Friday, 2 July 2010 the
Way... much as I would love to blog about all the things that come into my mind I never quite make it, many are the posts that remain just a sentence on some paper somewhere or as a note on one a stickie of mine (great application if you ask me). There's also a whole lot of great blogs out there too that I quite can't keep up with. Too many blogs, too little time, but what can you do when you have a hectic lifestyle (and sometimes even leave the internet, heh).

Every now and then you all suggest I should follow your bogs but I don't, that would be too many, although I check in on a lot of you every now and then, mostly trough comments. I only follow the first one I ever stumbled upon in the beginning of the internet (well, not quite the beginning, but beginning of blogging; when blogging was rather new over here :) -which I can't stand anymore but can't keep away from either- and some of my friend's, like Ina and Fiona. (Rather unlogic perhaps, since I know what they are up to anyway :)

But anyway, I had a few points here*; one; in between posts I blabber about a lot of unimportant and important stuff over at The Freelancer's Fashion Blog's Facebook page , a little less on Twitter and answer whatever, almost, you ask on Formspring. And two; I only add people I know on my personal facebook, however, sometimes readers of mine add me too. And I can't really say no then :) But you really really have to send me a message to go with the add, otherwise I don't know who you are, or why you add me, ok?

Could you have imagined reading the past sentences ten years ago? You would have no idea what the F I'm babbling about.
That's a bit funny. There weren't even camera phones back then I think.

*) shameless purpousless marketing of self, obviously.


ovelhadog said...

Very nice... thanks for this post.
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Roxy said...

I dont know how you keep up with it, I certainly couldnt. I suppose thats why I dont keep a blog anymore...too much time and thought haha! I do only keep up with yours and about one other person and thats good enough for me.

Leia said...

I know this is really besides the point :P but I find it really sweet that you follow your friends' blogs. Most of my friends don't blog and, even few of them that know about my blog don't really check it very often! But I'm okay with that... sometimes blogging gets very personal in a way that we don't mind sharing things with strangers, but not with people we know. :P
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