Tuesday 23 October 2018


Do you still have apples from this fall? One of my favourite things to make of autumn apples is apple mash with ginger!

Apple mash is what we usually cook of apples around here; as in smoother than jam with bits and looser than a hard marmalade. 

I usually make one jar spiced with vanilla as well, but the ginger version is my favourite -just grate a little chunk of peeled organic ginger at the end of cooking the mash and enjoy a spicy treat that goes well as a jam on pancakes, porridge and peanutbutter sandwhiches (especially!) but due to it's taste also is a great add to salty foods like grilled tofu or meat.


Porcelina said...

Sounds delicious! Are those eating rather than cooking apples?

Katja said...

We have appelmoes. And with lumps in it it's called appel compote (french, compote). I like my apples RAW hahha.

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Unknown said...

I love the concept of Apple Mash and way of cooking apples.

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