Saturday, 6 September 2014


And so it was Friday again, this time one when I didn't have to drive for xx-hours away to perform. I've had a busy work week -classes, billing, organising and such- and our internet has been bad both in the city (should install a new router) and at the farm (well, no internet at all really since the thunderstorm blew the modem away) which drives me crazy.

As it got warm again (yey!) so we headed back out to the farm for the rest of the week again -
(This is turning into the Country-Life blog soon ;)

-and also since I had some nice flowers at the farm left after a photoshoot earlier in the week that I did not want fading away by themselves.

I took out one bottle of my summer lemonade from the freeze to enjoy in the sun.

Dag played in the sandbox.

I made playlists and choreography's for my classes for next week.

Pekka and Lulu and some issues with something in the appletree.

My father-in-law brought us some mushrooms which found their way on roasted bread with garlic and parsley and some pumpkin soup to go along.

Then it was time to visit Eddi who had come out after work to do some harvesting.

It's the flax being harvested.

 Lulu as usual follows us everywhere.

We also have honey on the farm. The batch for this year is soon here.

And now it's time for that in a cup of tea with a late night lemon muffin,  some mags and blogging -  our wifi is back up!


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Anonymous said...

Can one make a decent living on burlesque show? I dont mean to be nosey but Im really interested!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Anonymous : the short answer is no. But I (we) do a lot of teaching and that makes it go round.

I do perform a lot, and if you think of only the performance you get paid quite a lot. But the performance consists of so many hours of work and preparations that in the end the "hourly wage" is rather low. The outfits are expensive to make and we have our studio that we pay rent for. In order to make a decenet living just on shows here I would have to perform 4 shows per week, which may happen around Christmas when companies order a lot for parties, but most of the years it's abut 3-6 shows per month.

We have two performeing groups that we coach with TInker Bell once a week and throw weekend workshops at least once a month. I give private workshops at Vertical and substitute a couple f other burlesque dance teachers aroudn town an will for example have a month long weekly class in another city later this autumn. So it's a lot of going from here to there :)

Anonymous said...

That's what I thought :( i guess you cannot make a living from what you really love doing right? Teaching is a great idea, but for that you need experience and I guess connections. I didn't think about the expenses of costumes and so on. Thanks for the info :) I hope you'll have many performances to come :)