Tuesday 20 December 2011


Last year it looked like this outside our windows.
Quite the difference from what we have now! But I'll spare you with pictures. Because it looks shitty and it's too dark anyway to get any photos as there is no snow to lighten things up; it's been raining for three weeks and rivers and fields are flooding over.

Some three years ago we had a snowless Christmas. But it was dry and a bit colder and I could wear my heels outside and other nice things in general (see?). Now it's just soggy and shitty. We've had rainy Christmases before, many of them, but after two years of cold and snow I actually miss it! Even the cold! Remember this?
I'd rahter have than the constant rains! I mean what's the use of a warm winter if you can't dress nice?

Oh well, over and out, good night!


Burprags and Bustiers said...

yes I think it is like this everywhere, here in the states it's all rainy as well :( No white christmas. And I just bought a super cute pair of boots too!!!

Unknown said...

En España tampoco ha nevado todavía... ¿dónde está la nieve este año? :(

Las fotos son muy bonitas!!!


Stephanie Lynn said...

It's been raining gobs where I live too. :(

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I just love your superblonde hair back then. Weather here is also weird. In the morning in snowed, then it rained and next moment the sun is shining. I never know how to dress these days.

Chloe Innvaer said...

Awe I wish you had your pretty snow! Those pictures are gorgeous!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Yes I wish we'd have that snow too.

Anonymous said...

Here in Sydney it is mostly hot.. I would love to have a white christmas! Sorry to hear the weather isn't as good this time around.
xx Mikhala

FairyFiligree said...

Where I come from, we never have snow - hail is the closest we get....so that's our predicament always,but in return we' had 17degrees C with warm sun up until two days ago before temperature plummeted.

Kelly said...

I am missing the snow so bad, I went up to Scotland at the end of the last week and it snowed there the night I stayed, it was SO pretty but at home it was raining :(

Everything is so much better when it's really cold, the ground is hard so you don't get muddy, you can wrap up without fear of being too warm which is what seems to happen at the moment!

Boo to mild winters, bring back the below freezing temperatures!

mispapelicos said...

You always have the best photos in the whole world.
Have a lovely Christmas

Sarah said...

What is up with the weather?
We've had two white Christmases in a row, (which is unusual for the Netherlands!) and now I miss it!
I've always loved snow! Since we usually don't get much of it (that stays anyway.. Usually it melts and turns into black slush...) I love it when it snows! I even go for midnight walks in fresh snow. I just love the way it makes scrunchy sounds when you walk on it!
You're view is amazing though! Lets hope we get like a week or two of really good snow, and then: Spring! :p!

Woollygirl said...

Let's just hope it means it'll be an early warm spring. <3

Dave Feucht said...

This is why Portland's winter gets to me :) We almost never get any snow, and it just rains from December through June. All December, January and February, it's just above freezing, with rain.

I much preferred Lithuania, where there are 3 feet of snow on the ground from December through March, and it stayed well below freezing most of that time.

This year it hasn't been too bad, and we've mostly had good weather so far this winter - at least, it's been not very cold, and not very rainy :) Here's hoping for some snow before it warms up!

Anushka said...

Personally I am so glad for the warmth that I don't mind quite so much about anything else, even rain!

Anonymous said...

Allekirjoitan kaiken. Vihaan lumetonta talvea ja tätä paskasäätä. Mulle käy parhaiten -30 astetta pakkasta ja metri lunta, aamen.

MissFortune said...

It's certainly cold these days...I hope that the weather picks up, although I do love snow

Dream Diva