Sunday 28 February 2010


It's time to announce the lucky winner of the Vaudeville Boutique give-away!

And the winner is...

Serina A!

Congratulations! You will receive an email form me shortly so we can get that dream cream ring on its way to you :)

Friday 26 February 2010


My building.
(You know ice like that can actually kill.)

My car.
(I wonder when I'll actually be able to see it?)

My work.
(Not much to add there.)

It's getting warmer now, for a while at least. Imagine all the fun I'll have when all of that snow starts to melt. Luckily I have my waterproof shoes to use when there's more snow than water on the ground...

Thursday 25 February 2010


Hey ohoy, my sweater has wings and my hair is real platinum blonde again! Yey.

You may think I haven't been too busy blogging lately.

That's because I've been busy doing others things.

This week, my nine to five. Although many jobs, I've never had a real nine to five one. (Except for six months of unpaid slavery at an ad agency, but that doesn't count since I had to do harbor work in the evening, thus it was a nine to twenty-two).

Well my nine to five looks like this: hot yoga at nine, a long lunch at twelve, the hair salon until five. (My friend recently quit her monthly wage-nine-to-five and started studying hair and make up, and gave me a nice ultra blond do just like I wanted). Today, it's pilates, sushi lunch and sock-pattern drawing for the factory.

I would've gone nine to five a longtime ago if I knew it was like this. Even though I'd prefer eleven. To four.
(I think I'll pul one of those tomorrow.)

(And no of course not all of my weeks are like this. I work like crazy. But I do get every third week off, paid, from the habrour.)

Sunday 21 February 2010


Minna Parikka's S/S 2010 can be wieved at her new site. I'm not going totally banans over the collection (or the ultra skinny model featuring it) but I wouldn't say no to this little overall for example, or to some of the cardigans in the collection (not to mention the Stocking Heels...)

Some of the knitwear from the past collection are on sale and I'm considering to get myself a salorish cardigan for more than half of the price it was. So far only considering, as it even at some 60% off is rather costy. But Sunday evenings, especially after a long day at work, has the dangerous ability of putting things slightly out of proportion (economically) - and perspective(economically) though, as well as listing things in a different line of importance... It usually end in the same way (which is: I buy).

So I don't know, Go! or No?

Thursday 18 February 2010


Springtime may be (forced) in the air everywhere except for actually being there - spring/summer collections here and there in shop windows or dropped as brochures and leaflets trough in mail and sent to my inbox, but for real it keeps on snowing and getting colder again. As pretty as it is with snow crystals on the window and a bright sun making it all sparkle I am adjusting my mind towards spring, a warmer sun and just all that is to come after that.

This in a pale green cardigan, coral lipstick (makes me feel kind of tropical. Like think of papaya and such) plus a huge flower in my hair. It's a small start. Even though it will take some time to be able to kick of the boots and kick in the heels...

Our team did a come back at the music quiz yesterday after a brake of many months (the reslut not being too bad - we were 4th!). And what better way to do it in than in a musical note skirt? (From Tara Starlet.)

Tuesday 16 February 2010


Time for something delicious!

You remember the rings in this post from this store right?

Well I'm glad to announce that Vaudeville Boutique is offering one of you the chance to win this dream cream whip ring for yourself!

The ring is made by Ainoa. It is adjustable in size and comes in sweet packing.

As usual, all you have to do to enter is to leave a post on this comment! But you might want to check out Vaudeville's myspace and join the group on Facebook for info and updates too - Vaudeville's Mimi and Lafayette are planning to host tassel workshops and such in the near future so keep yourself posted! The Vaudeville Boutique can only take direct payments from Finland but for all the rest of you out there, if you're interested in purchasing some items, just drop them an email.

The winner will be drawn at random on Friday Feb 26th! Good luck all of you :)
Update: Oh and of course, leave me your email please if you don't have a blog or website!

Sunday 14 February 2010


Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. Hope you've had a nice one!
We've been out valentine's wine-and dinging and now it's time for a easy evening at home.

(I'm going to make these silly small greetings a valentine's day habit I guess :)

Friday 12 February 2010


(Long manicured nails and workwear don't go well together. Practically, that is.)

I talk about the contrast between burlesque and the harbour, among other stuff ( I babble on a lot, jeez!), in a documentary about the Finnish burlesque scene. It was shot over a year ago, but aired on TV4 this week. You can catch us backstage as well as members of Helsinki Burlesque / Hula Pirates crafting together, reflecting over burlesque in all its forms, as well as clips from acts in Helsinki and NY. (It's all in Finnish though so why not take it as a lesson in Finnish as well :)

View it here:

I'm not one hundred percent about weather it can be viewed from abroad so you might have to try it trough a proxy then.

Thursday 11 February 2010


I have been in need of a new winter jacket. The black one I've been using for some yeas already has lost it's form and become soggy and less warm during this year's heavy cold. I browsed second hand- and vintage stores earlier this winter but didn't find anything suitable anywhere and kind of gave up. The other day I realized that the sales are still going on and stores are filling up with spring clothing as usual this time of year. Which always is a bit too early but worked pretty well a couple of years ago for example, when it was warm and dry enough for open heels, but this winter, with the most snow for decades, it definitely makes the consumer a winner. The winter is at it's peak now and will certainly go on for weeks still and winter clothing go for 70% off (haha!). I entered one shop and got myself a new jacket feeling content and like having fooled some sort of system here.

I got myself a straight wool jacket with a sort of slightly 40's inspired box like shape. It didn't have much of a collar though which is sort of a must for me since I hate few things more than wind sneaking upon me, so I made myself an attachable one!

Ta ta! I also got a bit of matching wool fabric and sewed myself a belt, as that might come in handy at some point, we'll see.

And yes, here I am posing in my new winter jacket, ready to take on the cold.

Wednesday 10 February 2010


If you're in the mood for some good vibes and groovy music why not head over to Lepakkomies for the No Milk Today club tomorrow? The Girl Watchers play 60's pop, garage and surf and everything in between and we throw in some retrolicious go go dancing - the Itty-Bitty Tease cabaret SHAKE!

EDIT : There will be No Milk For Me to shake today as I have taken on a nasty stomach virus and had to forget about both lindy hopping and go go dancing for tonight. Damn!

Sunday 7 February 2010


The Itty Bitty Tease Cabaret space ship crew on yesterday's burlesque fesival Time Machine party.

I've sewn the dresses for us girls. We also had a bunch of patches made for us in the spirit of Elvis' TCB!
The Itty-Bitty Tease Cabaret SHAKE!

Friday 5 February 2010


Photo by Mirva Thil

Now, on Saturday 6th, it's time for the third annual Helsinki Burlesque Festival! We won't be performing this year as we were on stage last year, and to be honest it bugged us quite a lot in the beginning. But considering a night without stress, a chance to see all other acts and to be able to concentrate on ones outfit for the evening we thought it might not be so bad after all. The theme being Time Machine the Itty Bitties are going on a retro-futuristic journey on galactic oceans - as long as my sewing machine can make it in time!

If you don't have a ticket for the festival there's another venue I'd like to recommend; the 2nd Blues Trash Cabaret! Unfortunately we had to say no to performing there, and I feel a bit sad to miss Messer Chups and Last Calls. But while Messer Chups will play here again I doubt we'll ever see the grand old lady Satans Angel twirling fire in Helsinki once more!

Wednesday 3 February 2010


In some matters I am the master of un-accomplishmentness (is that even a word?) - I was about to take my bike down to the bike cellar in my building for it's winter sleep a long time ago, but I was caught off guard by the snow in November. And the damn snow has stayed on the ground ever since! Not that that's any reason not to tuck the bike in there, but since the damage is sort of done already I have just let other things go first. Alas, the bike's still out there.
What a sad view from my window. Poor little rusting bastard.

Well, even if I'm complaining about all of the snow I am sort of enjoying it too. But I'm still waiting rather eagerly for spring. And if you look at it from the bright side and lie a little bit to yourself it will seem like spring is just around the corner, summer around the next... I crave for warmer days, lighter clothing and - riding my bike!

Which I will do in this darling dress:

I found this vintage dress in spring-like colours with a pattern of biking girls and boys, roses and bike tires on it when I popped by at sale my friend threw some days ago. Otherwise pretty perfect, but I will turn the sleeve in to 1950's style short cap sleeves and make pockets for the fluffy skirt with what's left of the sleeves. It will be great!


Tuesday 2 February 2010


I've been lying low on the outfit post front for some time as winter is not really the most inspirational time to dress up and I've been working most of the time anyway. But here's one!

The tailored skirt is made for me by Olivia Rouge and the red velvet bows are from Frollein von Sofa.

(And yes, I should rather be wearing something like my purple Parikka's on my feet, these ones you know, but you have to cut me some slack as there's a lot of snow outside. My winter shoes are pretty alright though, with warm socks especially. I bought another pair for next year already which probably means I'm growing really old or something...)