Saturday 17 December 2011


I received a dress from Shabby Apple!

I think that while Shabby Apple may be know to those of you in the States it is most likely a rather new acquaintance to us elsewhere? Shabby Apple has a range of vintage inspired dresses, more fancier frocks and also maternity- and swim wear. They also have such styles that I have not really seen elsewhere. The dresses are divided into differently styled collections; this is the A+ dress from the Academica collection. Many of the dresses are pictured on both a model and doll which is good - I actually prefer to see the dress on a doll rather than on a posing mannequin. Many dresses seemed a little too short for my taste though, so did this one - but it's a good thing those models often are taller than average, as the length on this dress is just perfect, enough below the knees!

First I thought this dress would have to wait until spring as shirt dresses usually are of a rather thin "shirty" cotton but this fabric is actually a quite thick and stiff cotton, which adds enough woompf to the skirt and which will work well during winter with a thin slip underneath. The sleeves are full length which I've rolled up a bit. You can also button the collar all the way up but I've folded it down.

As I am always on a constant hunt for perfect day dresses this one is surely welcome in my wardrobe!
My belt is vintage and the shoes are form Mod Cloth.

Last but not least there's something in this for all of you out there too:
Shabby Apple offers you 10% off a purchase with the code "freelancer10off" to use at checkout!
The code is valid for 30 days; until January 16 2012.

(You can find out more about Shabby Apple and future promotions and discounts by liking the Shabby Apple Facebook page.)

Happy Shopping :)


Angelica said...

You're adorable! I'm in love with your dress and hair!

Hattara said...

Herttainen mekko!

Kävin Shabby Applen sivuilla kurkkimassa. Tarjonta näyttää hyvältä, mutta kun vilkaisin postimaksuja niin huh! Alkaen 39,95 dollaria.

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Angelique Dama : thank you. I really like the dress too!

Hattara : joo, se on kyllä tosi paljon :/ ModClothilla on n.30 joka seki on aika lähellä kipurajaa, mutta SA:lla tavara tulee suoraan ovelle toimitettuna eikä tartte hakee postista, varmaan siks on sitten hintavampi... (Mun mekko meni tullin kautta mutta tuli sitten suoraan kotiinkuljetuksena kun olin netissä tullannut sen)
Mutta on toi jo vähän sellainen ettei oikein haluis tilata itse, vaan tehdä jonkun muun kaa kimppatilaus nii ei kirpaise nii paljon.

Miss Maple said...

Your shoes are gorgeous.They look both elegant and comfortable.

WendyB said...

The dress is cute but your poses are spectacular! Love the hair too.

Pia said...

Tack för tipset. Älskar just sådana där klänningar :D. måste definitivt kolla upp. Och så fin du var till festen :D