Tuesday 5 July 2011


I have had a terrible itch lately to cut my hair.
Part of it is still in a pretty crappy shape, and lately my locks have felt a bit dull and difficult.

So, we'll see, I might just try short hair for the first time in my life, soon. Soonish. Yikes.

And that means new types of tutorials, the other way around; faking long hair I guess!
(And it'll always grow back and there are always clip-ons.)


Cup Of Kitten Tea said...

do it! tho be careful, as i heard your hair has a "memory" and if it is long then gets cut short, it may never grow back to that length again. Bad memory, really. xxxx

The Black Opal said...

I am 34 now, and when I was 31, i cut my hair about that length as in the picture. May be a bit longer than that...for the first time in my life. I always had long hair before. It was shocking at first, but I love it so much later on. It was so easy to curl and it dried so fast. To do a pin curl set took only ten minutes and it lasted longer!
Now I go between shoulder length and shorter - and love it. It always grows faster than you think.
Go for it!

Cheddah said...

Go for it! I had really long hair and ended up shaving it, yes SHAVING IT! all off. It has had no problem growing back to as long as it was before. I'm not saying shave it, but short hair is so freeing!!! It will always grow back!

ramonies said...

Och no!! :(

Roxie Roulette said...

I always get this itch, especially as my layers are disgusting, but then I remember its taken me three years to grow my hair back. But then again it DID grow, so why not?

ribbonreds said...

After my wedding next year I think I'll be chopping mine off as well! ;)

Heidi E. Carpenter said...

I went from mid-back to pixie and back....although the latter transition took far longer, of course. Do it!

M said...

You were so cute on TV last night!

Miss Tami Lee said...

Do it, do it, doooooo it! Chopping off my hair was one of the best things I've ever done :D

Martina said...

I think that kind of length could be perfect for you! I'll say give it a go! Like you said, there are always clip-ons ;)

Why am I writing you in English when I'm a Finnish girl? Who knows :o

tanïa said...

Loooovely haircut! As I am a short-haired girl since decades I shout: DO it! It takes much less effort and time to dry or colour your hair. And it grows very fast if you don't get used to it. But as far as I am concerned, I guess I will never get used to LONG hair again... ;o)

Boo Boo Kitty said...

I have about shoulder lenght hair, it is so easy to curl and when its all curled up it is short and bob like.

but in regards to the above comment, has has a memory (my science brain says this is a load of BS) but my hair has never really grown much not it is short...... but this may be due to the amount of bleach i chuck on it!

i think you should go for it, but not as short as the piccy. shoulder lenght when straight, so you can still do up-dos. but when its all curled up it will be short and bob like.

ais x


Anonymous said...

you were good in the tv show last night! :)

seantell said...

of course I agree you should do it doll. But I was wondering what sort of haircut you usually get?

TheBlackWardrobe said...

Oh! How short, really? Are you going to have it short, a la Grace Kelly? or off the shoulders, for a more 40s style?
Being blonde and that gorgeous creamy complexion, I can imagine you looking like Grace Kelly...
I always cut my hair in the summer, the weather pushes you to it.

Handmade Gothic and Vintage inspired clothing and accessories.

Anonymous said...

Jo jo klipp det! Du kommer att se helt ut som Marilyn Monroe med kort hår. Jag tror det skulle passa dig otroligt fint.
Såg tjejen på bilden nedan på stan en dag, hon den där mörka med solglasögon, guud vad hon är vacker!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Than you for your comments! And I'm hoping it'll grow back if I want to, let's see if I'll want to :)
I just have to wait for my hairdresser to have time for me to do it.

M: did you see the re-run of the burlesque documentary? Or the harbour clip? :)

BooBooKitty : yes, I was thinking l'd keep enough to be able to fasten it, not as short as in the pic no.

Anonymous : thank you. It was shot quite a long time ago so it was funny to see it now again!

Seantell : I don't really cut it otherwise, just trim the edges. So it's sort of the first time I'm getting a haircut!

The Balock Wardrobe : no not forties, more of a late fifties do I think. Kind of Grace Kelly perhaps yes.

Anonym : jo hon Aiju är fin!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I recently cut my looong hair short and ever since I've been looking for tutorials! But otherwise I've been super happy, so go for it!

Rebeccak said...

Oh yes do! I am eager for the incredibly selfish reason that I have short hair and want all your amazing styling tips!

Anonymous said...

Love Twin Peaks, love her character.
One eyed Jacks!
Pie and Coffee!
Murder and some of the scariest TV I have ever seen!
Poor Laura Palmer.

Also, I say do the cut. I'm wanting to do the same, but fear not knowing what to do with it. You will know what to do with it! Good luck! Be fearless!

Oona said...

At least she looks happy! go for it! :)