Monday, 23 March 2015


As you may recall me saying before; I am a huge plant consumer and I start feeling all green-thumb at the change of seasons and usually spend a small fortune on plants and flowers for both the house and garden and balcony. (And now in spring time on seeds to. But I seldom get as far as to actually plant them to be honest...).

Some plants I've managed to keep alive and even grow for years*, but the ones I try to treat like they should be treaten over winter (like my geraniums) always die. So I've just stop doing that, and the ones that are by the window all-year round instead of being put in winter-mode make it.

This week I had a couple of days kind-of-off, so I took the time to change the soil for my indoor flowers, took come cuttings, bought a lot of new plants.

I haven't really liked it at home in quite a while as I have been so busy and everything has been so messy but new plants and flowers really do magic!

I always thought this part of the dining room was too pale and lacked something (while waiting for new wallpaper or some paint on the furniture or what we decide to do when the time is right); I have been seeking a large colourful painting for the wall to give it what's missing but for now, plants shall do the trick - they can really save a lot of things.

Ah, orchids, I love them, but have never managed to get any to bloom again after loosing their blossoms, even thought I've cut the stem like adviced. This time I'm going to try and be more consistent with fertilising etc. I think I'm going to name Monday my plant day so I'd remember to do all those other things that plants need to thrive other than just water them.

I clearly have it in me to become not only crazy cat lady but also crazy plant lady one day.

(*btw, someone was worried that the large plants in the living room would not make it as they were not by the window but I can let you know that they are doing just fine ;)


Anonymous said...

I keep my geraniums in the kitchen and now I'm planning to take them outside. Is it a good idea? Many people have told me that it was a big mistake from the beginning to keep my geraniums outside as I didnt let them rest during winter time. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

*inside I meant inside!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Anonymous: I have geraniums outside in summer on the balcony and on the front stairs of the house, garden tables etc. I take them in in autumn and have on the porch or/and in the house. I spray them with a anti-bug spray before taking them back in (a tip from a gardener relative of mine). But to be honest I don't remember which of those that now are inside that made it trough winter were the ones that were outside last summer...
I will put some outside this year again, either from the cuttings I made now or then get a few new ones. But I don't know if the lack of winter rest affects them any different if put outside.
The only thing I know is that I've never managed to keep a geranium alive over winter when I've tried winter rest :D But the ones that have been around all-year round in "regular mode" thrive.
(But I do water those too less in winter and it's a dark season and the window sill is the coldest place at home so perhaps it counts as rest anyway?)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips! :)

Maureen said...

I might be able to help with the orchids. Not because I am good at plants but because someone told me what to do.

Once every 2 weeks fill the orchid pot with water - leave it for a few seconds and then empty the water out.

I have two orchids, one has just lost its 3rd lot of flowers and the other has its 2nd lot still going strong.

I cut off the stem and continue with the watering every 2 weeks. Can't remember how long it took!