Sunday, 15 October 2017


What's the opposite of preparations? Delays?

1. The damn tomatoes.

I am not even going to tell you, although I clearly am; but Eddi and I dug out this whole new are of the yard last spring and put up growing boxes and scraped part of the rock bare I had all these grand plans of growing  this and that and what not. I grew another round of tomato-slice plants in my little table-sized greenhouse on the porch and when the half-metre high plants were still in there in August, trying to cling onto life in their tiny pots I realised they will never make it out during this year anymore. (Nothing beats tomorrow when it comes to doing things!) I mean fukitol the whole vegetable-garden-thing will just have to happen next year instead - we have to clean out the whole area again anyways as it was filled with grass and weeds pretty quickly again.

So now we have metre-high tomato plants in the kitchen.

2.  The rest of the plants
On my to-do list for the past month was also "take in the plants from the cold porch" and here obviously my sixth sense met my green thumbs a couple of nights ago as I dragged them all in late at night when I came home from work. Good thing I did, as the temperature dropped to zero for the first time that night! As the rest of the house is still boxes and renovations and Lego bricks we now have an unpractical but handsome jungle in our bathroom.
Bonus points for cat derriere and leg-flash.

3. The apple jam that was not
We did not get many apples this year. Only one tree brough some which I gathered some time ago and had waiting in the kitchen to become jam.
(Nothing beats tomorrow when it comes to doing things, really, try it! Then lift your feet up on the table, scroll a little Facebook, whistle and hate yourself a little. Okay no don't.)

Ok so when some of them got a little ugly my dear husband put the whole lot, of which most were still fine, out by the front door where I walked past them a couple of times and thought they will be jam soon but are better out in the cold.

And then we had biblical rain for like ten days straight so mmmokay we don't need apple jam every year anyways.

4. The tree
After looking sad a couple of weeks hanging there with no sunlight to collect to shine at night, it was time to finally strip my beautiful tree of it's decorations and take in the solar lights for winter. 
(They are in a pile on the porch and just needs to be cleaned but I will do that tomorrow. *whistles*)

In summer the tree was full of kids.

And it was real handsome during summer nights.

Now it's stripped bare and the hammock chair is just full of leaves.

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