Thursday 7 January 2016


It's crazy cold outside. The cats are sleeping on the windowsills, as they tend to do this time of year, enjoying the warm air from the radiators. And Dag and I are playing chess!

We have a chess game that's always on the table and he has been eager to learn how to play. (Mainly to get a reason to be allowed to touch the pieces I think...) So we have been playing a little bit, showing him how the pieces move and the idea of the game at large. Everything was fine, eating some soldiers from one another and so on, until I, trying to show him how it goes in the game (parenting price of the year!), took his horse and he cried for an hour.

But then he wanted to play again. And again. "You can eat my towers but don't touch the horses" he says, constantly keeping one finger on his king just in case.


Anonymous said...

Hieno tunnelma kuvissa! Äitini yrittää joskus opettaa minulle omalta isältään saamaan shakinpeluuoppia, muttei oppi tarttunut päähäni. :) En tiedä, auttaako looginen perusluonne shakinpeluussa kuinka paljon. Tappio varmasti kirveli Dagia. Kiva kun hän haluaa silti jatkaa pelaamista.

kfrogpath said...

Haha! Poor Dag. You need to write up some Pre-school chess rules ;)

Nadja Art said...

argh...niin ärsyttävä ja kiva peli :D

fighter of pk said...

What the chess player.