Monday 13 August 2018


Summer 2018! And what a summer it has been!




Never before has it been this warm - hot and sunny since May, and such weather for over a month that even a +25c felt like "oh, it's a abit colder today". It has been like the summers of my childhood, warm and sunny forever! But whereas those memories are, if not sugar coated but rather sun-coated, this summer has actually been the warmest ever recorded with around +30c daily.

Not that is is over quite yet, but school started today, and just as the summers of childhood ended as school begun, it still does so today; on a mental level at least. While the weather has had it's downsides (drought, bad crops, perhaps a sign of an alarming change to come) and not everyone enjoys the heat I however bask in it. I said a big F to gardening this year, and haven't thus even felt bad for dead flowers and cherryless trees, but took had the opportunity to spend en exceptional large amount of time with family, visit my close-to heart summer places as well as had a fabulous trip to Italy, while still managing to squeeze in some work in a not-too-stressful way.

My pocket calendar is of such kind that it begins in August en ends at some point of the summer, and I also tend to think the year along the schedules of school and also the studio's school year, which means we are soon in for a new one. There is lots in store for autumn on different fronts, and lets see if I manage to make some of them appear here as well!
Hope you all have enjoyed a wonderful summer, and lets hope the last weeks of it, whatever may have been the case, will be just as good or even better!