Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Every now and then I put together some quick and healthy ice cream as dessert for the kids (not to forget myself) that you basically can put together with two ingredients only. I do tend to add a little extras as well.

You may have read about banana as a magic ingredient for this and that, like a substitute for pretty much everything else than the eggs in pancakes (I tried it, never got it to work, just something that reminded scrambled banana-egg...), chocolate (eaten when chilled/frozen for a while. Or so they said in the late nineties at least. I tried it and powdered cocoa powder on to increase the feel. it did not work. But then again I am very serious about my chocolate) and also as ice cream when whipped frozen. The ice cream I can vouch for!

I am often stuck with over ripe bananas that I chop and put in a box in the freezer for later ice-cream use. (Or, to be honest, sometimes I am just lazy and put the banana in the freezer as it is and then peel it frozen with a knife...) I have made this ice cream with room-temperatured bananas as well and frozen berries as the main ingredient for an instant treat -the consistence getting closer to sherbet then- and also by mixing in frozen pear and pineapple etc.

So, here's how to make a quick two-or-very-few-ingredients ice cream:

Put chopped frozen bananas in a mixer and blend. You can also use a hand mixer.
I used four bananas for five persons.

(Note to self: Frozen bananas waiting to be squished in the mixer don't tend to look very yummy on photo.)

Add a bit of vanilla (or some other spice, like cardamom) and blend until fluffy -you could enjoy it like this already if you'd want to.

I like to add a bit of some plant milk (rice or almond) for an even creamier result, but this time I put in a jar of lemon quark and blend it well.

Time for the berries! Any frozen fruit or berries will do - I prefer sour and add a few drops of lemon juice at this point as well. I added a couple of handfulls of frozen cherries from last summer. Tis time I mixed them a little bit only so the ice cream did not turn red but kept the cherries in bits.

*hint: cocoa nibs are a great extra little addition to any banana-blend ice cream*

But it in the freezer for a while to set for a while -
(I am very aware that this, once again, does not look too yummy. It is, though.)

-or serve right away and it is kind of like soft ice
*hint: from a chilled bowl so it does not get very runny too soon*

You can let the ice cream freeze for a longer time too, as long as you remember to take it out and give it a whip every now and then (it will turn very hard otherwise).

Eat and be happy!


Ina - Years Since Yesterday said...

Cool! That I gotta try.

kfrogpath said...

When you say take it out to whip it, what do you whip it with and for how long? Also how often is every now and again? I had a very hard ice cream incident and haven't tried since! Thanks :)

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Kfrogpath: about once every half hour. I whip it with a fork and just for a few seconds!

Danielle said...

Just discovered your blog and I like this post. It seems like it would taste sweeter than some other banana-based recipes I've seen.

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