Monday 31 October 2011


After doing a show in another town on Friday I drove out to the farm for Saturday night and Halloween.

We had some friends over and made hamburgers form scratch; the buns, the burger, the sauces.

I made coleslaw.

And here's my burger. Soy burger. With a whole lot of topping. Pretty heavy stuff I tell you.

K brought pumpkin pie.

And my sister's hubby and Eddi were textile twins.

Kitchen details.

As you may remember we did a mini renovation there last year, changing the walls from baby poop to baby blue, and other small stuff.

Old pictures in the kitchen.

I got a floral apron for my birthday.

Which gave me an idea for the long desired kitchen sofa we had just brought over from another house -

I wasn't sure what kind of fabric to use for the cushion (the original was something kike dirty mustard); the one I used for the curtains is out of production. From the apron I got the idea to use a Pip Studio table cloth (or runner actually, which luckily happened to be in just the right measurements!) as the top of the cushion. I used a custom cut mattress and red heavy cloth underneath.

Not that easy to sew actually due to the lace edges lf the runner, but it turned out pretty nice I think!

Here's a bonus pic of how it looks after a man has been tidying up in the kitchen ♥
Alright, he did a lot more washing up than me that night, and it was clean and neat, but my first reaction to this was "only a man"... (you know, as in response to all those "yes, it's a woman"-parking etc. pictures on the internet...)

We plan to remake pretty much everything in the house; floors, ceilings, walls, as a lot of the materials are kind of ugly (due to being put there in the 80's). There's a mix of too many different woods and shades. But that requires lots of time and money and one seldom has those at the same time... The right materials and colours would make the old furniture stand out more and look better - there is a lot of nice old furniture in there - plus give the old house it's character back. I like the old worn door however so it will stay.

And while waiting for being able to renovate I've done some moving around with the furniture in the house, as earlier it was just placed there without any thought. Gives more depth to the rooms now. Anyway, looking very much forward to get to plan and decorate (alright, planning done already, to get in to action)the whole house!

Saturday 29 October 2011


Last year was Horror film Halloween, remember? Two days in a row actually. This year as the actual Halloween is in the middle of the week one kind of gets to celebrate it twice, as very few things nowadays are ever celebrated in the middle of the week. So we're doing it now!
(alhtough of course, the one and only day really is October 31....)
And we're doing it in a slighly lighter verison tan last year; old horror and skeleton cartoons! Booooh!

And ot to forget; find you Halloween playlist HERE!

Thursday 27 October 2011


Just a little hint that next Monday you can see me int he new talk show on FST5, A Night With Anne and Hannah. I will be in the end after the actor Pirkka-Pekka Petelius and presidental candidate Biaudet. (Let's see if my un-rehearsed little two minute fan work shop in the very end of it all makes us look elegant or like dorks with feathers :)
So that's 21.00 on Monday 31, you can watch it on Areena later! But inly in Finland I suppose.

(Photo shnatched from the show's blog.)

Wednesday 26 October 2011


I've been trying to light up the flat again as The Dark Times are approaching - I've already lit up the bedroom lights as you know. It's not yet time for any Christmas lights (although Stockmann already has opened up their Xmas department - AAAAA!) so I try to come up with more neutral ways to cosy it up. And I kind of prefer lights I can leave all year round if I so wish.

The lanterns I hung in the kids' room last year never were that good as led lights give such a cold light. So I went and bought a set of La Case de Cousin Paul lights instead. They are, ladies and gentlemen, interior balls.
As annoying as that may sound and seem they actually are pretty nice! I stumbled across these last year while Christmas shopping and got a set in beige white and silver for my sister. Now I noticed Stockman has them again. Only left in purple turquoise and lilac though and I was a bit disappointed as I had hoped for warmer colours, but mr. 5 year old who was with me told me they were nice (but that only applied to the blue balls; we could put the purple balls in our bedroom).

At home and after dark turns out the lights, regardless of their blue hues, are rather warm and cosy anyway! (The purple lights were also accepted by the boys.)

And now I have complete interior ball mania. More! More!

Tuesday 25 October 2011


As you may remember I just ordered myself a summery straw hat. Since the ground will soon freeze I decided to go all ying and yang; even things out and get one hat for winter too, which I did; from Eka Wear. And that hat is great but I wil return to it later on - in the same time I emailed with Gilly who is the mastermind behind the brand and here's what will happen now:
One of you lucky ladies will have the change to win yourselves a Wimbledon headband!

I have had one myself for a couple of year sand really like mine; it can be both sporty and preppy, cute or elegant at the same time, depending on how you style it!

Eka wear is ecological, ethical, vegan and hand made. They make knitted acessories for both me and women as well as some interior items too. You can and should read more about Eka and the way the products are made HERE!
Visit the site at and the shop here.

The winner can choose the headband between the four available combinations: Red with Black Ribbon, Brown with Mint Green ribbon, White with Black Ribbon or Black with Red Ribbon.

So, to enter the give away, visit me here on directly and leave me a comment on this post. You don't have to be a follower of my blog to participate, but really, if you just googled "give away" to end up here then maybe you shouldn't bother.

The winner will be drawn randomly so please leave me only one post per comment.
However, if you tweet/blog/mention and link to this post you may get another entry by leaving me a second comment about it, linking to the mention.

Be sure to have your profile available or that you leave me an email so I can reach you! You can enter no matter where you are located.

The give away is open until Friday night next week; November 4!
Good luck!

Sunday 23 October 2011


Until about now it has been pretty warm this fall. And I don't know how it's possible, but I have kind of felt I haven't had any suitable jackets to wear, even though it actually might (read: is) be that I have too many in-between-seasons jackets compared to the time we are able to wear those here. I wore my red little jacket to bits and pieces last year but for some reason this year I've skipped it. And the other ones too...

But instead of buying anything new I've been wearing scarves instead - it's so easy!

I just wrap the biggest one I have around me and tuck one end in from above and the other one in from underneath the wrap. Works well in winter over the jacket too.

And then you can go around looking all arty.

The other way to do it is just to take a scarf that is long enough and wear a mathcing cardi underneath, drop it a bit on the shoulders, wrap it around and fasten with a belt!

Ta-da, easy as that!

(My skirt is by BooBoo Kitty, the black scarf old frmo H&M, checked scarf from Sokos last year, belt vintage and shoes from Melissa and the black-and-beige ones from Next.)

Friday 21 October 2011


Guys in matching suits:

Some Friday pop to go! Bus stop by The Hollies from 1966.

Thursday 20 October 2011


Been sewing on an updated outfit for a number of mine. (Last minute as always; the show's tomorrow. We're heading to Lahti for the whole weekend to perform!)

And I made myself a huge pile of manna and apples. Haven't had manna porridge in ages and was lucky to have some grains at home. Childhood memories, my grandmother made the best manna porridge!

In the same time I've been trying to figure out that to wear for a talk show I'm just abotu on my way to now.

And Pekka says hello! From among my clothes. Gnaah.

Soudntrack for today HERE.

Wednesday 19 October 2011


I took some pictures last Saturday at the Finnish burlesque gala:

Candy rollers!

Last minute fixing.

Some more last minute fixing.

Lots of bubbly.



Brushing out hte curls.

Sequins and sakura.

Sandy and Gigi.



The giant gingerbread and the pirate.

And here come the skeletons!


The Itty-Bitty Tease Cabaret on the other side of the doors.

You can see more photos at!

Tuesday 18 October 2011


I heard this took about half an hour for the clerk to pack :)

What I had heard before receiving this was that Kielh's is supposed to be real good and as they had just opened a store in Helsinki my sisters gave me a package full of their products for when I got older a little while ago. Now it's just to wait and see if the stuff is as good as it looks. A good start, it was joyful to open.