Monday 30 June 2008


Dress - a gift from K
Silk corset underneath - Diamina
Seamed Stockings - Vogue
Shoes - Sthlm DG

On saturday I rolled up my hair and went out in a flowing little grey dress.
Grey could be the new black.

(But it's so not. I'll just allow it to replace black every now and then in summer.)

Sunday 29 June 2008


Beirut always works on lazy sundays like this.

I've been tagged by A Red Lipstick to list 7 song that I've been listening to recently.

The Rules:
List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they’re listening to.

Well, this tag won't really work for me in that sense that I seldom listen to just songs, mostly albums or some artists at a time. I have more than 5000 songs in my iTunes and what I listen to vary a lot. But this is what's been playing on my pod lately:
(if you have nothing to do you'll definitely pass the time if you actually click on all my links:)
1. Danzig - Dirty Black Summer
I think Danzig is pretty good, but Glenn Danzig should just learn to keep his shirt on, period.
2. Tiger army - In the Orchard
Tiger Army is great. I've always liked all songs with guitars like in this one, as said many times before...
3. Music from the Kaurismäki film "The man without a memory"
Sometimes finninsh melancholy jsut works for me.
4: Rauli Baddiging Somerjoki - Paratiisi
Haha! Few of you are going to get this. But this is just such a classic. More finnish melancholy.
5. Radiohead - In rainbows, fav song from the album right now is propably Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
6. Holly Golightly
7. Supergrass, all albums. Love the song Moving.

Umm, I don't really know who to tag so I'll just tag everyone in general, if you feel like listing some songs...

Once I'm at it, here's a tip on a couple of gigs worth checking out on Tavastia soon; unfortunately I'll miss them both... Managed to see MGMT last week though and it was, well nice, but waaay to crowded. Like a gig in a sauna, uh..


And magnificent Saul Williams.

Saturday 28 June 2008

Thursday 26 June 2008


This week's theme is obviously pattern mixing... Now with dots and flowers. (It's all h&m by the way in case anyone was wondering, very old dress and quite new little cardigan. And in case anyone's interested vol2 : I made a drawing of that dress here in the blog once before).

In order not to make this outfit too floral and cute I wore seamed fishnet tights (you can't really tell that from the pic though). And my leatherjacket of course, because we're like this 'X'.

I'm starting to like pattern-mishmash.

At some point when I get someone to take pictures I will tell you how I do this hair.

Now I'm off to Tallinn. Will go there next weekend aswell (in case anyone's interested vol3).
Ta -taa!

Wednesday 25 June 2008


Blouse - H&M
Skirt - thrifted
Shoes - STHLM DG

Somtimes when I buy things that need to be fixed a bit they susually end up in a bag in the back of my closet for ages. So I'm really glad that I fixed the skirt that I got last week this soon - even though I accidentally made it a bit shorter than I ment to.. (over-romanticied drawing of this skirt posted earlier here).

Well, over to the headline. I've never been much of a patternmixer, but I had my dotted cardigan and the skirt hanging on the chair toghether and somehow liked the mix of dots and chekcs.

So I ended up wearing both, I don't know, I think it works even though in general it shouldn't?

Then I met up with my sister and the guys from the labour-work I've mentioned here every now and then and we had liters and liters of strawberry margheritas, mexican beer and a whole lot of nachos. And it was something like this:

Well, except for the lapdance.
And we had no stuntman Mike either.
Maybe just mostly for the music, if even that.
Or for the mexican beers.

And yes, I have a slight headache today.


Um... what the hell is this? Axe Seduction Spot. Right beneath the f***ing crack-square of Helsinki? Sadly enough I didn't get a shot of the spot when one of the many alcoholilc subway station-hangarounds we have around here stood there scratching his more private parts. Seductive, indeed.

But seriously. What the hell is the point with that particular spot? Yeah yeah I get the thing with all women falling for the axe man. Sure the Axe-ads are a bit sexist, but since they've been made with some humor before I think they've been ok (as you can actually pull off pretty much with a little but of self-sarcasm and a lot of humor). I'm not too sure about these chocolate ads though. Ok, the girls look kind of hot yes but I'm not sure about all this face-smeared-with chocolate and at the same time saying that if you (you the man that is) will be as irresistble as choclate with the new Axe. Girls are just going to want to smear themselves with you, ehrm?

Ok, I'll let those printed ads be without further analyzing them but I just can't let the seduction spot go.

Last year Idols had a similar ad as in an "idols-spot" infront of a poster with the judges saying "go ahead". The point was pretty clear there and I thought that kind of interaction in street advertisement was rather brilliant. But this one...I mean what, do they have some axe-pheromones secretly sipping out from somewhere around this spot? Or are you just supposed to stand there being all seducted by the chicks in the ad infront of you? Should you wait there for someone to seduce you or what -should a guy stand there and wait for the bitches to come, or is it ment to be the other way around? Will the Axe customer service be overfolated with letter a couple of years from now with happy couples thanking axe for their seduciton spot "now we have a house and volvo and a baby and a golden retriver toghether and even get jiggy with it a couple of times a week since the man in the house smells so damn seductive still"?

Tuesday 24 June 2008


I'm featured (or, actually, my tattoos are) in the latets number of Scandinavian Tattoo Magazine. It's quite many months ago since the pictures were taken so my skin is not up-to-date there so to say.... Well, the article isn't exactly high-class journalism and I'm shot from a really strange angle that makes me look both younger and older than I am at the same time, (I can't really decide whicc one it is) but it's quite funny anyway.


Jacket - Jenny Hällström
Skirt - my Mother's old, modified by me
Shoes - Sixtyseven You

I love the volume of this skirt. And the fact that it has huuuge pockets that can fit most of what my handbag does (ok, I'm referring to a quite small handbag here but anyway). My mom re-discovered it in her closet at our summerplace last year and figured I'd like it. Originally a bit longer, I've taken the hem up a bit but sewn it with loose stiches quite far from each other to make the hem all fluffy and puffy. The skirt has an elastic lace belt in the waist that gives it a great shape and a rounded hip. And a big behind. Which is great. Booty, hell yeah!

Saturday 21 June 2008


This one will be mine soon, very soon

Ok I now I'm repeating myself here over and over by mentioning this little feeling of guilt that I get everytime I make my already huge wardrobe a bit bigger... I was thinking of putting my wallet on vacation and let my stuffed closet breathe for a while so to say. But then lovely Ranna posted a picture of her in an amazing dress from Trashy Diva that I just can't stop thinking about. So I go to the Trashy Diva website and there are som many pretty dresses that make me totally breathless and that I just have to have.
Oh my oh my oh my.

(But, I do not only feel like I would have saved myself the approximate amount of 350£ that I was willing to put out on my lost tulle dream, no, I feel like I would have been handed over that amount instead. So I'm having atleast two dresses! I guess it's a good thing I didn't study to become an economic adviser, right? :)

Thursday 19 June 2008


Some of you have asked how I do my hair, so I'll dedicate a few posts to that.

First I'll show the most simple way I do it and also the one that stays longest without falling apart. It's a retro inspired hairdo and a very simplified version of victory rolls, by using combs or clips, instead of rolls as in the true version.

I always fix my bangs/fringe first. Before I used to curl it by rolling it up on a small brushed curler/roll and let it stay in for some time, but now I always curl it with my straightener. First I curl the sides, then the middle. Done with the straightener my bangs lasts for the whole day without any hairspray!

Then i take the side section of the hair and twist it backwards and up. If you're not lazy like me you separate the section with a comb or so to get the parting straight.

Secure it with a comb or a hairclip. With combs you can puff the hair quite high. You might have to sleek the side with spray or a little wax. (In this pic I use a comb but in the later pics I've fastened my hair with a pair of black clips with small roses on).

Sometimes I just curl the ends of my hair and leave it loose like this .

Or then I roll it up int a simple knot and secure it with a few strong pins, or by pressing a big comb down in the middle.

You can do some variation to this by putting a big bow clip back, a flower to the side, or by fastening your hair with a hairnet...

Or just keep it simple as it is.

Ta-taa, hairdo number one. And it only took about three minutes to do it.

Wednesday 18 June 2008


Shirt - Indiska
Skirt - Selfmade
Shoes - Bianco
Bag - H&M

I had a bad hair day. A bad whole face day actually. Doesn't occur often, but still hits me every now and then (blame it on the weekend). On such days it's good to draw the attention away from the head, by wearing a pair of rich yellow shoes and carrying a bright red bag.
Hmmm, but if I would've put something green on too, I could've been able to compete with the traffic lights :)

(It was raining a bit today so not such a good idea to wear suede shoes though... But I like the moments after rain in early summer like this. I walked homke through a park and the smell of flowers were really heavy and super sweet and everything so intesivly green. Nice.)

Tuesday 17 June 2008


Yestarday I did a lttle browsing around some secondhand stores (- totally unneccessary; my wardrobe is full of things already and need nothing new! Why does buying things give us such a good feeling goddamit!). Anyway, I came home with a nice checked 50's skirt and the knowledge of the fact that I need (ummm, ok, want is prpoably a better word) a small, fitted jacket, preferrably in tweed, and a matching skirt wouldn't be that bad either. This I realized after trying one such on, but unfortunately my boxing shoulders and the jacket didn't get along too well and I had to leave it behind, sniff sniff.

I can't belive I'm deraming of fitted tweed promenade suits and feeling autumn now that it's finnally summer. Must be because of all the rain lately...

-Oh yes and as usually the drawing will look nicer if you go on clicking it bigger so please do-

Monday 16 June 2008


Dress - LoveKills, ebay
Shoes - Sixtyseven You

I have received most of the stuff from my hangover-ebay shopping spree from a couple of weeks back (yes my master card hates me by now). One of the dresses I bought was a bit too small but this one fits just perfectly (phew!)! And it is perfect for red wine, great music and a night out!


Last night Ina and I had ourselves a special Saturday night, well needed after a long week of work and after such a day as Friday the 13th...

We started with some strawberries and a lot of cheap champagne, doing the whole dressing-up-putting-on-lipstick-thing.

It's all in the details.

Could I use any other perfume?
Well, last night I actually also had the sweet scent of martini since I managed to spill my drink on me just as we left...

Ina has a pair of blue revolver earrings from Silly Girl that she got from me last Christmas.

I have accidetnally cut my bangs too short so I have to wear my hair back until they grow out a bit. But as I've said, combs rock and you can do lots of tricks with them (and with a whole lot of hairwax too).

I had made us a special playlist with some Stray Cats, Tiger Army and Chris Isaak . But of course we can't go out with out listening to this or this songfirst!
(and um, some Nik Kershaw - but that is a totally differnet story :)

And then we went out and the rain was pouring down and my curls were all ruined but we had fun anyway!

Sunday 15 June 2008


Dress - Carlings

I'm continuing with post of other people than just me, as variation is always for the better. Last time i featured my sister C. Well, this is my friend Ina. Along with K, Paula and the other K she is my best friend. You may rememer her from the drawings here and here.

Ina and I are partners in crime in the weekly music quiz. We have a lot of music issues toghether, like an unforgettable karaoke performance of Led Zeppelins Immigrant song. (Yeah. Who the hell puts "Immigrant song" on a karaoke list, at least in a place where they serve alcohol? That shuld be forbidden. Who let's people sing that song after having a few ones? And who the hell comes up with the idea of doing Led Zeppelin, that song especially, on karaoke anyway!? Well, we, apparently.)


Anyone remember this song? (I guess most do, since the video features Helena Christensen...) It goes well for a day like today when my head feels very, very heavy.

It's not like most people go around saying they like Chris Isaak but I actually think he is a bit under rated... well I've always had a thing for winy guitars and songs like Blue Hotel makes me want to jump in any old car and drive as far out of town as until I'd reach one of those old roadside bars. Then I'd stay there the rest of the eveing smoking cigarettes.

Saturday 14 June 2008


Remember this post? Well, sometimes you get what you want (at least if you can pay for it). My mirror just arrived from Domestic and it's great. Yes, I've been internet shoping again. (My dear friend K ordered the Alice-mirror. Her boyfriend hates it. But she's happy)

The mirror wan't the easiest to put up, or to cut (it's ready cut from a square but you have to press it out of there youself and as you can see there are quite many small details...). It appears smaller on my wall than I thought though:

(Also in this picture: my good ol' sailor monkey. One of my first toys I think. And the only one I still have around. I love monkeys. And seamen, hah.)

I also got some wall-vinyls for my bathroom. But with my speed of actually getting thinkgs done I guess they'll be on my wall next january or so...anyway, pictures will follow. Eventually.

Friday 13 June 2008

425 £

Oh no. I'm weeping not only a bit but very much.

I did not get this dress. I had already planned to hang it on my wall next to my bed, waiting to be worn. I was at sea when the bidding ended so I didn't really stand a chance. But, but but, the price of 425 GBP, almost 550 euros, would have been a bit too heavy anyway even though I was prepared to go quite close to that.

Well, now I can just go buy myself that new camera instead. And I'm going on some trips later on this summer so I guess it is better this way, even though I had planed a great future for the dress and me...

(My dear mother said my cats propably would have been tearing the dress if it'd been on the wall anyway. And I'd propably have spilled red wine on it the first time I had it on too. Let's just say so and I'll feel a lot better.)

Thursday 12 June 2008


I still haven't bought myself a decent camera (I'm not too fast at getting things done I'm afraid...). I'm still borrowing Paulas so I don't carry it with me so much. Tere are no pics from the actual wedding though. We're in the internet you know and I some people don't want their pictures here, at least not without knowing about it...

My two sisters and I in the sunshine.
It was so hot that day, almost + 30C!

Since I have no apple earrings for my apple dress I went for cherries instead.

This is my youngest sister V. I like the combination of peach and grey in her outfit.

C, that sneaky bastard, managed to sneak in two outfits during one day. She changed in between the ceremony and the actual wedding. Touché.

Here's a pic taken of us at the boat. The ships have these photographers during summer that are runing around taking silly pictures that are totally overpriced and normally with hideous corny frames around them, but this one is quite nice anyway. (And I like it even though the angle sort of makes me look like I'd been a member of the DDR olympic wrestling team of 1960 or something.) We're going to frame it and give it to mom and dad I think.

(Yeah yeah and don't anyone get offendeed now by that DDR comment. I'm a quarter german so it could kind of be true. If I'd actually be a wresteler. And if I would have been born a few decades earlier that is:)


Dress - RockSteady

You know how it is that when you wear a certain dress nice things always happen to you and more people approach you than normal? I've written about my lucky dresses before, but this one is still my all-time favourite. It rocks.

It is quite easy to make nice hairdo's by using just combs. Combs rock too.

Tuesday 10 June 2008


Today was quite nice and sunny but very windy (and you may recall that I've written about it before, how I just can't stand hard wind since it makes me angry). The weather blog reporting again... Well anyway, I know a nice spot where one can sit in shelter. So arriving home from our trip, and before geting all back to work, I took a nice day off. Spent some time in this place safe from the wind, sitting in the sunshine reading interior decorating magazines (I am very entusiastic about going home-stuff thrifting and getting my new aparement "ready"!), listening to mellow songs on my ipod, sipping on a peach smoothie.

There were a lot of nice flowers where I were.

(But actually I'm just showing off the fact that I painted my nails all girlish in honour of the wedding I was at.)

Well, the flowers are nice anyway, nails or no nails.

And in case anyone was wondering, this is what I wore.

Top - Mango
Belt - Vintage
Skirt - Selfmade

Monday 9 June 2008


I love travelling by sea. I actually love the sea in general - the smell of it, its colours, all the ships, the harbours. (I even like the seagulls, even though most people don't.)

We travelled to Sweden by boat, we always do. It's a quite comfy way to travel. It's also a more ecological way to travel than by plane. We had some wine and lobster and a lot of sun on the deck. And me and my sister of course know all of the handsome seamen onboard and spent some time with them too!