Saturday 25 March 2017


When it comes dressing; dressing up, and the preferences that goes with it, it tends to be very cyclical for me. For most people I guess. So after some years of wearing minimal jewellery, I have strongly been enjoying to wear jewellery again, especially other earrings than just small studs.

So, quite suitably I was sent a very beautiful package the other day that made me very happy. It was from Anriikka, creator of True Blom Jewelry, with rose petals in a cool red tone, forever captured in bloom in resin.

I had roses like this in my little bridal bouquet when I got married.

True Bloom Jewelry is a Finnish brand that makes hand made jewellery out of hand picked flowers and leaves. The flowers are cast in bio resin that allows them to keep their delicate shape and natural colours. Bio resin is a plant based resin, which is more eco-friendly compared to other resins. It should also be a suitable material to those who are allergic to various jewellery materials.
Making flower resin jewellery like this is a slow process - one piece can take several days or even weeks to make depending on how many layers of resin are needed! As no flower is alike each piece is thus unique. Anriikka can also make custom jewellery out of flowers that you have chosen or picked yourself.

Resin jewellery is light and not heavy on the ears at all, which is a plus for me - I had extension plugs in my ears during the 00's; and even if they grew together quite well after taking them out almost a decade ago, the holes in my ears still tend to be rather "long", so I have avoided heavy earrings due to that reason; they stretch the holes out too much. These I can barely feel.

You can find True Bloom Jewelry's recently opened Etsy store here. Find the brand on instagram @truebloomjewelry.

Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post. While I was given this set as a gift the choice to blog about the items was my own.


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Such a beautiful colour and gorgeous idea.