Sunday 8 November 2015


Today it's father's day over here!

Here is me with my dad when I am about three (a mini Dag, I know! Or, the other way around I guess; he's a mini-me.), with my sisters, father and grandfather in the later eighties, a picture of my already passed maternal grandfather, and last but not least Eddi with an hour old Dag.

We should not only think of Father's day as a day about socks, ties and shaving machines but see it as an appreciation of fathers and fatherhood (whatever that then may mean to you), both of fathers and father figures. (The same goes for Mother's day too, of course, but let's take that in May.) And also for those who are in that role to appreciate it themselves, as not everyone can, or are allowed to become parents, or get to be one for their children even though they would want to. 

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