Sunday 24 February 2013


We finally have ceiling lamps in the new countryside kitchen!

After browsing all kinds of lamps in all price ranges from lots and I mean lots of different places for months, we decided on something similar to the one we have in our city apartment; the vintage one I found left behind in one of the rental flats I lived in over a decade ago. Which in the end quite easily could be picked up from best store in the world, ikea*, with the idea to paint it white. (The lamp is actually in a steel colored shade.)

Otherwise,  the kitchen is in use, but everything is not ready yet. Obviously anything made in an old house takes a lot longer to do than anything you want done in an apartment, old or new. I had ha-ha thought the kitchen would be ready by Christmas. Once we were at it we also started fixing up the hall in front of the kitchen and turning the space behind it into a bathroom. So everything is still in a renovation-sort-of-mode. And then when all that is done there will be PICTURES!

*) along with Clas Ohlson and Tiger. Applies to most situations in life. Sort of.


Anonymous said...

Ikea is certainly the best shop in the world. I've been looking for a lamp like this, what's its name? Even though I have the feeling that Ikea in Scandinavia is much nicer than in Europe and you have much cooler stuff in there.
I like the idea to "hack" Ikea items, there's even a blog about ideas to hack ikea items :)

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

It's the Otava-lamp. And yes I know the ikea hackers blog :D
I used to think the selection was the same in all countries but apparently that's not the case no...