Thursday, 15 September 2016


Last Saturday we hosted the latest Dr.Sketchy Anti-Art School night at our studio, this time with a 1960's theme.

Tinker Bell and I are the hosts for Dr.Sketchy's Helsinki nights.
Picture by Aiju.

We wanted to give the night some extra psychedelic vibes so we fixed a projection with some 1969 Joshua Light show that started looping in the background when the evening turned darker, letting the music turn from sixties pop to psychedelia.

Tinker Bell drawing behind the curtains.

Dr.Sketchy has been on a hiatus in Helsinki, the first one after the break being the Marie Antoinette themed night last June. We plan to keep another evening during autumn still, so follow the Facebook page for updates, or check our studio's page. You will obviously here about any future nights here as well.

A couple of drawings from the evening by Janne Korsumäki.

And a few by Kerttu Jaatinen. (We used our red-and-white striped screen in the beginning of the night and I was happy to see it being used in the sketches as well).

After the night was over we still had the projections , some red wine and The Doors (of which the two later definitely bringing memories from my year studying painting back in 2001...) which called for some regular after work chill. Or grooving, which ever way you see it.

You can see an instagram video of one of the longer drawing sessions here, and at our studio's instagram account @studioshangrila (which you should of course follow in any case!)

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