Thursday, 17 July 2008


(I'm so obviusly suffering from a bloggers headline-block)

Skirt - GT, coloured by me
Jacket - old H&M
Sandals - Andiamo

Now I'm going to write about a lot of things.

we had planned to go on a picninc to the zoo with my mother but the rainy weather ruined it. We still had a nice day strolling around town; went to see two exhibitions (one of which was the Anton Corbjin retroperspective, it was great) and then we did some shoe shopping and had a piece of heavenly chocolate-lemon cake.

Behold, as you may notice I've coloured the skirt now! I noticed that the skirt is not woven into gingham but the checks are printed on it, which made me a bit unsure of how well the red would colour, but I still decided to try. It was to be green at first, but when I was about to colour it my washing machine tilted a bit - it hadn't let out all the water from the previous wash. Impatient as I am I didn't care, the reslut being that the machine spit out the green colour at once as soon as it started and then just washed the skirt in the slightly green water. This made me very angry and as I didn't want ot wait for the next day to make it to the store again I just used what other colour I had home; sky blue.
(I did colour another skirt green later on instead. Pictures are coming up :)

But I like the result a lot! Undefined bluish-purple colour. It goes well with my raspberry coloured sandals, no?
(the photo does not do the colours 100% justice I think)

I was recently "book-tagged" byt the loveliest ever; Dotti: I have to grab the book that's next to me, open it on page 123 and quote the fith sentence plus the following three.

Most of the boks next to me are art books with more pictures than words so lets see what I can find... Ok found nothing, only pictures... On the bookshelf in the other room the closest book is, quite pretentiously, John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men:

"He went out quicly. /Old man Cody stood and glaced after him. Then he helplessly looked down on the dead one, and his sorrow gradually started turning into rage and his rage into words./ You damn slut! he said angry."(I translated it from swedish). Hah! Quite funny.

Now let's see what MissWoo, Esme and the Lane way, Anna, Wendy and Beka are reading...

Four. Tonight I might give the director another chance, we'll see.


WendyB said...


Times of Glory said...

You are a live 1950s pin-up beauty! You are gorgeous xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Miriam Parkman said...

That was a fantastic colour I think! Accidents can't come without something good.

Make Me Up said...

Thats a really really nice outfit! It all works perfectly!

Angela said...

I am hunting for a pair of good red shoes to add a pop in the summer. Love how your usage of colors.

Smaggle said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your colour combo today. You did a lovely job on the skirt it looks anazing. And I love it with the red shoes.

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Very pretty! Too bad the rain washed away your picnic plans.

mateo said...

The skirt came out AWESOME!!! you really inspired me - I've just opened my closet to see what clothes I could color.

Candice DeVille said...

That colour came out wonderfully. You probably couldn't have gotten that tone if you'd tried. Don't you just love it when accidents go your way?

Erica said...

I have been reading your blog for a while now and you are so inspiring :-) From the hair color, tattoos and
ankle strap heels, it all goes together SO WELL!

Anonymous said...

Oh how lovley Anton Corbjin exhibitions!!lucky you!

And..Wow I Love the color of the skirt, I prefer this color a hundred times to the green one if I have to be honest.

WJ said...

Oh my goodness, the colour is beautiful. I can't imagine how lovely it would be in real life. Well done!

anna said...

one fine skirt it became, indeed! I tried it on at GT but immediately knew I'd leave it unused. It was lovely, but I'm more of a pencil skirt-girl. Lack of practise mostly, I guess... (same goes with wearing heels).

genkitten said...

such a nice colour!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Times of Glory : oh thanks *blush*

Mirima Parkman : thanks. Lovely new profilepicture you have btw :D

LinnEkholm & Lady Smaggle : thanks!

Savy Gal : I think you can bnever go wrong with red shoes, hope you find yourself a nice pair!

Mateo : "you inspire me" is about the best thing to hear when it comes to blogging, thanks!

Erica : thank you, and I'm glad you like my blog ! :)

Sugarspot : yes it did turn out a lot nicer than I thought, and I coloured myself another green skirt instead!

WJ & Genkitten: Thanks, I like the colour a lot too

Anna : I know what you mean, if you're not used to wear some things it's really hard to do so even if you would want to. I love both pencil skirts and big flowing ones like this. Worth a try!

esme and the laneway said...

The skirt looks great, it turned out so well! And thanks for the tag, it's my first one! :)

Michelle said...

Ah those shoes are gorgeous, and loving the new colours on the skirt ;)

and thanks for the tag too btw!

Anonymous said...

wow! the skirt came out very very nice! if i had that kind of skirt i'd wear it all the time!