Saturday 11 June 2016


A little hint for any of my readers that are located in our around Helsinki; next week we are starting our summer schedule over at our studio and burlesque school and to celebrate the new season having a discount of two-for-one; two persons for the price of one or take two classes pay one!

(My iPhone made some semi-accidental "art" when I was playing around with apps and filters. I am sort of almost computer-less for the moment -which is a different and seemingly neverending story...)

 We are having lots of themed summer classes, like my Elvistellään!-class starting on Monday (which is, a dance workout with go go, burlesque and rock n'roll moves with Elvis and Elvis only on the soundtrack. Because why not! Can't really translate the Elvistellään-name from Finnish though..). And a lot more. I'm also teaching a Pilates intro class on Monday. You can find out more trough our website (so far in Finnish only) or via our FB summer event page.
Come dance and sweat and have fun!


Anonymous said...

Nice, good luck..


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Lisa Carver said...

I wish you had a video version of this class, it sounds amazing.

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