Sunday 9 August 2015


This year Tinker Bell and I hosting, coaching and co-producing the annual Pin-Up Finland competition! It's the biggest and oldest pin-up competition in the country - this will be the 5th edition. The finals are held on October 3rd in Lahti at the X-treme Car show. The contestants are featured both in printed- and on social media. We are going with a fun sailor-theme for this year's competition.

Now, I have actually never been a person for competitions myself, and I also think that some things are not measurable, but Pin-Up Finland is a very positive competition with a friendly, community-building atmosphere. It aims to give all the aspiring pin-ups a chance to get their modelling dream up and going.

There will be a vintage hairdo workshop held in and by retro hair parlour Pinkki Paplari on August 23rd followed by our posing class. Both workshops are open not only to the finalists but also for all future contestants as well as anyone else with a love of and interest in all tings pin up. More info of the worskhops here, in Finnish: Pin-Up Finlandin superpäivä.

There are a lot of fabulous and enthusiastic women participating this year and I am looking very much forward to meeting all of them!

And, ahoy! Do you have a product that you would like to see featured on the pin-up contestants in the finale show or in any of the photoshoots? Your line of clothing or acessories? Something sailor themed? We will be working with both Finnish and international brands and small companies - we are open for all sorts of collaboration! Do get in touch with us to rubiesproductions (at)!

Burlesque Sailorettes-photo by me.

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Unknown said...


Congratulations ! It sounds very exciting to participate in this type of event!! and wow!! you would be producing!!!
I can not wait to watch the photos ( promise me you will show the pictures of the event, please!)
I love pin -up culture , but in my country we don't have the burlesque culture :( So I have to settle watching your precious blog and lifestyle (not that I suffer looking, I actually love it)

Saludos Fa