Wednesday 13 July 2016


Last night I finally, after months of waiting, got to prepare us some pulled oats!
"Months of waiting" might seem a little weird and exaggerated for those not acquainted with pulled oats and the anticipation (well, in certain circles at least) around it -pulled oats is a vegan protein source, in texture comparable to pulled pork. It is a Finnish innovation made from, oats - obviously- and the protein from faba beans and peas. There has been a buzz around it ever since last autumn, food journalists and bloggers having tried it already, but it did not reach the stores for us common mortal ones until this May. And it is always sold out everywhere all the time. It's a god damn BINGO! if you manage to actually score a pack in the store, proving that pulled oats are not just a legend after all.

Even I didn't manage to get this one myself -my local supermarket said the chances are biggest on Saturday morning when their order arrives, and they usually sell out by then - but got this pack from my colleague who had some extras after the midsummer celebrations. Our farm produces organic oats and organic faba beans but it's not like I'll be making any pulled oats myself here - I listened to a radio show where the developer of pulled oats talked about the process to reach the texture (which is, of course, secret) and how long it took them to develop it.  So unless I get a bit faster in the morning I'll just have to wait for the production to grow.

I cooked my first pulled oats with a tomato-oat creme-pickled paprika sauce.

And the taste? The texture is very meaty,  but so in a good way. The taste is mild and comes mostly from the seasoning (this pack was with parsley and smoked paprika.) Can't wait to get my hands on the other flavor as well as the un-seasoned one for more cooking.

Note that this post is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Gold Green (but I'd definitely be up for it if they'd would ask, ehrm!)


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Hannah Kay said...

Top tip: If you can get your hands on a can of jackfruit (the unripe kind, not the fresh sweet kind) You can slowcook these and the fruit falls apart like pulled pork. The unripe fruit is rather tasteless so you can season it with any flavour. Sounds weird but tastes great. Enjoy!