Saturday 19 November 2016


Me, online: So, now that winter is coming and we're out on the countryside for good I should really get myself a pair of practical boot...- uuuh hello what are these?!

So yes; I am still trying to remember to get a pair of practical shoes, because I ended up with a pair of cute black velvet-y platform boots instead. Now ho would've thought.

Well, in my defence, if you can manage to drag 20 kilos of suitcase for three days in a row on the cobblestone streets of Prague they could kind of be labeled as "practical", right?
But no, these boots with their flocked surface are indeed not for the muddiest days.

While on talks about the sliver lining (the one of clouds you know, that applies to events and situations) you can also talk about a golden edge in Swedish, which is applicable to anything or anyone that gives everyday life and existence even the tiniest sense of luxury. So this muddy-snowy-stormy November I'll let my gold lined heels act as the little golden edge of the day. Walk, at least. And thinking about it, I still have my old workwear boots from the harbour to wear in the countryside mud instead.

See, every cloud does have a silver lining!

I bought the boots from LightInTheBox.

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Katja said...

Nice boots, and well... a positive noet for light in the box. I'm waiting now for two months for Some gloves and Some other little things. Blegh. But thumbs up for the boots!