Friday, 20 May 2011



Bleeding hearts

Roses and begonia




But really you know...'s no garden, just our four square meter balcony.

Here's the other corner with Pekka and heathers beneath him (and a dying hortencia).

I have a set of solar-ligt lanterns.

They lit themselves when dark falls.
Only soon it won't be that dark until about August (click this link to see what I mean...). Might get a few bigger lanterns more then or hang the lamps I had there in winter on the other side - I want it to look like there's a party all the time :)

And, speaking about parties and celebrations - the 2,000&1,000 vintage unicorn pendant form Hoochie Mama Jane giveaway is ending now in 1..2..3.! And the winner is:

Congrats, you will get an email form me soon! And for all you others, the Hoochie Mama Jane vintage webshop is open now and there will be more 2,000&1,000 happenings still!


Anouck said...

I like your balcony! And the parquet floor is really pretty nice for it!

Sister Golden Air said...

Your balcony looks great, I love balconies, they're the most important "room" of the house:)

Izzi said...

such an adorable balcony! I only have an inner balcony for the washing machine and it is very ugly!

you have made such a great use of the space! xx

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Most handsome cats ever.

Holly said...

I just planted my garden last week! Hopefully it turns out somewhat as good as yours.
Look at those strawberries!

tanïa said...

This is what I need for my perfect home! A balcony! And some kitties, too! ;o)

Solanah said...

Oh how funny! I just cleaned off our balcony yesterday so I could start on a "garden". So this is perfectly inspiring, you have such lovely style with everything you do!


Miss Margarita said...

Wow, beautiful flowers, lights and everything else! Sure makes me wish I had a balcony ;)

Malayka said...

Such a cute little garden balcony. My garden is full of succulents which are great because they require very little watering! Occasionally they even pop out a big beautiful flower too.

Radka said...

Strawberries on balcony? Great idea, I have to try it too.

Miss Rascal said...

Looks lovely. Please post a pic when everything is in full bloom and luch. :)

Lie said...

Who-hooo! I won!!!

Kristina said...

ååååh jag vill äta upp din mumsiga söta lakrits katt

Ms Wanda said...

A beautiful urban eden! And it makes me happy to see you emerge from the cold and snow!

Emily said...

I love your balcony garden! I just spent all day working on mine, I'm exhausted! I'm growing strawberries too, also lots of vegetables and flowers.
Do you call those bleeding hearts? Here those are fuschia, and bleeding heart is a different flower. But I see the resemblance!
The time lapse video is fascinating. Thanks so much for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaa! Kerro heti mistä noi lyhdyt on? Tarvitaan häihin ja oon yrittänyt metsästää.

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Anonyymi : ostin ne Anttilasta, maksoi n.15e Siellä oli kans yksinään roikkuvia isoja paperilyhtyjä (myös auringonvalolla toimivia) 3e kappale, aion hankkia ne maalle roikkumaan puusta :)