Sunday 29 August 2010


I have a whole lot of things to blog about but that would require a) time b) my camera and c) another environment than the one I am in now. I have none of those available right now as I have been stuck here in the harbour, pretty much for days, all of the time. I'll spend this Sunday with Beirut in between the boats so I'll share a little bit of that then:

I love Balkan influences in music (and Balkan music itself of course) and songs in minor key sung by sad men. Beirut is pretty much all that and a whole lot more too, and also a essential part of my Soft Sunday List.

The internet tells me Zach Condon, the man behind the band, was born as late as 1986 (and thus was only twenty when then first album Gulag Orkestar came out)! I get stressed by facts like that for some reason. It's strange -and stupid- but sometimes it feels like the whole world out there is just getting younger while I'm getting old (although I actually keep on forgetting my age only to remember I am not even thirty yet). You know, people born in the nineties are already grown up. But why not, although terrified by how fast time goes I, in soem ways, like the thought of getting older. It makes me feel calm for some reason.

Friday 27 August 2010


Early in spring my old flat was photographed for a magazine, which came out the other day. It feels so nostalgic and sad to look at those pictures now that I've moved away! Don't get me wrong, I like it very well here at the new place, the surroundings that reminds me of my childhood (but strangely not of my teenage years, when I lived near to where I live now, and hated everything around here), the flat that is getting ready soon and the whole environment itself. But it differs a lot from how it was in the inner city and I miss my old neighborhood (although not the speed freaks and aggressive alcoholics around the corner or the fact that it was nearly impossible to find a parking space when coming home form the night shift...)

Anyway, from time to time I get the request to show some pictures from home and many where the ideas and many were the days and weeks and months that I planned to do such a post - but I never got it done in the old place. It seems I have not really been able to blog about home before I'm just about to move away (like the last time I moved ) or after already doing so, like now -but here are the spreads that was shot from the previous place:

Pekka and Lulu made it into almost every picture. Very good posers.

I had an old window haning on my wall in the entrance but it did not fit the style of this flat so I'm going to put it up in Eddi's countryhouse when we start fixing it up over there, eventually.

MY old kitchen was so cute! (The new on however has the Smeg so it beats all my older ktichens on all levels.)

I have some organizing to do at home here now but I might even be able to post some pictures soon of how the flat has turned out :)

The article about my old flat is in Avotakka Magazine.

Wednesday 25 August 2010


I am glad to tell you not only one but two of my readers will have the chance to win some beautiful handmade filigree jewelry:

A paisley pendant-

- or a pair of Drop Flower earring from Island Filigree!

Island Filigree sells sterling silver filigree from the Mediterranean island of Malta. Filigree is an ancient tradition that has been handed down over generations for hundred of years. The art of filigree is now experiencing somewhat of a renaissance in Malta, as local artist have started to make new and more contemporary designs. Island Filigree sources filigree from Maltese artists only and make sure everything on their site is handmade.

For more info and shopping head over to their site They offer free shipping worldwide!

To enter the contest, as usual, leave e a comment on the post below. You may mention weather you'd rather win the pendant or the earrings, but bear in mind that the winner will be drawn randomly so it can be either one in the end.

Please leave me only one comment and make sure your profile is viewable or that you've left me a link to your site or your email!

If you tweet or link to this giveaway you may have another entry for the contest; leaving me another comment linking to the post/tweet or forum in question. I will draw the winners on Sunday, September 5th!
♥ Good luck ♥

Monday 23 August 2010


I though I'd write a little about those clog sandals of mine (conveniently now that summer is coming to an end and it's getting colder - well, at least it's still warm in some parts of the world. And ok, it's still sandal-weather here too. Over and out.) as some of you asked me about weather the hasbeens really were comfy or not and how their sizing was. So here's yet another shoe story for you:

As you know, after a lot of talk around town (the internet that is) and hype about what sounded to be the comfiest shoes ever (for this season at least) I was going though a tiny struggle on weather to put or not to put over 200 euros on a pair of clogs. I have had clogs as a kid, those more traditional ones, and clogs are no new pehnomenon for the 00's either - Carrie wore a pair of Hanna Sarén clogs in SATC years ago and FINSK has been all about wooden soles for years too. But now I could not get the thought of soft wood under my feet (or smooth actually, wood is pretty hard) out of my head. And, I was still on that endless quest to find the pair (or, at least a pair) of comfy and high heeled shoes to be able to wear all trough summer. I got a lot of tips from lovely people around the world (well, mostly Sweden since they know their clogs) about other, less pricey brands (than Hasbeens). And I did see a lot of cute clogs out there (again, internet) but none of them were as pretty or as high as the damn sky highs.

Then, on a hot humid July day with aching feet I stumbled across a pair of Moheda clogs (at Indiska) for a third of the price and decided to try them on and Oh! Feet orgasm!
So I bought them, altough not that high and thus not for the same purpose the sky highs would have served. But every woman needs a pair of less fancy sandals for when she goes to the countryside you see! Then one hot evening (you know, those hot humid Helsinki nights we have grew accustomed to...first time I was able to say that, ever!) when I was about to hit town with a big flowing skirt and with flowers in my hair I was reaching for my high heels those clogs in the corner started going all "tum tu dum", whisteling and looking up the ceiling. I tried not to notice them and squeezed a foot in the high heeled shoe. Clogs still all 'tum tu dum dum' in the corner of my eye and goddamit, the walk to the bus (yes! the bus nowadays!) and the strolling around town flashed before my eyes and I couldn't resist anylonger - I had to leave the pretty shoes behind and go for the comfy (and ok, rather cute) clogs.
That was the sign for me; nothing else left to do anymore, I was now allowed to order myself The Hasbeens.

One or two days later  the UPS boy stood behind my door and there they were, all bubblegum coloured and new. After two days of walking them in and a little olive oil they were soft enough not to make my feet blister (and almost bleed) anymore. So I thought it to be a good deal although the price, as I did wear them quite a lot during summer. (It might be a bit alarming that I considering something worn a lot if I've had it on me five times or so per season but hey, that's today's world I guess - and I did wear the sky highs pretty much actually).

My clogged feet.

So, my real point here and to answer your questions however was that yes, they are comfy and go for the smaller size if you're in between. And watch out the pastel leather gets dirty easily.

Sunday 22 August 2010


Some Daniel Johnston for a soft start on the Sunday.

Saturday 21 August 2010


Yesterday I met up Ina for lunch.

We had soup at Espresso Edge. I've been going there for years; they have really good sandwiches. Also vegan.

Armenian apricot soup and a True Veggie sandwich.

I had to spend a lot of time on the phone though, doing a lot of things at the same time, carrying around my computer and a whole lot of other stuff - things are really busy now but also interesting; our burlesque beginners class starting in October was fully booked in just 24 hours!

(The dress is Big Beautiful Barbara Brown, one of my favorite ones.)

Thursday 19 August 2010


Making fruit salad for brekfast. It strange to think this little papaya grew across the world and ended up in my kitchen. (Hello ecological footprint!)

Fruit and cottage cheese salad done!

Those who virtually hang out with me on Facebook know I was searching for yellow gingham for my kitchen, which seemed impossible to find over here. But then I stumbled across some on Anttila, phew! (and thanks for the tips for my flowers, they are doing better now :)

The post office sold these cardboard Moomin prints with metal corners. These pictures and the books they are from reminds me of my childhood... I love them, but have no idea yet of where to place them so they could be admired.

Wednesday 18 August 2010


A few great pictures from last weekend's terribly magnificent horror show! Which also was the hottest show of all summer, literally, it was like a lethal sauna (well, not that bad) backstage, on stage, in front of it.

Ghost trio by Itty Bitties' Jackie O'Lantern, Tinker Bell and Vera de Vil. Photo by Rik Stavale.

Bent Van Der Bleu goes Rocky Horror. By Laura Kansanen-Stavale.

Zombie Itty-Bitties! And a little different beach-boy than normally in the background. By Laura Kansanen-Stavale.

I thought I'd let you in on some upcoming gigs and events while I'm on it:
First we have Paljetti Puduaari, this week's Friday to Sunday. A huge package of workshops, panel discussions and shows, including a marathon of different versions of the Stripper. I'd love to do a very neo-thing on that but I might not make it.

If you're not feeling Helsinki you might want to pop by Tampere for the second edition of Burlesque Coctail, on Friday night.

Furthermore, we will once more be performing during the Art Goes Kapakka City bar -festival, this time together with drag artist Pola Ivanka, on Thursday Aug 26th at Manala.

Aaaaand, not to forget, Psychorama Psychobilly& Burlesque Festival Sept 10 & 11th and Helsinki Vintage party with Sweeet Jeena and her Sweethearts at Belly Saturday Sept. 18th. And our very own Bitty-fest in october. And a little trip to perform for a couple of minutes in Stockholm. And our bi-weekly burlesque course! And our t-shirts! And our book!

But more on those later. Phew!

Tuesday 17 August 2010


More stop motion goodies coming up; a very yummy and hypercaloric ballet mad by a very talented reader of mine; Maria!

Saturday 14 August 2010


Here's the other vintage dress I bought during my Berlin trip. It looks quitehome made, 80's goes 50's I'd guess, and has a very nice model with a big skirt with hidden pockets, a round collar and a beautiful neckline in the back.

The only thing is the colours are a bit too much in my opinion. A little bit too much candy, kind of like tutti frutti bubble gum, which I can't stand.

The colours might still work if I'd actually go for the Snowhite look and colour my hair black but as I won't I thought I'd colour the dress instead.

The stripes will still show trhough but that does not bother me (in fact it will be nice) I just want it in a shade less tootache, less eighties.

I was thinking red or purple perhaps. The zipper is pink but I can change that, maybe even to a metal ine for a more old-vintage feel. But it would be nice to get some other points of view on the colouring too so what do you think?

Friday 13 August 2010


Huuu huu huu shake and shiver it's Friday 13th!
...and shake and shimmy and shimmer too as tonight Sally's Chest of Mysteries Horror Edition takes place :)

We'll do our zombie-bikini routine ( a travesty on this classic number of ours) and also solo's and a spooky trio! I did not finish my 50ft woman number in time so I'll have to premiere that some other time. Quite nice actually so I can catch all other dances of the living dead instead, there will be plenty of performers tonight!

The event is at Semifinal and with good luck there are still a few tickets left t the door!

Photo above by Atelieri O.Haapala

Thursday 12 August 2010


In certain matters I can be patient as a buddha and let things take their time.
In other matters not. I get eager as an annoying child when I can't get what I want immediately.

This pretty much only applies to matters concerning things at home; decorating and fixing things. I can't stand to have things at home half done or waiting to be done (we are not talking about dishes or a messy study-desk here, ehrm, those can take their time)... There are few things more annoying like not having enough glue to finnish something of, purchasing an itme of wrong measurements, lacking the right screwes or a packing missing a piece. Uh!

We have had to wait for an item ordered by a carpenter for ages and now we finally received an important part of the kitchen!
The shelf:

We renewed the kitchen totally during our renovation; making it according to the old kitchen, looking pretty much the same, only with new fresh and functional surfaces and equipment. I was tempted to order my kitchen from Kvänum, this one, but the price was so ridiculously high I couldn't bare to go trough with it. Instead we went with basic, timeless pieces but spiced them up with details; like using the old handles from the original kitchen. And ordering the rest from a carpenter according to our own wishes. It turns out more affordable that way, you get to support a craftsman and get things the way you like them.

I'm still waiting for the long wooden handles for the drawers though. Things will be a lot easier around the kitchen when they arrive :)

Our home is getting closer to getting ready and it feels great.

Tuesday 10 August 2010


I bought a couple of vintage dresses, this is one of them.

And Eddi bought a pair of vintage shoes. From Made in Berlin/Kledermarkt. (I liked the one on Friedrichstraße better, although I suppose the one on Neuer Schönhauser Str. is "cooler").



Nice sunset when flying home over the archipelago.

And I spotted a heart-shaped cloud!

Monday 9 August 2010


(Random window stuff.)

I met up with Frollein von Sofa for lunch and then we stopped by the boutique she works in.

They sell items form a couple of designers but you can get her hats there too! Apart from the accessories I liked their mens' clothing the most. (Here.)

Frollein's dog Woody is a really good poser.

Mirror shot-1.

Eddi and I stopped for random beers at a courtyard on Oranienburger Strasse. There was an kind of outdoor gallery/exhibition around the corner too. All rather hippie-ish and full of curious tourists.

Quite the contrast to another courtyard a bit further down the street - green and calm like in a little town. We had some wine by the fountain there.

And visited Sterling Gold, a vintage gown paradise that recommended by Frollein von Sofa. Not exactly for everyday shopping though, mostly eye candy.

We went for dinner and ended up at Cafe V by Lausitzer Platz back in Kreutzberg - great food, worth a visit. But as I have no pictures of that this mirror-shot 2 (why does one take pictures like this and why does one also force poor boyfriend into it?) will have to do.

Friday 6 August 2010


In Kreuzerg. I've always stayed in Kreuzberg when in Berlin, since my friends live there.

Dinner at Izu's place. She moved to Berlin a couple of years ago. She's a painter and just had her first solo exhibition over there, still running for a couple of days from now. (Here.)

Getting blurry at Maria Pelegro later on.

Vegan burgers for breakfast the day after. (Here.)

This litte birdie ate out of my hand. I know some find that disgusting but I find it cute.

And look! I was actually wearing flats. Hell might have frozen over a little bit or so...

Hiding from the rain, Kreutzberg edition. (Here.)

In Prenzlauer Berg.

Waffles at Kauf Dich Glücklih. There are two of them, one on Oderberger Str. and another on Kastanien Allee. You can shop at the later one too.

Hiding from the rain, Prenzlauer Berg edition.

Hell froze over again! Eddi actually did more shopping than I! (Well, I actually did none the first days so he didn't really go that bazookas either.)

Back in Kreutzberg.