Monday 28 January 2008

A GIRL THAT CAUGHT MY EYE - more outfit spotting

Somewhere in this town there is a girl who owns a wonderful skirt and she wears it with a tiny leater jacket.

I bet she listens to Holly Golightly. Or, I hope she listens to Holly Golightly. (I love Holly Golightly).

(I actually do keep a little black sketchbook in my bag with me all the time for my outfit spotting).


Mr. Single-in-the-city

After Z's great farewell dinner, lots of wine and too many cigarettes on Saturday night we hit the town for some serious moneyspending and fun. K, who was "single in the city" for this weekend and this weekend only (it should be said with quite a lot of irony. I also had to remind her that I'm "single in the city" 50% of the time due to J's job...), and I noticed there were a lot of rudeboys around town. And I don't mean guys behaving badly, but having the style. Then I remembered that there would've been a great ska gig the same night that I would've wanted to go to. (Well, I didn't, but I had an even better time among my friends anyway). K and I also spotted on very stylish guy that could've come straight out of a scene from Control. So, of course, we told him that we liked his style but he was actually a bit, well, if not rude, then very smug, just raising his eyebrows and saying "yes". Then he hanged around a bit close to us just trying to look über cool. But we of course were even cooler and left the place for a better party elsewhere. Oh, either way, he looked great, very preppy, new wave-ish, quite punk.

Yesterday on Sunday we drove out of town to J's father and his wife for Sunday dinner. It's only about 40km away from the center, but there was still full winter with snow and ice on the lake and all. We went to the sauna and for the first time in my life I swam (ok, I did't really swin but I did go in all the way) in a frozen lake. Refreshing.


This weekend I wore the same dress on both friday and saturday but in two different ways. I'm not used to wearing white (or almost-white as this dress is) or just pale colours in general, it makes me feel somewhat different than normal. But after some red wine I forgot about that totally.

Saturday 26 January 2008


Yesterday I went to my good friend Mia's farewell party; she is moving to Oslo soon (she got a nice job there within fashion). So yesterday she trew her farewell party at her (supernice) flat. We took a taxi tour around town trying to decide where to go afterwards, ending up at a club I don't like - that no one of us likes actually- but atleast it was close to me so I could walk home later (and I had a pizza with double cheese on and some milk on the way, mmmm).

The host of the evening was looking gorgeus (and she has very cool biker-like boots).

K was also looking great as always too, in a dress from pudel

Tonight there is another farewell-thing.
All my friends are moving away...

Thursday 24 January 2008


I've been playing around a bit more with my new Wacom Intuos 3.

A few days ago when I was in the centre of town I discovered a new house, one that I haven't seen before even though I've been walking on that street for years. I also worked opposite of that street for years before so I've been staring on those facades for hours, for years. But I've never seen that house before and it's still more than 200 years old, so it had propably been there all along, but for me it felt very disturbing to have that building there all of a sudden.

It felt the same like when I was 13 and learned that there is another R in MaRlboro.

Wednesday 23 January 2008


My friend Ina wore a really cute blouse to last week's music quiz. I like round white collars and big guttons, as said many times before.


Look, it's the Chiquita girl!
I like this.

You won't be seing me wearing it though.

But I like it anyway.

(It's H&M)

Tuesday 22 January 2008


I'm so addicted to Power Cow chocolate milkshake! I have at least two a day.

Cardigan - old, Dress - H&M, Belt - thirfted
Shoes - Fabbri, Socks - borrowed

I have never been able to wear heels in January until now. It's so warm and there is no snow! Well it's a bit sad actually but hey, I'm still wearing my autumn shoes!

I know the combination of thick granny-knitted socks (which I borrowed from my friend because they were so fine)might seem a bit strange but it was quite fun to wear. Outside I had this outfit with my short black sailor jacket and, as always, the black beret. I though it was quite cute.

And no, I dind't cut or colour my hair, it is still blond and the cut still inspired by Bettie Page. But it's good with a little variation and I just can't go around drawing myself all the time now can I? So if I'd be a tall redhead this is what I'd have looked like today ok.

Monday 21 January 2008


I bet a lot of people get really dissapointed. When I look at my stats, a lot of poeple have found my blog through googling rockabilly blog, rockabilly fashion blog, rockabilly girl etc etc. and last but not least rockabilly boys dress (the last one is a bit weird, isn't it?). But then when one enters my blog I don't really go that much on about rockabillies at all... (I bet after all these rocka-this and rocka-that words I just wrote I will be the #1 the next one someone searches for rockabilly-something).

Well, I'm still in to all that and I'd love to wear more/post more outfit drawings of my 50's dresses but most of them are summerdresses and it's winter now so that'll just have to wait. I'd also go to more gigs and write about them if I only had the time.

I just thought I'd point this out due to all the searches...

Sunday 20 January 2008


The movie Walk the Line was a good, Jaquin Phoenix was amazing, Reese Witherspoon had lovely dresses and Johnny Cash himself is great. But the poster. Oh the poster, I love it. (It's done by Shepard Fairey). It's the best movie poster I've seen in years. I like old movie posters in general. Few new movie posters inspire me. Why arent' there more movie posters like this these days?

For more artsy movie posters, check out The site is kind of old school-internet-ugly but the posters are great.

Saturday 19 January 2008


About a month ago I went to see a big Dàli exhibition. In the museum shop they sold some jewellery originally designed by the man himself. As kitchy as it was, I felt a little itch for a glittering lip brooch with red gems and pearl teeth, both ugly and beautiful in the same time. Since it was quite expensive and this was just before christmas I didn't get it but now I'd like to have it on a black dress or on a scarf toghether with a soft creme coloured blouse and my dark red pencil skirt. Or then it would just look good in my jewellery case togehter with all the other stuff, you know, just to look at.
But I'm still not sure if I even like it.

(I couldn't find the exact same one that I saw, it was a bit better I think. These ones are from and

There is a magazine spread Dalí did about himself in the early forties for Click magazine. It's such a great layout but I can't find it anywhere on the web. Hints anyone?

Friday 18 January 2008


T-shirt of the f***ing year

Quality or not, designer or brand, I don't think it's very smart or necessary to buy a t-shirt (even if it may be nicely cut and have puffed sleeves) for over 50€.

Having this said, I still bought a very cute black short Diesel t-shirt with puffed sleeves a couple of months ago for 50 euros (or actually I paid "only" 30 € for it since I bought it from the shop where I occasionaly do a shift or two and thus still have my personnel discount). Quite costy, but it was perfect for most of my high-waist skirts or over some sleevess dresess.

But it dissapeared in Amsterdam. Almost right in front of my eyes. When I was there over the new year's we were 11 people staying in the same flat so it was a bit messy. I had my shirt and a dress hanging over a chair and one moment they were both there and the next only the dress. I thought it had fallen on the floor and got mixed up with someone else's stuff but everyone checked their bags there and at home again but the shirt had just vanished. And it hasn't been found in the flat by this day. I'm afraid it somehow just, eh, got thrown away in the trash when we cleaned after the NYE party.

It's sad beacuse I really liked the shirt. I'm almost considering to buy a new one, if there are eny left, they only had a few. But that's really stupid, right? To put that much money on a t-shirt. It was more of a blouse actually, so is it ok then?


Does any of you use Safari as a browser when reading this? I flip between Safari and Firefox (I really don't know why I just don't skip safari straight away...) and everything works fine with Firefox but with Safari all texts are in italic starting from a few posts down. And all links and so on too. That's strange since I havent left any unfinished html tags either and all other browsers work noramally.
Is it like that for anyone else? Or is it just my computer flipping out?

GIRL IN FUR - another spotted outfit

There has been quite some talk about fur and vintage fur in some blogs but I take no part in that. Or well, I think vintage fur is ok because its better to use something thant just throw it away (obviously), its warm and it looks good. So now I sort of took part in it anyway.

Either way, I saw an adorable girl today on my way home. She was pale in a chic way, wearing an old jacket in thick, curly fur (I know there is a name for fur like that but I can't remember it), a flowery scarf around her head, a cute, old-looking purse and granny boots. Very nice, very cute. If it gets really cold this winter - I doubt it- I might consider a jacket like that for me too.

Thursday 17 January 2008


This is how I look most of the time when I'm working. Comfy comfy. A bit boring maybe. I've been wearing the same cardigan for the whole week while working and having some occasional combined lunch - job meetings. I have a lot of work right now and I don't know where to start. And in the same time there are so many happenings - parties, a farewellparty, a dinner and a few interesting gigs - in the near future I dont' want to miss and I have no idea how to get it together. I want to have time to train my savate too because there is a test for my next level next week. In savate you get a higher colour on your glove by each level, kind of like getting a different belt in martial arts (but it's only symbolic. My gloves are black at all levels).

And the factory that produces the clothes and packages that I make for this one company screwed up a packing I did some time ago (I have no idea how they could manage to do that but they have just made some really strange changes to it) and now I have to correct their version and I would rather just do something else, aaarrgh!

Monday 14 January 2008


Phew, it was quite a wild weekend in Tallinn I have to say. Many Bonds and gorgeus girls, I think there were more than 200 people at the venue. And veryvery strong drinks. After the party we still went to a club (that had a great logo, otherwise it's all a blur) and then back to the hotel for an afterparty so yesterday was quite slow for me. I went for the second outfit and it was a good choice because people were quite fancy at the party. Im not much of a picture poster of myself but I'll put some of the party anyway since I've already drawn the outft before.

It's gonna be a long week with a lot of work and I have so many things I want to post here - a whole bunch of outfits I've spotted on others. And a lot of other stuff. But first things first, I have to make a living too. But most of all I'd just like to stay in bed all week just reading magazines and drinking apple-strawberry smoothies.

The Bond girl and one of the many Bonds

Friday 11 January 2008


Well, whatever I choose to wear tomorrow night this is what I will be travelling in; a supercute blouse/tunic from H&M (that I bought today), a long black cardigan, leggings (I should wear some of my pants or jeans sometimes too. I have a lot of them but they lay lonely and unused in the back of my closet), a pair of warm knitted socks and my old Vagabond boots that I've re-discovered lately.

I was actually going to the gym tonight but I've just been making drawings instead. Shame on me.


I've always had a crush on Daniel Craig but after seeing the latest Bond movie last year I'm totally in love with him.

Ok, I just had to get that said but anyway; I'm going to Tallinn for the weekend. I'm going to attend a huge party there, thrown by one of the companies I'm employed at and the theme is James Bond. Couldn't really find anything at home or in my favourite secondhand store so I went out shopping, which I haven't done for ages. The January sale is still happening and I just looked great in everything I tried on so I let my little visa card do it's thing (and I´ll weep at the end of next month).

Now I just can't decide on what to wear - should I go for the evil agent look in a 60's style dark dress with (fake-)leather applications (from Gina tricot, first time I ever bought anything from there) and my old vintage boots and semi-long leather gloves, or should I just wear a little black dress (from H&M) and long shiny gloves for a more classic Bond-girl look? I was thinking of going as the evil agent and saving the LBD for the Helsinki Burlesque Festival that I'll attend in February but I think I'll take both outfits with me just to be sure...

Like this...

or this?

Thursday 10 January 2008


Last summer I was browsing through a tattoo magazine (I actually enjoy that more than Vogue sometimes:)and read an article about 666 Photography. I am so totally in love with all the prints they make, the photographer Gayla is amazing and does all the styling herself too.

I just can't get enough of the pics, I could eat them:

But unlike the Vogue girls below, these tattoos are real


I have an itch for some new tattoos again; I have two planned already. But as soon as I get a new one done I start thinking of the next one. One more is never enough.

The amazing pictures above are from the december issue of Italian Vogue.

Monday 7 January 2008


Dress - Diesel, Scarf - Indiska
Turtleneck knit and tights- H&M

I went out to get some groceries and to buy some haircolour (still trying to get my hair white again after having it a bit darker last summer) and decided that I was tired of looking like shit even though I'm a bit sick. So I dressed nice and warm and made myself look like a russian (sort of) doll with a folky style knitted dress, a patterned wool scarf and red cheeks, a dark red small mouth and long lashes (Lancomes Fatale always does the trick). Cute outfit but since I kept my jacket all the time no one really saw it...

Outside it was snowing for the first time this winter (apart from a few days in November I think) and everything was quite calm and quiet even though there were a lot of people around. Snow somehows soften all noises and sounds in such a strange way. I decided to walk to a store a bit further away than the one on my street to get some fresh air - and so that someone actually could see my nice outfit...- and I ended up buying a lot of vegetables for my soups and different kinds of juices. In the end my bag became really heavy and I'm still weak and coughy so I was sweating and it was hell to walk back. I looked like shit anyway when I got back home.


Today I'm still sick but I feel a lot better and I like this stage - you can take it easy without feeling guilty about not doing anything. I've been watching movies, going through magazines and drinking different kinds of teas and hot juices. I've been making colourful and healthy food and listening to Bollywood hits (I really like Kishore Kumar and this is a great song - but the video is really cheezy and his outfit out of this world so if you watch it just listen and look away :). I've been cooking with my favourite spices like cardamom and coriander, so it smells nice at home.

Why does one always have soup when sick? Well I can catually think of quite many reasons and anyway, I really like soups so I don't mind. Yestarday I made a soft green puree soup of broccoli spinach and potatoes, then a chili-tomatoe soup with chunks of mozzarella and today's soup is a carrot puree soup with ginger, coriander and light creme fraice. Then I made some oven-baked apples with cardamom and honey and had some blackcurrant juice. Yumyum.

Sunday 6 January 2008


Ok, I know it was almost a week ago but this is what I was wearing on NewYearsEve. My lovely Reko Design dress. I'm always happy when I find a occasion to wear it, it is not the easiest dress for me since I mostly wear dark clothes.

Reko Design is worth checking out, they have so many lovely models of dresses and you can order straight from their site and choose the fabric yourself (even though right now it seems one is not able to order due to a too big demand). The site is not that good, but you get a picture of the nice clothes anyway.

My yellow dress is quite ecologic since it's from secondhand fabric but I'm not sure if they use old fabrics anymore.

Saturday 5 January 2008


I really like my new dress and now I want to use it all the time (even today when I'm ill and had to go out just for al little while). But it was almost as costy as my planeticket to Amsredam so I really better wear it a lot. Good thing it's a versatile piece of clothing so I guess I can have it quite much before I grow tired of it.

My friends said it's a dress for life - if I get many more sizes bigger it will still fit (the arms will stretch) and hah, I can even have it as a maternity dress when - or if- that time comes... :)


I thougt I'd share another picture of me from the late nineties, from my hippie days. Even though I'm ill I still had to go out today to take care of some things and I dressed up in layer on layer withs scarfs and socks and legwarmers and sweaters on my dress and it reminded me a bit of the old hippie me about ten years ago...

Me around 1997-98


So,I'm back from Amsterdam now. It was a fun trip and a great city, but both me and J caught a cold there so now we're just staying in coughing and drinking tea.

I didn't really do that any shopping on my trip but I did buy one dress; it's huge and I love it. Makes me look a bit like something in between a boho-chick from the early seventies, an art school nerd and a character from moomin.
Dress by Vadumsrum