Friday, 22 February 2008


Symphony in black

I'm going to go through some fashion illustrators and graphic designers I like, without any cronologichal order. First up is Erté. He's the man when it comes to Art Deco poster design!

Erté was born in Russia in 1892, but lived and worked in France. His actual name was Romain de Tertoff, he took his artist pseudo from the french pronounciation of his initials R.T.

Erté's style defines graphic design of the art deco area. He did several covers for Harpesr's Bazaar and numerous posters. But he also did fashion- and costume design, mostly for film and theatre, and sculptures. I admire his detailed serigraphs but most fond I'm of his clean, rather abstract covers from the thirties.

Some of his cover designs:



Erté was active until his death in 1990, and some of his most famous works (like "symphony in black" above)are from as late as the eighties, when art deco had a revival.

So do me a favour and go picture-google him, ok! Or then look at his works at or
(BTW, why are so many webpages featuring artist so old-school internet ugly and bad to navigate in?!!)


Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

I love Art Deco style and these are so beautiful. I agree so many websites about artists are difficult to navigate and aesthetically displeasing! Why?

Michelle said...

Very much in love with the gorgeous art deco illustrations on show...

Sally Jane Vintage said...

I adore these design. Amazing work.