Thursday 8 September 2011


Right now I'm drawing on a thing. (And made it work safe for you on the screen shot, how thoughtful of me.)

Today I've done all three jobs; first harbour, then this and soon I'm off to do some semi nude dancing on stage with feathers and bling-bling on my head.
Ta ta!


Helen said...

I saw your performance on youtube and it was really quite nude. Doesn't your husband mind at all?

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Helen: Oh, which one did you see, surfin' bird; the group number? But it's burlesque! And we in fact are not as nude as many others. But no, he does not mind - neither does my mohter or grandmother who have been to many shows :) Eddi in fact performs with me or our group as a side kick sometimes too!

Kelly said...

I love her!!

london loves said...

I love it!


London Last Night

Aiju said...


Janis said...

great work!
ps.: I'm organizing an autumn trees necklace giveaway, feel free to join :)

Cheddah said...

That drawing is amazing! i love the comic book style. what program are you using to do it?
you're a renaissance woman with all these talents!