Thursday 29 April 2010


I miss my long hair! I should most probably tuck my hair into a turban with oil and keep it there all summer long hidden from evil curlers and heat rollers, sun and dirt. And bleach. I wonder if my locks will ever grow longer again.


Skirt - Olivia Rouge
Tights - Norlyn's PinPoint
Top - Freddies of Pinewood

I had the idea of a polka dot pencil skirt but there was no such to be found anywhere - so I had to have one made for me! Olivia Rouge did a great job (and I wiggle like hell in it)!

Wednesday 28 April 2010


It's great with a week off after two weeks of working and doing shows. And as usual, as summer is getting closer, more fun things happen and my social life is back in business - Eddi and I are going to see Cash-We'll meet again at Viirus tonight. Later meet up Ina & Mr.T at Sture Jazz.

The play isn't really about Johnny Cash, I'm not sure what it is about actually but it will be a lot of Cahs songs there. And the guy looks an awful lot like Cash!

Tuesday 27 April 2010


I'm tonight's guest on Lilla Onsdag on FST5. It's hosted by André and Thomas.

You can watch it online afterwards but only in Finland (or from a Finnish proxy, even though I've never succeeded watching other countries' shows that way...).

Sunday 25 April 2010


So the main reason of our day trip yesterday was to visit the second annual vintage/retro fair in Tallinn. I was a bit curious on what was to be found there; soviet memorabilia, pre-WWII items or the same kind of stuff we are used to over here? I knew there'd be furniture, which I was looking forward to that the most, so we came by car.

Held in a good location, the fair was rather small but sympathetic. It had a little bit of everything; clothes, accessories, record, the usual this-and-that, but maybe not the most selected range of vintage items. I was positively surprised about the furniture however - there were really nice pieces. And everybody was really nice.

Here we are posing with wonderful Margit, the organizer, and with the nice lady that sold the furniture. ( I have no idea what's up with my posture there though. I look like a bag o potato. A bag of potato in a nice dress though...)

This handsome young man served us free Martinis.

And you don't say No to that. I wouldn't have said no to that fifties' shelf in the background either, but I had to leave it behind.

This little black chair however followed Ina home. (It's a good thing we actually got something bigger too, since the fair was just around the corner to the harbour and the car would've been totally useless otherwise :)

And we got that cream coloured stool. I didn't know it then, but it will go perfectly along with an old make up table I bid on and won for a bargain today!

Saturday 24 April 2010


This morning I put on my blue bow shoes and bicycle dress and headed south with Eddi and Ina (who this time left her Mr.T at home).

We took the ferry across the Finnish Bay to Tallinn. ( It's not as serious as it looks :)

Eddi taking picures with his iPhone.

The result (hipstamatic for ze iphone. Works quite well, even though it gave me zombie arms here). The whole scenario to be seen here.

...And some more results. As you can see from me and Ina, the sub-theme of the day was taking photos.

The actual theme of the day was the Tallinn vintage and retro culture fair! Evergreens in Estionian, free Martinis and a lot of desireable furniture. I'll get in on that some more a bit later. You can also read more about the fair on Ina's blog.

Afterwards we went to Kompressor for stuffed pancakes and cherry juice (Cherry juice! That's something they don't sell at home!). And btw as you can see I cut the sleeves of the dress into cap sleeves as planned.

Mushrooms, blue cheese and garlic sour cream -they sure now how tho make pancakes in the Baltics! (and in Hungary too btw, even though different there).
I go to Tallinn about once or twice a year and have the pancakes at Kompressori on almost every visit. But I still always forget how to find the place, almost give up and then bump in to it by accident. Every time.


And then it was time to take the boat home. View from the window.

It was a fun day! (And we were almost colour-coordinated. Bring in the tuulipuvut! ;)

(my dress is vintage, the shoes from ModCloth and the small beret form Molla Mills, Eddis shirt is from VintageEija's and Ina's vintage dress is from Sivletto, if you're interested in those facts.)

Friday 23 April 2010


My life is full of things right now - my calendar is booked until December (! or Februay 2011 to be precise); we have arenovation coming up and otherwise there are a lot of big things going on in my mind. Sometimes it helps to erase all of those and concentrate on something totally different and less important. Like a pair of shoes (well at least it's a great excuse isn't it). So here's a wellfare country problem for you:

I spotted a pair of mint green Vagabond pumps online and directly dismissed the thought of buying them as I already have plenty more than enough of shoes, but then it struck me - is this it with the shoes? Does this mean I just won't get any new shoes, like, eh, ever? Then I happily reminded myself that my old rule still apply; no new shoes unless in a new colour. (It's not an absolute rule since one is entitled to have more than one pair of black and red shoes, at least). Plus surely every woman needs a pair of heels matching her refrigerator? Well, at least if it is mint green!

Now the only problem is stupid Vagabond Finland didn't have the guts to ever take in the shoes in this colour to the stores. And it seems they are sold out everywhere in my size online. So now a lot of happy size 37 bitches all over Europe are running around with my shoes on them (how dare they!).

This bugs me out like hell. I like the shoes, tried them on in black; they're comfy and has the same shape as a pair of 40's pumps I got from my grandmother but were too small, but they are not the most fantastic shoes in the world. Although right now it still feels like a mission for me to get them. Why? Well - just because. Because I can't have them, which made me reflect over the fact how easy it is to get things these days; I think we are quite accustomed to getting what we want as consumers (unless you loose a bidding on ebay of course :) Of course I do not always get what I want, not even when it comes to those things that money can buy as I am not made of it and do set some boundaries on how I use the money I have (yes I know it's hard to believe when reading this blog...). But a lot of things are so easy to get nowadays, nothing but that magical little click away and off to the post office we go to pick it up or pop by the store. And now I can't have these! Damn.

I will most likely get over this great loss rather soon, but until then, if anyone spots a pair of these green ash palma pumps in size 37 let me now ok? (Or I might just buy them for that German shop that carry them in size 38 and use them with socks or have the clobber somehow shrink them a bit. I can be quite persistent :)
the winner

The Sock Theory giveaway has ended and the winner has been drawn. This time luck landed on commenter no.8; Rubyredruca - who I'm sure will look lovely strutting around in her tuxedo stirr-ups! Congrats!

And for all you others, remember you can still get the discount from Sock Theory (see the banner in my right column) - and don't worry, there will be more chances of winning something small and lovely soon again!

Wednesday 21 April 2010


Every little chance I have to get myself all dolled up is welcome during a period of almost constant harbour work - I spend most of the day there in boots and workwear. So even though knowing it would get all painful the day after, as I have early mornings going on, I put on one of my new dresses and joined Ina (who now has a blog btw): & her Mr.T to Storyville's Billy Rock Station Club to see the Go Getters. A great night indeed, but one does get punished for dancing to that sinful rock n'roll music all night long if one has to get up at five the next morning. (And furthermore in not-yet-worn-shoes. Well, at least I've worn them in now:)

Here I am showing off my new dress. The pattern is very strong, I'm not sure about what I think of it but I like it all-in-all anyway. (Well of course since I bought it.)

And showing it off a bit more; yes, it has a big hem.

The shoes are these ones and the bag is vintage from my gran.

Monday 19 April 2010


I made up my mind, and now it was time for the postman to make my day - my Trashy Diva dresses arrived! (Yes, you read it right, plural.)

And like said before, it's not just getting the stuff that's in the box that's the great part, it's also the short walk home from the post office while making a tiny hole in the package for a little peak and the moments just before you actually open it that makes me feel like a little kid at Christmas Eve, as I love parcels and packages... Maybe I should start wrapping up old stuff of mine I don't wear or use anynmore and send it to myself..? Or well, maybe not.

Saturday 17 April 2010


Rik Stavale got some great shots from last week's shows, Jenny Woo's Glitter Grill!

Fiona played records, as usual. And that girl can choose her records well I tell you.

Bent Van Der Bleu. You can see him tonight at DTM both as Lola Vanilla and as Bent.

(Like mentioned before we'll be there too - Tinker Bell and I are doing a couple of numbers. The venue is part of Regnbågshelgen 2010; a LGBT weekend for Swedish speaking Finns. But of course you don't need to be Swedish speaking or gay to come, it's open for everyone :)

Bettie Blackheart's Russian Rose.

Jackie O'Lanterns Volcano. I bet it would be an even more popular number this week right? (Not perhaps if you, like Jackie, had a flight booked though...)

Lola is not your everyday kind of 'chick'; "There's something Wrong With Lola" as Screamin' Jay Hawkins (almost) sings it.

And that's me doing the "knee-number", partly to this song, but it starts out slower as something of a parody on fancy and "look-at-me-I'm-so-hot "burlesque.

Btw every now and then I you ask me questions about how I started with burlesque, short version among the answers here.

Friday 16 April 2010


I premiered my new spring jacket and wearing heels outside the first time this year!

It wasn't the sunny April day I'd hoped for though, but a rather rainy one. And since not worn before, I didn't realize the jacket shouldn't be worn with a high collar as the one on my blouse sticking out from underneath (as the slave to the details that I tend to be from time to time a thing like that really bugs me and I kept on tucking the collar down all the time). But hey, you can't always get everything perfect straight away now can you? And things are pretty alright and the weather pretty warm anyway :)

(The jacket is from ModCloth if anyone was wondering.)

Wednesday 14 April 2010


Lucky girls (and boys), it's giveaway time again - one of you will have the chance to win a pair of funny, but edgy "Tuxedo Stirrrr-up" Knee High Socks from Sock Theory!

Sock Theory carries a lot of funny, pretty and stylish socks, stockings, tights and more to go along with different styles. Wear the tuxedo knee highs as pictured with heels like leg warmers, as socks on black stockings with black heels for a trompe l'oleil boot look, with flats or why not with a pair of calf-high boots?

As usual, all you have to do to enter is to leave one comment -and one comment only- on this post, also mentioning your email if I can't reach you through your blog or such.

If you however post and link to this give away you may leave me another comment telling me about it, giving you two entries.

The winner will be drawn randomly on Friday April 23rd!

As there can only be one winner there is a another treat in for everyone still: Sock Theory offers you a discount code for 10% off purchases of $25 or more! The code is FREELANCER.

I suggest you check out the store; Sock Theory is all-female owned, New York based, active since January and with the aim to open up shops in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Morgan, who contacted me, tells me she developed the concept of legwear being the centerpiece of an outfit, instead of just an accessory. She wears, owns and models all items on the site and only selects products for Sock Theory that are unique and interesting.

Good luck -and happy shopping- everyone!


(...apart from the fact that right now I'm actually blogging...)

Sunshine outside and the only rose that survived the cats' attack last night. (They are not exactly small angels, not when it comes to flowers and plants at least.)

Breakfast by the window. (At 13:30, yes. When doing the late shifts at the harbour breakfast is not before noon :)

Reading Danny Wattin ('Pardon me, but your soul just died').

The postman bought me something nice this morning! Quite fast shipping I must say. (And you all had very good guesses but this one was the one I chose, the From The Cross Jewelry locket :)It has a beautiful shine to it that won't show on the picture as it is even prettier in real life.

Tuesday 13 April 2010


Last weekend we went to a wedding on the Åland Islands (which feels pretty much like going abroad- to Sweden - only you're not, you're still in Finland. Sort of).

As you shouldn't dress to outshine the bride I gave it a go at outshining the cake instead - with lots of pink fluff! Thinking cotton candy, strawberry whipped cream...

Not fluff all the way though; first I had to fix the fact that I had laid my rollers bad the day before - stupid foam rollers that won't stay in place. I even slept with them on all well tucked into a scarf goddamit and I got a fluffy cotton candy head! (Which wasn't really the point with what I mentioned earlier as I was more thinking pink fluff in clothing, not hair...)

(Of course it was no real problem, only a change of plan; moments later hair was fixed and fluff was in the right places and right places only.)

This picture could be called "Ah, its so fun posing on the hotel balcony" but instead it's "my hair is partly baby-pink nowadays, see?" Because cotton candy is OK for hair if we're talking colour, not texture.Or that's what I'd say.

And you know what? The wedding cake actually was pink!
(I won, I had more fluff on me than it did :)

And the outfit;
Dress - this one (Queen of hearts from ModCloth). The petticoat is Vivien of Holloway (amazingly soft and fluffy).
Shoes - these ones, my Christmas gift Parikka's.
The bag is from Stockmann's, the pearls are vintage.

And it's only part of my fringe that's pink. Yet.