Sunday 10 May 2015


Whenever I have a bad hair day or my fringe just is not up for it (which I guess counts as a bad hair day too) I most often cover my hair with my black beret -as you know. But now as the weather gets warmer the beret gets competition from my turban. It is made of terrycloth which is soft and stretchy but stays firmly in place without pressing. It looks a bit like it was made of velvet though. I often sleep with it when I have my hair set in pin curls or soft rollers, but it works for stepping out of the house as well. Tuck everything in and Ta-da!, instant chic-points added.

My turban is from Kuokkasen Peruukkiliike which is a tiny store inside the National Theatre and open on really difficult hours. But the internet is full of turbans. It is also rather easy to do one yourself. The internet is also full of tutorials for that. Shiny ones are pretty but if you want it to stay comfy in place the whole day without having to pin it, or it pressing too tight, go for a less shiny and slippery fabric.

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Lilla said...

I love turbans since I saw one on you. I spent one hour in a turban shop here in Budapest, as it was so hard to choose; I liked all of them. Happy new year!