Saturday 29 May 2010


Some time ago I modeled hats for Fiona Timantti. Here are the results; the photos of her fabulous hats!

Fiona's own site is not up for the time being, but if you are interested in hats of hers I suggest you check out her blog and contact her!

The Photos are taken by Riku Ryynänen.

So Iäve been thinking of getting myself one of Fiona's creations but how on earth am I going to choose??

Wednesday 26 May 2010


The Firsts : Chihuahua

Tinker Bell and I, along with Pepper Sparkles, were filmed for a music video. We are not actually performing for the video, or dancing to the song, but the clips were filmed at real gigs of ours. That's why it's not totally syncing with the music, but in general I think it works.

Tinker Bell is doing her Human Fly show in the video. You can't catch the giant bug scene though. And they filmed this number of mine, which is mostly a parody on fancy burlesque. And I go crazy in the end.

Where I work (harbour, and at home) there is no such thing as nsfw, but I don't know about your work - the video does contain some burlesque.

Monday 24 May 2010


-Cars and girls!

Last weekend, just before the rain came and the week-long heat ended, we drove out to a car club to shoot some poster pics for Helsinki Cruising Club.

HCC happens the first Friday of every month from June to September. Radio Helsinki plays great rockabilly and rautalanka (♥) all evening long while the cars cruise. I always tune in. The club itself afterwards is at Nosturi, with acts like Kim Lenz, Rob Coffinshaker, The Barnshakers (at the first club) and us - at every club! But more on that some other time.

Here are some behind the scenes pics, taken by Itty-Bitty Lola M.:
Itty-Bitties in Trashy Diva trixie dresses.

Vera De Vil.

Jackie O'Lantern has a mini Diana!

Oh, tires!

Pickaboo from behind my Taunus (which, although a great car, was not part of the shooting :)

Marko, the photographer. He's really good. He took these (<- click) for example.

Final results to be seen later.

Saturday 22 May 2010


(I guess one could've seen it coming since I've been obsessed with the idea ever since this happened (<– click) even though I didn't quite go all cotton-candy-head.)

Now I'm off to a party in connection to the TV-show I participated in some time ago.
Have a nice weekend!

Friday 21 May 2010


Yesterday I took the bus (only 15 minutes during rush hour, very important for me to point that out now that I'll be moving away from the inner city. It's the bus-thing you know.) and got off at my stop-to-be, surrounded by it's white flowers.

Bugs are cute in natrue, where they belong. (As in Not in the house!)
The way down to the new home. You'd never believe one of the most heavily trafficked high ways in Finland runs just around the corner. Our building is behind the trees, in front of the large meadow. The sea is to the right.
I pretty much grew up around here you know.

I sat down on the meadow for a while...
...and then I lay down before going in and renovating my behind off me the rest of the day. Ah, summer!

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot the mention : I got my green shoes!


I guess I can squeeze in a couple of more pictures of the shoes and a quickie on how I actually got them:
So here's the story : Stupid girl who should think about everything else than shoes feels she has to get the green pumps and emails stupid Vagabond Finland who say these shoes were never brought in to the country (since stupid Finns can't appreciate the good stuff she interprets). She then emails evil Vagabond Europe who say the shoes will never ever be on the online store in size 37 ever again. Persistant shoe-girl does not give up but tracks them down at nice German shop who happen to carry them but not in size 37. Nice German shop has a wish list and silly shoe girl clicks it and receives an email one week later that the shoes are now in stock (lying evil Vagabond)! Nasty German shop does not ship to Finland not even though hopeful shoe girls emails them in very polite German and kindly asks. Obsessed shoe girl does not give up but get's a little help from wonderful Frollein in Berlin who orders the shoes herself and then sends them to mint-green-obsessed-shoe-girl in Finland. Oh, the wonders of the internet, now they are on her feet!End of story.)

So, back to the meadow. At the and of the day, very tired and very dirty after hours of work, I took the bus home (8 minutes downtown).


The Olivia Rouge give-away has ended!

The lucky winners are:
...Emm, who will win the golden bow!

...Peyton Sawier, who will receive the silver one!

Congratulations ladies, you will receive an email from me shortly :)

Wednesday 19 May 2010


-the yellow edition!
Or, as I also like to think: the lemon licorice one.
(How come I always want to combine dressing up and candy? I'm not that much of a candy person after all.)

I made the daisy hair comb to go along with the dress, which has small daisies on it.

La la la la with the bolero on.

Ladi dadi da without it on.

As it obviously is bound to happen sooner or later* I might just say it straight away: bring on the matching track suits!

So it was a Vivien of Holloway binge once again; everything is Vivien of Holloway except for the vintage bag and the shoes. (And no they did no sponsor my trip.)

*)No not really. The tracksuits I mean. I don't think they'll ever happen no matter how much we match shirts and dresses. Or? I mean, could be fun to kitsch it up Royal Tenebaum style once in a while (not the common Finnish jerk style though). Well, on Halloween perhaps.

Tuesday 18 May 2010


You know, sometimes some of the tiniest things in life are the best ones - those you may only be reminded of when you are actually enjoying them, or those small details you long for when you are far away from them.

Sitting by my window in the soft evening sunshine (yes, we have sunshine in the evenings up here :), letting the warm summer air in, listening to the birds twitter is one of those. Just amazing actually, after a long and cold winter, afer a hectic day.

The weather is spectacularly warm this week; warmer than usual. Helsinki really blooms up and is much more great on days like these. Reminds me of the fact that there actually are places where you wake up to warm and sunny mornings all the time, almost, and to the fact that it is very possible to live at such places too...

But for the time being I will most likely stay here, and take the cold when it returns. Especially with all that's to come soon: the Move. This week will be spent in the flat-to-be, preparing for the renovation. THe downside with great weather is the fat that you feel frustrated and kind of guilty if spendfing your days indoors. But I'll keep the balcony door open an let the bird twitter and sunshine in.

And for other moments when twittering cannot be heard, I'll listen to this song:

Monday 17 May 2010


We left warm and sunny Helsinki last week and headed a bit more south to a colder and rainier place (now that's something you don't get to say often as a Finn I tell you!) for my cousins three-day wedding. *

I was pretty much dressed in Vivien of Holloway from top to toe all weekend long, like a living ad :)

I wore my red dotted halter neck pencil dress to the coctail party the night before the actual wedding. I've sewn a big pearl button on to the bolero since it was a bit too big for me - I think it works pretty well!

(The dress is rather amazing btw in the sense you can actually eat surprisingly much with it on and still not only look good in it but also keep on feeling great** (even after stuffing yourself with tapas the whole night). And that's a good thing since I like to eat.)

Dress, Bolero, Belt - Vivien of Holloway, Bag - vintage, Shoes - bought in Oslo

*) But even though the weather was shit the weekend was nice so no harm done.
**) Well it's a very good dress for other reasons too, like the one it gives your body a great houg-glass figure.

Thursday 13 May 2010


My friend Olivia Rouge has now opened up her own shop-atelier. Not in my hometown though, but in hers; Tampere - find her at Mäntykatu 4.

For those of you elsewhere, Olivia also has a webshop and an etsy filled with her accessories and summer-y dresses!

Pictures from the atelier.

And now on to the best part: now not olny one but two lucky readers have the chance to win an Olivia Rouge sequin bow-clip!

One lucky gal (or boy for all that I care) will win a silvery one.

And the other lucky one will win a gold one!

How to enter?
Easy peasy. Just leave one comment - and one comment only - on this post, making sure you include a valid email address of yours if you do not have a blog or site linked to your profile. If you however link this giveaway on your site, blog or say facebook, you may leave me another comment telling me you've done so and linking to that page in particular!

And, one little treat still before I pack my bags and head for a three-day wedding elsewhere;
Olivia is offering 15% off purchases at for the fastest ones - the first 25 customers will receive the discount when entering the code FREELANCERS!

Note that the discount is valid at the online store, not her etsy shop. Non-Finnish customers must email their orders as the site can't calculate the post charges right, just add the code to the email.

The give away is open until Friday May 21st! Good luck ♥

Tuesday 11 May 2010


(You of course have to sing the headline to the tune of Mr.Sandman to get it right.)

Today the weather felt warm for the first time! I'm looking forward trip down dry sunny streets in heels and pom-poms, fluffy skirt hems and hair flowing in a warm breeze.

And you know what? Soon I'll be pom-pomming around in a new pair of shoes. Which ones are to be seen here later on, but as a hint, they might go along with my new refridgerator, maybe.

But before that I'll pom-pom my behind over to Sweden to celebrate a wedding, and I'll leave you all with something sweet before I go.

The pom-pom shoes clips are by Frollein von Sofa.

Sunday 9 May 2010


(Outfit post.)

Slightly inpired by the late 30's for a hat party my fellow Itty-Bitty Tease Cabaret girl Paula threw for her 29th birthday yesterday.

The hat is made by Olivia Rouge, the skirt is vintage, belt Vivien of Holloway and the rhinestone buttoned top H&M.

I also bought myself a new hat today! (Sundays are great for online shopping). If you Like The Freelancer's Fashion Blog on Facebook you can see what I got. Which you'll of course see here at some point too :)


Mamma, Tuo Mies Mua Tuijottaa; the Finnish version of the twenties song 'Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me' as seen in the movie "Suuri Sävelparaati" from 1959.

I do a funny burlesque number to this one together with Tinker Bell.

(Check out the guys in the end of the video, it's just hilarious :)

Friday 7 May 2010


Hairdo #6:

This is an easy 'do that could be seen last week in my polka-dot skirt-post. It's quick way to do something about your locks if your hair is a bit untameable after a wild night out or due to yesterday's curls, like mine at the moment; extra dry and textured of heat and hairpsray from a photoshoot the day before.

If you start from scratch you might like to curl your hair first to make it more easy to work with. It's easy to roll and secure your hair around a stick (I use the same decorated, glossy chop stick you've seen before; a life saver) and it can give you a sligthly exotic look if you so wish, especially combined with a flower.

So, here's how you do it:

If that was a bit too fast (and epilectic) for you, we can give it a closer look:
(Bare with me and the computer photos as it is an easier, although a perhaps less aesthetic way to do this -who knows, maybe I even at some point will give it a go at a video tutorial. Oh my.)

Well - first, brush out the hair, it doesn't matter if it gets real frizzy.

Then separate the hair in the front with a rat-tail comb (fasten the hair in the back for the moment if you feel it gets in the way). Separate this part in three sections, roll each section towards your head, secure with one bobby pin stuck trhough the roll. I try to put the pin in just were the roll turns over so it won't show too well. You can lay the rolls as you like, standing, more flat, or more inwards.(Click the links for examples)

Lately I've been sporting these three rolls a lot as I'm growing out my bangs, and I've been rolling all three in the same dierction. Here I twist second roll more inwards, and lay it against my forehead, as well as the third.

Grab the section of hair on the side of your head, parting at the ear, and twist it upwards. (As seen before in my very first tutorial.) Fasten it with a comb, or hair clip. Of course you can make a victory roll too, but we're not going to go all hi-fi here now (plus then you might have to count in a little bit more than five minutes for this one, unless you're a pro.) Repeat on the other side.

You can also leave it like this (it will look like this do then) but if your really doing it the "day after" you most likely want to continue.

Grab the rest of the hair and twist it in to a round or banana shaped bun and stick the chop stick trhoug to secure it. Well curled "day afer" hair stays well in place with just the stick for me, but add some pins and hide them well on the sides if it feels unsecure. I have to add some pins at the neckline to tame those small annoying fly-aways.

To finnish the look of, add a huge flower, and spray if needed.
Then, go out and look great!

(PS. Prefecta tells me she has a giveaway where you can win a fat free cream cake with a puppy that never needs walking or the latest issue of Lula! Go to the giveaway here :)