo: Rik Stavale/©Helsinki Burlesque

I'm a patient person in general.
But secretly I can't stand waiting. Hate it.
As a kid Christmas was all about waiting (not for Baby Jesus I'm afraid but for the gifts you know).
Nowadays I wait for other things, and lately I've been waiting for pictures from a photoshoot, but most of all from two of our/my latest shows. Knowing how busy I am myself it's understandable that it takes time for our photographer to come up with the pics too. (But mostly when I finally get a hold of the pictures I tend to have really weird facial expressions in 90% of the live pics anyway, so it's like being a child waiting to get a dollhouse and receive a pair of knitted socks instead. Blah :).

Well, while waiting for our own pictures I'll just have to settle for some random ones taken by others... (the one above however is from Helsinki Burlesque's flickr. Full of funny rubber faces of me there, eh).

Sunday 21 December 2008


I like most songs and videos with ships in them.

Today I'm going to dress up pretty, eat well and spend the day with people I really like. And in the evening I'm going to listen to soft and whiny music and do some drawings. Every week should have two Sundays, at least!
I have a day off tomorrow so I'll let that be my second one :)

Saturday 20 December 2008


Sometimes loosing the most material and otherwise non important things can still make you very sad or deeply frustrated - I had these really nice wool leopard printed gloves with a perfect lenght and a perfect slim fit that I stumbled upon in H&M a couple of years ago. I quite recently lost one of them and now I've been searching everywhere in stores here to find a similar pair but without result. I can't seem to find any proper ones on the internet either; they are either too fancy (like velvet or so, ment for evening wear) or then too ugly or cheap looking (like made of fleece or so) fleece. *sniff sniff*

Anyone got any hints?

(the picture is old. It was in the blog once earlier in a post that had nothing to do with gloves. Just in case anyone thought it looked familiar :)

Thursday 18 December 2008


I'm quite hopeless, I know. I went for a bit of Christmas shopping the other day and ended up doing some thrifting finds for myself instead. I came home with this woolen pencil skirt (my explanation to self: nice and warm for this time of year) and leather bag (explanation to self: had to get since it was in such mint condition).

Skirt & Bag - thrifted (well obviously, just mentioned it there above...)
Cardigan - Lucky13; a gift from mom some Christmases ago
Shoes - the same old 67 You's as always

Btw, the only good this about climate change is, ummm, well, there is none, but if there ever were (you want to look at the bright side of life right?) it'd be be the fact that it is dry enough here in December for me to still wear shoes like this!

(Even though just as I was walking outside, thinking of this, it started to snow. Just a little bit, in a nice way. My feet and shoes survived : )

Tuesday 16 December 2008


When my future children grow up they are going to be just like Kitty Daisy and Lewis!

If I'd be a talented cool and stylish teenage musician I might get pissed by someone slighlty older than me calling me cute but I'm still going to do that because I think they are. Supercute. And cool.

Saturday 13 December 2008


If I've worn red and green before hoping not to remind people of Chirstmas it's totally ok to get some gingerbread or Christmas three vibes at this time of year from that colour combination. (50% of my nutrition this week has consisted of gingerbreads. I'm going to turn into the gingerbread woman soon or something!)

Blogging can be serious business, ummm, at least according to my facial expression...

(...and this picture is just here so I can show off my biiig hairdo)

Have a great weekend :)

Top - S&M dress worn as shirt; Skirt - MissSixty; Belt and tights - Old H&M; Shoes - Blueberry

Thursday 11 December 2008


I haven't done any christmas shopping yet ... except for myself - I gave myself this grey little bag as a pre christmas present. (Umm, or I didn' t actually, my Visa card did. Porridge time in January!). I paired it with a pair of grey shoes and felt rather grannyish until i added the big red bow in my hair. Then I felt like an overgrown seven year old.

Dress - Jenny Hällström
Bolero - old H&M
Shoes - Bullboxers
Bag - Global Accessories
Bow-thing in hair - Selfmade

And speaking of seven (Ha! I'm being real smooth here now :); I was tagged by Betsy (lovely blog, make sure to pay it a visit!) some time ago to reveal seven facts about myself.

So, one has to tell 7 things about oneself, both normal and a bit more strange, and tag seven people (+ the regular : link the one who challenged you and leave a comment about this to the tagged ones...)
Here we go:

1) I don't believe in horoscopes


2) I still consider myself to be a very typical libra: I'm very much of this and that black and white; there are a lot of opposites and constrast about me. Plus I am the worst ever to make desicions or to choose between two things

3) I'm a vegetarian. I used to be a vegan, but then sushi and milk chocolate took over... these days I use both dairy products and eat fish (and therefore feel a bit guilty from time to time).
But I'll never have meat or puoltry again.

4) I'm totally addicted to Powercow Chocolate milkshake (those small ones in ugly packing) and Dr.Oetkers Vanilla- and berry pudding. Must have once a day, at least :)

5) I can be quite the heartbraker, both intentionally and unintentionally. Mostly the later.

6) I like fashion as a phenomena and as an artform, but in general I don't really give a damn about whats happening on the catwalk and have no understanding whatsoever for the sort of worshipping of models that some girls have (now some readers are going to hate me I guess :)

7) The other job I have, apart from running my design business, is being a supervisor in the harbour, where I work twelve days out of 21. That's labour in grease and boots, bossing the boys around. As mentioned above, I am all about contrasts.

Uuuh, I always find it hard to tag others and I have no ida how many have ansvered this... This time, in honour of our Independence Day (which was last week), I'll tag only fellow Finnish bloggers: Kitten, Jenni, the Evil Dressmaker, Ranna, Nanó, Ilona and the Suburban Queen!

Monday 8 December 2008


Photo for ClubWanted by Santtu Särkäs

Now as I'm home fixig on some outfits for our upcoming show on Wednesday I might add a little advertisement about whats to come next year : in less than two months Club Wanted kicks off for the first time! Rock n'Roll and burlesque (that's us! Once a month! And with guest starts later on too :)! What more to ask for?

(We've started to get our lazy burlesque booties out in the web too so if you're in to all of that you can join us on facebook here or add us on myspace here. More pics coming up on those sites oon...)

Saturday 6 December 2008


With reference to my post below; you'll surely find lots and lots of similar and other lovely things if you pop by the Ofelia Second Hand Market at Gloria tomorrow! I know for sure that some of the stores, like Ansa for example, have ben saving special items just for this occasion for a long time. And there will be a lot of handmade treats to buy too!

Otherwise this would be a perfect happening for my Sunday Club, but I will be occupied with doing some slight modelling for Olivia Rouge (who is not only a burlesque dancer but also a seamtress). No Sunday Club for me, but it doesn't matter since I am very excited about the dress I'll wear!

So see you there then?


When I was a kid I hated soft packages since they mostly contained knitted socks, undies or pyjamas. But well, I guess you all know that these days I prefer them instead!

Today I've felt really cold so I've broswed the net for some knitted goodies, and who knows, maybe one of these will end up with me as a soft package soon?

Cloche hat and Wimbledon headband- mitten set from Ekawear
Ruffle Gloves from Modcloth, Bowed berets from Dollydagger

(Well, I can bow my berets myself but these were so pretty I thought they were worth to show anyway!)

Some more nice knitted things to look at, all from etsy:
1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6. and 7!

And I might have to get one of these, because it's so cute and freaky at the same time :D

Wednesday 3 December 2008


This month I'm going to ditch my black beret and wear a red one all the time!
When I evetually get my behind dragged to the sewing shop I'll buy some matching red quilted ribbon to make a bow for it, now I've attached a little pin with a ship and a maiden on it to make it more me.

(Jacket - Vintage, Beret and Skirt - GinaT, SHoes - Blueberry, Bag - H&M)

Monday 1 December 2008


Yes I know, I really am trying to outdo myself when it comes to coming up with stupid headlines.

But anyway.

I've always found comics with a touch of film noir as well as superhero- and classic comics rather inspiring (not to mention noir flics themselves too of course). The world that's drawn, the way it's drawn. But most of all, the ladies in them.

The men in this world have troubled minds (they're most often a detective or such), they wear a trenchcoat and hat and have a weakness for alcohol and women. Or then they are the superheroes; in daytime rather regular guys, at night time worldsaving hunks. And they all have a somewhat complicated realationship to the The Woman. *

The Woman is something of a femme fatale, showing up at the office door behind a curtain of smoke.
She has a habit of getting into trouble.

Or, then she is trouble.

The Superhero Girlfriend again is rather preppy but still adventurous, hanging out on rooftops and running around dark alleys in her fitted skirt and always perfetly shiny hair while trying to find out the identity of her superhero boyfriend (while possibly getting into trouble).

Jacket and blouse - oldl H&M, Skirt - Selfmade,
Silk Bow Stockings - Vogue, Shoes - Minna Parikka

*) Most of the guys around here actually fit the first descrition pretty well - the alcohol and women but minus the trench and the hat (and without us being in Gotham city). That, and the fact that Johnny Depp is already taken -he has nothing to do with comics but is worth a mention every now and then anyway- makes me go for the option of the Superhero Hunk. I wouldn't mind being Batman's girlfriend for a while. (Preferrably -ok, only - the Bale version. Oh yeah and with a happy ending).

(The comic and film noir images are googled up and the rest of the pics taken by Ina.)