Tuesday 5 April 2016


 Lulu enjoying the sunshine by the window.

(I drove in to work to town and saw Pekka -that's the other cat- on the field by the road a bit from home. I stopped the car and opened the window and said "Hi there!".  I'm such a cat-dork, I know.
He did answer with a long Meooow though. But that thing when you knock on the window and wave to your cats when you see them outside that means you're even more dorky does work because if they see wacing they come back in. Hah!)

I've -slowy, with baby steps - started my plant projects for the coming seasons. Re-potting and planting. Read about this "plant a tomato slice" way of growing tomatoes; let's see how it goes!

 Plant plate symmetry.

And I've bought us a small lemon tree that smells heavenly. Now we can watch it wither and die.*

*) Because that is eventually how this will go -  every fancier, expensive plant, especially the mediterranean ones,  I've ever had has died sooner or later. I am trying though, so let's cross our fingers and hope this one will make it...


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see if this tomato thing actually works. I'm a dork as well when it comes to cats. Mine talks to me and I reply. We have very deep conversations, you know?

Emelia Paige said...

Nice Thinking. I don't planting tomato this way before. But now I try your way.

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